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Top 10 Free Feng Shui Tips to help you with your Feng Shui today.

If you are not sure What is Classical Feng Shui?

Read  this article called what is classical feng shui, Today, if you are not sure and want to Quickly discover and understand What is Classical Feng Shui.

Without further ado, here is the list of my Favorite top 10 Free Feng shui tips:


#1|Top 10 Free Feng Shui Tips for Your Front Door

Feng Shui Your Home
Feng Shui Your Home

Did you check?


Good, Now it’s time to open it, sweep the area outside, mop it, remove all the shoes, declutter, organize, and Beautify your space.

Clean all the glass inside and out, Polish that door handle too!

 Your Front Door Or Main Door, even if you never use it should not be blocked.
If this door is blocked, possibly this is your Money Block, Love and relationships, Health and your Prosperity Block. Make sure there are no pillars blocking your main or front door.

If there is a room directly across from the main door keep it closed or else the chi will get locked up in that room. Be careful of tilted main doors, doesn’t always mean good feng shui, it creates edge sha chi within the area.  I would get advice from your Feng Shui consultant and avoid this home altogether.


  • Your Font Door in Feng Shui

#2|Top 10 Free Feng Shui Tip for your Master Bedroom

Design your Master Bedroom to be a Sensual Place, this is the most important Room in every house. You spend most of your time here. 

  1. Wrap yourself in the warm embrace of luxurious fabrics, sweet sounds, subtle lighting, enchanting artwork, and glowing calming colors.
  2. Make your Master Bedroom, your oasis, your most relaxing sensual room in your house and treat it with respect, it is your personal retreat from the rest of the world and the chaos within our own home.
  3. Separate your Dressing Area from your Slumber area. This is Key.  Your Closet and make-up need their own space, even if it is a drawer. 
  4. Feng shui principles are followed in my bedroom design in the following ways:

    • The bed is placed against a solid wall.- always
    • The sturdy headboard further supports a sound sleep.
    • The bed is not directly beside or underneath the row windows.
    • The dresser with mirror does not directly reflect the bed.
    • No sharp angles from architectural features, walls or furniture create poison arrows with the bed.
    • No pictures of family, kids etc… this room is not P.G. rated. WHAT’S WRONG WITH Your Love Chi?
      Read this article if you are having some issues in your bedroom with the love in your life. 

    Relaxation is key for your Feng Shui Tip for your Master Bedroom

    Photo Credit-  by The Zoe Report

Moving along with the #2 Tip of the list of the Top 10 Free Feng Shui Tips for your Master Bedroom

Make sure there is no clutter under the bed or surrounding you to distract you from slumber. Also, couples who share the same view from the bed usually share the same point of view in life.

Create a wonderful view from your bed, if possible keep the en-suite bathroom door closed and all closet doors closed while sleeping.

Keep it Organized. This is important. Tidy up every night. Create a bedtime ritual help you feel luxurious before bed. 

15 tips to bring sexy back into the Master Bedroo

Depending on which direction you position the bed, you will have various other advantages through Feng Shui.

For example, you can place your bed either facing east, South EastWestNorth West or South West for best results you should check the Feng Shui of your home, first then, your best Feng Shui sleeping direction.

NOTE: When you sleep with your best Feng Shui sleeping direction, you create the best conditions for a good night’s sleep, unless there is an affliction that year.

Need help? read this article on how to determine your gua number

Please check with your Feng Shui Consultant and check your Gua Number here to make sure you are sleeping in your best Feng Shui sleeping direction.

The Bedroom Most important Room in your house.



#3|Top 10 Free Feng Shui Tips for your Home Office

  • Feng Shui Tips for your office

Your Office is where you spend most of your time, forty hours or more per week is a lot of hours. You are making money and attracting wealth into this area. Make sure you’re placing your desk to face the door or a nice view so that you can see the door, ideally, have your back to a wall ( mountain of support behind you). Yes, this is also known as the command position.

  • Do not sit with your back towards the door, as you wouldn’t want to be surprised if someone comes up from behind you while you are working or studying.

  • Tip: If you cannot, then add a mirror to reflect what is behind you and this will also help you to smile when you are on the phone.
  • I also would not have your desk on a diagonal, just feels wrong.  Use colors and images that summon your personal and professional power and energize you throughout the day.  If your work is action-oriented, have your office located near the front entrance of your home or apartment, somewhere away from distractions, like the fridge.

