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How to Create your Mini Zen Garden Tutorial How to Create your Own Mini Zen Garden


I find it a nice relaxing and calming activity that usually accelerates my creative thought process. As a mini Zen Garden can evoke feelings of tranquility, calmness, and peace Serenity.  It usually consists of just a few natural elements like fine gravel or white decor sand and a  few river rocks like these are what I used.


If you like to get into your Zen zone during the day, my  DIY (do-it-yourself) miniature Zen garden can help.

*Please note this post contains affiliate links to my online store in case you would like to order the products that I personally recommend for this project. I am so excited to share this with you today.  Read my full disclaimer here.

How to Create your Own Mini Zen Garden

Not Feeling it?

 Here is a pre-made Miniature Zen Garden From Amazon the Perfect gift for Busy People. Hence why you may need one. Just sayin’. 

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Zen Garden already done for you

Or This One

Min Zen garden Buddah with Rocks and Incense Burner

Did you know the purpose of your own Feng Shui Mini Zen Garden or Japanese rock garden is?

It helps you have something symbolic to admire, as a focal point, that will help de-stress and relax you when you need a breather from your daily life, or daily stress, or perhaps you need some calming clarity or you are just suffering from pure boredom?

Here is my recipe called “How to create your own Feng Shui Mini Zen Garden”

Creating your own Mini Zen Garden is super easy.


You shouldn’t have to go out and buy anything since all the supplies are things you probably have in or around your home. I like the idea of using an old picture frame to house your garden. You can even add some special seashells or tiny air plants or succulents to give it a personal touch.

You can create your own little mini zen place of peace, and keep it right on top of your desk or perhaps your coffee table in your living room.


Not only are Feng Shui Mini Zen Gardens nice to look at, they are very inexpensive to make. They don’t require much maintenance either since you don’t have to feed or water it.

All you really need to do is find a good Feng Shui place for it to sit on your desk, side table or coffee table in your living room and you’ll have a way to access your Zen any time you want. No Need to go outside!

In your Zen garden, the sand or gravel will represent water or the Sea. The stones or carefully selected rocks represent the mountains and land, which according to Feng Shui is very important for the collection of chi.

mini garden stamps

The little wooden rake (or fork) is used for tending the sacred garden and can be used to create patterns in the sand and natural curves around the rocks or smooth stones. Which, In my opinion, is the best part!

How to Create your Own Mini Zen Garden

Circleofwealth zen garden

Here is the Recipe for “how to create your own Feng Shui Mini Zen Garden”


Here’s What You’ll Need:

Some Optional Items

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Don’t Forget to add your favorite smelling essential oils

essential oils

  • Use a small rake or fork to Make your fancy Design.
    You must have one of these kicking around 🙂

Tip: Use a Pencil 


How to create your own Feng Shui Mini Zen Garden Instructions:

Step  By step 

1) Sand must be cleaned thoroughly, so if you got your sand from the beach, be sure to clean it of any insects, leaves, and debris. If you don’t live near the beach or have any sand on hand you can purchase your decorative sand here, or at your local craft or perhaps a dollar store.

2) Place your decorative sand inside your container of choice.

3) Add 15-20 drops of YOUR  favorite essential oils. Click  Here to see a list of my fav essential oils. 

4) If you wanted more of a wet sand look you can add some JoJoba oil to your decorative sand.

5) Add 3-5 small to medium sized rocks. Do not place too many.

6)Add some other optional small trinkets if desired.


For example tiny succulents, seashells, tiny buddha or pagoda ornaments, or fire elements in some tea lights.



Or you can purchase the premade Feng Shui Mini Zen Garden with Buddha, and  Lotus Incense Burner already done for you here.


 Add a small bridge if you like. Bridges are often found in full-scale Japanese Zen gardens.

7) Get a small rake or fork here and make your playful patterns in the sand. There are no rules here. You can enjoy the mental break and calmness with your own Mini Zen Garden.


Don’t you just love it?

Feng Shui modern mini zen garden
Feng Shui Modern Zen Garden Photo Credit: Wendiland

*8) Optional step is to use colored sand.. oh my, what fun!

 That becomes the Modern Zen Mini garden… where you can replace the stones with cacti and use of special pens or stick to draw your patterns.


The Sand can be colorful like the 5 elements in Feng Shui by adding Fire with fuchsia/pink/red gravel, or earth terracotta color or yellow or orange, purple, baby blue or black or white.

Rake the sand using a fork or a comb to create a design. The design can go around the rocks or can be a large circle, square or other geometric shapes.

Have fun with this project and that it brings you some sense of Calm, Peace and Tranquility.

Also, please do email me some pics of your creations!

 My daughter and I would love to see them and do tell where you placed your Mini Zen Gardens.

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Happy Feng Shuiing!

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