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How and when will I receive my files after I order?

Your files will be delivered to you via a download link in 2 places:

  1. You will receive a link to the files in your Order Confirmation Email. This link is valid for 3 to 7 days, so please download your files as soon as possible. Please allow up to 10 minutes for this email to arrive. Please also check your Spam Folder and also your Promotions Tab (for Gmail users). If the email has landed up there, please drag and drop it to the Primary Tab Inbox so that this doesn’t happen in the future.
  2. Also, immediately after purchase, there will be a link to the files on the Order Confirmation Page. This is the page that comes up here at after your payment is successful. Simply click on it & it will automatically download it to your system.

When will I receive the files?

All products in the CircleofWealth Prosperity Shoare Instant Digital Downloads. That means they will become available to you immediately after your payment clears. You will receive the files in the manner detailed in the first FAQ above.


Can I download the files directly on my phone?

The files come as a .zip file, which you need to unzip to get to all the goodies. So, it is much faster & easier to download the files on a computer (laptop/desktop) and unzip them there.

If you need to use the files on your phone, then you can simply email the ones you need to your phone or use Dropbox or Google Drive – and use them on your phone from there! It’s really fast and easy, and this is how I also use my files on my phone whenever I need to.

Oops, I entered the wrong email at Checkout. What do I do?

I recommend you double-check your email while checking out so that you can receive the instant download immediately & start working on your project right then and there, yeay!

BUT, if you did by mistake enter the wrong email, no worries. Please email me over at with a screenshot of your Paypal receipt. I will have another link sent to you.

Please note that since this requires me to check your order & regenerate download permissions, it could take up to 24 hours by the time you get the link – but rest assured, you will & your files will be with you.

Oops, I bought the same thing twice by mistake (added 2 in cart / paid twice via Paypal / bought the same kit twice by mistake). Can you refund me?

Yes, absolutely. Simply reply to the Order Confirmation Email with the duplicate order & I will issue a refund to you via Paypal.

Sometimes Paypal doesn’t permit partial refunds (if you ordered 2 items in the same order) – in that case, I will issue Store Credit to you.

I bought something from you. My friend loves it! Can I share it with her for her personal use?

No. Sharing of digital files is not permitted. You can use the files for yourself, for creating something for your friend, etc. But you cannot share the files with another person.

I love it that you share your work and art with others, but sharing a digital file is akin to theft. Would you go to a store, pick up a sweater for your friend which she loves, and walk out without paying for it? No, right? It’s the same thing here. I know you understand this, so thank you for asking the question to confirm & honoring it!

I don’t have a Paypal account. Can I still buy your products with my credit card?

Yes, absolutely. You can simply pay using your credit card. Once you click on the Paypal button, there is an option to choose the credit card instead of logging into Paypal. Once your payment is done, Paypal may prompt you to create an account – you can choose not to.


I cannot set a password on the Freebie Page. What do I do?

There is one common password & you cannot set your own password.

This common password is part of the subscription confirmation email that you would have received.

If you have not received this email, please check your Spam Folder and also your Promotions Tab (for Gmail users). If the email has landed up there, please drag and drop it to the Primary Tab Inbox so that this doesn’t happen in the future.

Please save this email & any other email which comes from me with a password for future use – as you will need it to login to the Freebies section in the future as well.

I want to use one of the freebies for creating digital/printed products to sell. Can I?

Yes, but first you will have to purchase the appropriate license for it. Please contact me for this.

The Freebies themselves come only with the Personal Use License so you must purchase the appropriate license before using it for anything commercial.

I want to use one of the freebies to create a freebie for my blog/website/email subscribers/followers etc.. Can I?

Sure, you can do that, as long as the file you share with your followers is a FIXED file, and they cannot extract the artwork from it. Also, please link to & give credit to my website in the post where you share your freebie.

Oops, I’ve lost the email with the password to the Freebies Section. Help, please?

Please contact me with the subject “Lost Freebie Section Password“. I will email you the password. Please note that since this requires me to check your subscription status & mail back, it could take up to 2 business days by the time you hear from me.

prioritize emails from buyers during the weekend to respond to, so if your query comes on a Fri-Sun, you could expect a response on Monday. Thank you for understanding!


I’m new to this and have no experience working with clipart. Can I still use this?

YES. No special software or knowledge required!

Can I resize the clipart, borders and backgrounds for my design?

Yes, you can.

You can easily scale down without loss of quality, but cannot scale up.

For example, you can scale down an A4 background to 5×7 inches but not the other way around.

To scale down, simply hold down the shift key, and drag the file from the corners to adjust its size.

Are these file types compatible with my software?

Most of the files are .png and .jpeg files which are compatible with most, if not all, software that can handle images of any sort.

This includes Pages, MS Word & Office suite, Photoshop, Illustrator, Canva, online Album & Scrapbooking software, etc.

Where do I print my design? Any tips/ideas?

For simple, fuss-free designs, you can print them on card stock using your home printer.

For something more special like invitations, I would recommend printing on white 110-140 pound card-stock paper. My watercolor designs look great on paper with a slight texture. You should be able to get these printed at your local digital print shop or even places like Staples.

Similarly, for envelopes, you can simply order them online from a place like which specializes in this & is cost-effective. 

How do I get featured on your Instagram and Showcase page? I’d love to inspire and connect with other creative folks like me!

Yeay, I would love to see your creation & feature your work! Simply leave a review of the product you bought with a photo of your creation. You could also tag #circeofwealth on Instagram!


Contact me here.

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