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Bazi FAQs | Date Selection FAQs | Property Selection FAQs

Bazi FAQs | Date Selection FAQs | Property Selection FAQs



What exactly is BaZi or Destiny Analysis Planning?

BaZi or Destiny Analysis Planning concentrates on the 3 most important areas of your life, namely Career, Health, and Relationship. This analysis is done in two ways: first is to get a general overview of how these three aspects of your life are doing. And second, a more comprehensive and specific checkup will be conducted on a yearly basis to ensure that everything is going in the right direction.


What benefits can a BaZi or Destiny Analysis Planning have in my life?

The main purpose of a BaZi analysis is to be able to let you know if you are on the right track in your life path by letting you understand your strengths in order to overcome your weaknesses, by letting you recognize the opportunities around you so that you may not let them pass, by letting you know the relationships to nurture, and by letting you face your health issues. In this way, you will be able to plan ahead and make informed decisions that will benefit your life the most. For instance, when it comes to your career, you’ll be able to know which career best suits your skills and personality, what type of job you will excel in and whether or not you can manage your own business or rise up in the corporate ladder. Another example is your health. With a BaZi analysis, you’ll be able to get an idea of the probable health issues you may encounter in the future so you can make the necessary precautions and avoid it. Aside from this, parents also consult with a BaZi expert to know what potentials their children have so they can cultivate it at an early age and also so they can have a better understanding of their children and enhance their relationship.


What is the best time for a BaZi analysis to be done?

There is no specific time for a BaZi analysis to be done best. However, the earlier you do this in your life, the better. This is so you don’t waste precious time on unimportant things. In this way, you’ll be able to make the important decisions in your life earlier and success and happiness will come faster.


Can my BaZi change as time goes by?

Regrettably, the answer to this question is NO.  But you can influence it or give it a new direction through the right attitude and decisions. The proper use of Feng Shui can also help a lot.

Date Selection FAQs

 The luo pan (Feng Shui compass) is the essential tool of the trade. But aside from directions being paramount in importance, the timing of certain activities can also be calculated for the most positive outcome.Circle of Wealth works with several different astrologers, including an associate who performs classical Chinese Date Selection.How to Guide for Auspicious Date Selection


What occasion or event is Date Selection most needed?

Date Selection is most useful during important events and changes in your life like when renovation a house, opening a new office or store, constructing a new building or house, getting married, moving to a new place, migrating and the like.


How does Date Selection happen? What is the process?

The type of event and the time period for which the event is supposed to take place should first be provided by the client. Significant requirements that require special attention should be given ahead of time so that the Date Selection can be done more effectively.


How can Date Selection benefit you?

Date Selection helps you pick the correct date for your important event to ensure positive energy that will lead to a smooth progress and future good events that will follow after. It will also ensure that energies on that day do not conflict with your event.


Do you accept overseas consultation?

Yes, we do. We can do Date Selection via e-mail or phone. When it comes to phone consultations, the client must pay for all the overseas phone charges.

Property Selection FAQs


Why is it important to do a Feng Shui audit of a property before buying or moving into it?

Classical Feng Shui practice holds location and direction as the two foremost aspects of a home. It is harder to make renovations to follow a Feng Shui audit when you have already chosen a property, so it’s best if you do Property Selection first before buying. For instance, the door, known in Feng Shui as the Chi Mouth, is highly significant as it affects how energies go into the house and how they are received. The location of the various rooms in the house like the kitchen and bedrooms need to also be considered. So, it is very important for you to do Property Selection before signing a check.


If I’m just going to rent a place, is Property Selection still applicable?

Yes, definitely. Even if you’re just renting a place out, the way the energies go into the house and the way they circulate and are received affect your life. You should maximize the rent you’re paying by ensuring that you’ll attract positive energies while you’re living there.


How should I maximize the use of Property Selection?

After you have shortlisted a set of properties that you like and is within your budget range, you can contact us to do property audits so that we can check what is the best property for you. Each audit has a corresponding fee.


Do you provide consultation to overseas clients?

Yes, we do. There are two ways that we do a consultation with international clients. One is by face-to-face interaction (direct meeting). Our team/Feng Shui expert can go to your exact location for a direct meeting. But all of the transportation and living expenses will be paid for by the international client.
Two, if the budget does not allow it, we also do phone meetings and e-mail consultations (indirect meeting). However, the client has to provide us with photographs of the property and surroundings. Also, with proper instructions from us, the client needs to take the readings of the property and send all the details to us. The Feng Shui analysis and recommendations will then be undertaken based on the information provided by the client.

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