Happier Kids

#4|Top  10 Free Feng Shui Tips for your Children’s Bedroom

  • Have you ever noticed that when you place a Baby to sleep they usually are not in the same place as you left them? They roll around and sometimes end up facing a totally opposite direction? My advice is to “go with this”. Babies are smarter than your decor ability. Whatever Feng shui influence or energy is happening in their room affects them and they can feel the energy flow or affliction. So they move to where they are most comfortable.

  • Please ensure that your babies crib is not directly under a window or with their Head pointing under towards the window.

  • Unlike the Master Bedroom, Kids like and need to be reminded of their parents’ love, keeping a few family pics on their night table makes them feel secure and is great for them to fall asleep when they are afraid at night.

  • Many hyperactive children are sleeping in bedrooms with bright red sheets, and walls full of action figures. Calm their bedrooms down by replacing bright colors with skin tones that make them feel cozy, and tranquil and embrace the security of slumber, Choose serene or happy art, that doesn’t fly, or make noise,  fall drive, or race around the room causing too much Yang energy. Plus they become scary monsters at night, nobody can sleep with that kind of energy creeping them out.

  • Children are often sensitive to mirrors Curtain mirrored closet doors at night so that you can open them in the morning or remove them altogether. Superstition or not, if I wake up in the middle of the night and see my shadow or reflection I get startled, Imagine the kids…

  • Diffuse the Situation
  • Make sure that there are no fish bowls, aquariums, hamsters, turtles even a hermit crab living in your children’s bedrooms. Even non-Neglected pet depletes the energy of a child’s bedroom just like dirty dishes. Am I right?

  • Depending on which direction is the best for your child, check out their  Gua Number here. 

  • Shared bedroom no problem, give each child their own distinct best area to call their own. Complete with their own table or nightstand closet or dresser space. and Most important their own Lamp and even a nightlight. when Children share a bedroom, each child needs to feel appreciated and accepted, and respected with their own chi individually defined.

  • the most important room in your home the kitchen

#5|Top 10 Free Feng Shui Tips for Your Kitchen

  • People always congregate where the FOOD is, as we can see in today’s home designs, the kitchen is usually off the family room.

  • Keeping your kitchen clean is Key in feng shui, it is the hardest working room in the house and has more functions nowadays like eating cooking, internet and recipe surfing, homework, chatting over coffee and you get the picture.

  • Food symbolizes life’s greatest treasures, health and wealth and family. The biggest challenge is being organized and decluttering your kitchen.

  • Keep only what you need in this room, so you can concentrate on preparing nutritional and appetizing meals and snacks for your family and friends.

  • Store cases of water and your biggest appliances, like your seldom used Breadmaker, or Kitchen Mixer or toaster in the pantry or a shelving unit at the bottom of the basement stairs, or cupboard.

  • Your Kitchen

Keeping your kitchen clean is Key to feng shui,  you know the Kitchen is one of the most important rooms in your house when it comes to  Classical Feng shui?

Here is a list of appliances that you should store elsewhere:

  • Handheld Mixer
  • Nutri Bullet
  • Coffeemaker
  • kettle
  • Bread Maker
  • Blender
  • Food Processor
  • Hand Held Mixer
  • Big Countertop Mixer
  • 4 Slice toaster
  • Convection oven
  • Grill
  • Waffle maker ( only used on Saturdays?)
  • Sandwich Maker/ Ice cream maker sundae maker.

Cupboards and Kitchen Cabinets remove any surplus plastic containers and keep similarly sized containers for easier storage.

    • Can Openers ( I’m Guilty! See my article here) 
    • Pancake creators and fancy tools  ( make a Pancake or Saturday Morning Breakfast Basket)
    • cookie cutters
    • Baking items
    • Recipe Books (condense these into a little book or binder) Use Pinterest or
    • Rolling pins
    • Mixing spoons ( keep out three)
    • Plastic items, empty yogurt containers, things you Might need
    • Plastic cups from the Movies?? I have an entire shelf of those things…
    • Thermos collection
    • Ice Cream Items ( make  a Desert BASKET OR DESSERT BAR.)

In Summary: Take inventory of all the items on your kitchen counters.  Do you use these every day? If not store them away.


Paperwork in the Kitchen
Avoid the piles of paperwork by recycling flyers at the mailbox before you come home.


Do yourself a favor and PIN this for later.

After you have taken a look around your kitchen counters and cupboards and removed any surplus items, and tamed the madness.

  • Make sure to store the knives in a drawer or holder beside the stove, make sure the trash and recycling are accessible for all in the household to use, and smelling fresh with some drops of your favorite essential oils or squeeze a used lemon in there.  Make sure trash bins are behind closed doors and not on display.
  • You can read all about my Favorite things in my Home in this post and how I use essential oils to keep me and my family Calm and Relaxed, with my Diffuser here.

essential oils

#6|Top 10 Free Feng Shui Tips for Your Family Room

  •  The Family Room aka the living room – is where you spend most of your leisure time with your family, doing activities such as chatting, watching TV or discussions, and much more. 
  • Depending on which area of the home your Family room is located you can then decide if you should be spending a lot of time there. Clean it up keep it organized, yet cozy.

  • The living room must be roomy, comfy, and pleasing.
  • It must receive ample sunlight and must be ventilated- so open the windows and peel back those curtains to allow the good sunlight energy to come in.
  • Place the sofa against a solid wall; it doesn’t need to touch the wall, and you can keep 1-2 inches distance. 



  • While sitting on the main sofa, you must be able to see the main door again in the command position. If the entrance isn’t visible then use a mirror to see the door.
  • Place a bowl with crystals, coins, and various wealth symbols on the coffee table. Check out my How to Style a Coffee Table board for some inspiration.
  • If there’s a beautiful landscape outside your home, then hang a mirror in such a way that it reflects that landscape. This brings in positive Qi energy.
  • This is a great place to ensure all of the five elements, which are water, fire, earth, metal and wood, just in case you are new to Feng shui,  are presented and balanced. Learn more about that here. 

#7|Top 10 Free Feng Shui Tips for your Dining Room in Your Home

Depending on which direction this area is most often used for many different activities. The Location of this room is most important..

  • Keep it clean and clutter Free and organized. Using the Five elements theory keep it balanced, sure, however, if following Classical Feng Shui check out your permanent energies of the home, then the annual energies, then decide if you should activate this area.

  • Make sure that the dining room is inviting, comfortable, hunger-arousing and calm.
  • Maintain a balance of colors in the dining room; don’t make it too bright or overly dull.
  • The dining room must be well ventilated and it should receive plenty of sunlight.
  • Hang a mirror in the dining area such that it reflects the dining table; that’ll bring in more prosperity and adds a nice amplifying touch to the food you are enjoying with Family and friends.
  • Keep the dining room as near as possible to the kitchen.
  • Have kitchen and dining on the same floor.
  • If your kitchen is really huge then utilize an area of the kitchen as the dining area.

  • If the dining room in your home is a part of the living room (a common case nowadays) then put curtains or a half table, bar cart or a rug under the table as a line of demarcation.
  • Go for a square/rectangular or oval dining table.
  • Make sure that the dining table is of high-quality wood.
  • The dining table must be big enough to provide space for everyone.
  • Keep the number of chairs even. 6, or 8 chairs works beautifully here. 
  • Keep sitting arrangement such that no one’s back is towards a door or window as it causes a sense of insecurity.
  • East-facing is good for the head of the family; other members can face North, East or West while dining.

#8|Top 10 Free Feng Shui Tips for the Center of Your Home

  • Home is where your heart is, and the heart of your home is the Center of your house.
    Please keep this area of your home clutter-free!

    Let’s think of this as your heart and you wouldn’t want to have your heart heavy full of junk, would you?

  • For those of you renovating, please note the Kitchen should never be located in the center of your home or the central palace Chi flow here should be peaceful and subtle.
  • Having the kitchen in the center of your home is like having to burn the heart of the house it creates instability, long-term niggling health issues, and Heart problems.

#9|Top 10  Free Feng Shui Tips for your Hallways and Stairs


Depending on which direction of the home your stairs are located using them is activating them, pure and simple usage of your stairs can make or break your Feng Shui for the year.

What is Chi in Feng Shui and Why you should find it

For Stairs, they are treated like a waterfall of rushing chi and it’s flow of energy, which plays a very important part of the Feng Shui in your home.  The least favored stairway is the one that lands directly in front of your front door.

Why? It is regarded as the chi rushes right out the front door too quickly.

Have you witnessed this with teenagers who are always out? Perhaps it’s your spouse, or even your entire family, as soon as you get home you feel as though you have to go out the door again.

They come home and right away they are out the door?

Check out the location of your stairs.

Feng Shui remedy for stairs TIP; You can remedy this by placing a barrier, if you will like a crystal from the ceiling between the door and the stairs, or a sculpture, or a plant.

Check out your Five elements and make sure you are not activating any inauspicious energy before you remedy your stairs.

the 5 elements

Hallways are often not considered rooms, however, hallways have very special qualities. A Narrow hallway is considered a gallery, break up the sha chi energy by placing some items along the walls like some plants, or family pictures or your favorite artwork to slow down the chi flow.

Finally the last but not least tip #10|of the Top 10 Free Feng Shui Tips is  for your Love, Relationships, and Marriage

  • Depending on which school of Feng Shui you follow, sorry friends,  Love is not always in the South West corner.

  • Love and Relationships Romance
  • Love is not always guaranteed just because you’ve placed two of something, like two mandarin ducks or two nightstands, or have used some reds pinks and whites.

  • Love is found by following the advice given regarding the Master Bedroom, and by following the #4 FLying Star using some peach blossom luck located in your Bazi chart, and house chart. Tapping into auspicious energy and the right time.

  • Also, what you can do is create room for love to come into your life, and allow it to happen, Get into the right mindset.  My Best advice is to clear out your inner junk first.  Here’s HOW?Image result for circleofwealth. ca

  • Sign Up for my How to Attract everything you are wanting in Your life course.

  • This is where I share my true self with you and give a lot of Real Life examples on how to transform and attract Love into your life like I did.
  • Here is the link to my How to Attract Everything you are wanting in your life  Course .
  • Pick one thing you are fully intending on attracting, listen to how I did it in  my life skip in and out of the videos, take notes, and implement into your own life. 
  • Easy peasy! 
  • Sign Up to CircleofWealth Newsletter
  • 21 Day Challenge How to Attract

  • If you are having issues with the relationships with your children please have a feng shui practitioner,  look at the Feng Shui of your home… Do you have something afflicting the sector of their bedroom or in their chart or the house floor plan?

  • Until then find out your Gua Number. You can find out your Happier Kids Gua NUMBER here using this link and have them face their best directions for Studying and sleeping.

  • Create a space that you love, where you feel supported in life, move that Chi around add some essential oils to an air diffuser or light a nice smelling Candle. Check to see if you have the most important element in your living room. 

Want to Make your Home Smell Good ?

Here is an article about how to make your home smell Awesome  on the cheap. that’s right you don’t have to runt o Bath and Body works ,you can use ingredients from your kitchen. Check it out here. 

how to make your home smell amazing


If you are up for learning about How you can Transform Your life by Learning and implementing a little common sense and the Law of Attraction, don’t worry,  I will show you.

We will take the Journey together.

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Sign Up for the rest of the How to Attract everything you want in your life FREE Challenge here at this link  or stay connected with us here! 


Here are a few more Free Feng Shui Bonus tips from Me to You!

  • Sleep in a bed, not on the floor, facing your best direction with a headboard and against a solid wall to provide you support during those sleepy hours.
  • Remove as many electronics as possible from the bedroom for more peaceful sleep.
  • If you don’t need it, use it or love it –Let it GO! Donate it or Sell it or Recycle.
  • Repair anything that is broken in the house. Remember “if it’s Broke~ then so are you.” Destiny Defined 🙂
  • Create a space that you love, where you feel supported in life, move that Chi around add some essential oils to an air diffuser or light a nice smelling Candle. Check to see if you have the most important element in your living room.

    Finally, you can now Relax. Enjoy. Repeat as often as needed.

  • 2019 Feng Shui Your Home for the Yin Earth PIG Year

In Conclusion, Those are your Top 10 Free Feng Shui Tips for your Home + Plus My Bonus ones at the end.

Here is a Summary checklist  for you:

  1. Front Door
  2. Master Bedroom
  3. Home Office
  4. Children\ Bedrooms
  5.  The Kitchen
  6. the Family room
  7. Center of Your Home  and Why It’s so Important
  8. Front Foyer  Main Entrance
  9. Hallways and Stairs
  10. Love and Marriage & Relationships

Top 10 FREE FENG SHUI TIps for your home

Here is a list of the Essential Oils that I use daily to create that special ambiance of Good Feng Shui in My Home and you can too.


essential oils

I hope you have enjoyed this jam packed list of my Favorite Top 10  Free Feng Shui Tips you can go and apply to your home.

Happy Feng Shuiing!


how to make your home smell amazing



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