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If you are looking for some of My tried and true recommendations for how to Make time for your Special Someone in your life, then you need to read this.

My husband Roger, and I have been married for 20 years now ( since 2002) and together for 4 years before that.

WoW! How time flies right?

Although we both work hard and devote a lot of our time and ourselves to our two beautiful kids, we try to make time for one another. I get so inspired and romantic when I see couples that are elderly and still holding hands, and I adore that! I want to be that when I get older.

Don’t you?

 Finding time to be with just one another is important to Roger and I, however, I confess, it’s not always an easy thing to do. It’s common in most relationships: regardless of age, or type.

Even as parents, I find that the kids appreciate our alone time and date nights, or girls/boys only time with Mom and Dad.

Roger and I sthow o make time for your special someoneill consider one another to be best friends and I am going to share with you a peek at How we do that.

Here are some tips that I have personally and recently used that will inspire you!

Here is my take on “How to Make Time for your Special Someone in your life”

1 | Plan Regular Date Nights.

Hire a sitter and grab dinner and a movie every week or month. We celebrate on the 15th of every month. Why? because that is our Wedding anniversary, easy to remember and it makes it all the more extra special. Good Idea Right?

2 | Explore the Little Things.

Take advantage of smaller encounters and moments to let your Special Someone in your life know how much you love them.

For example, if you see them in the kitchen and notice something different about them, mention it.

  • Ask about their day.
  • Make Eye contact.
  • Touch on the arm, pat on the bum, a peck on the cheek for no reason.
  • Watch their reaction.

3 | Listen, then Talk.

I am always the one asking questions and not getting very many answers. I feel like I’m nagging to make conversation, especially with the kids.

Does that ever happen to you?

If so then Try this…

Get yourself ready for dinner, or finish your task, have a seat beside your Special Someone in your life, and say nothing. Not a word.

Just sit and Listen.

Take a deep breath in and enjoy being in their personal space.

Then, have a talk for a brief time this allows them to feel your gift of being present, in the Now.  When content you can always get go back to whatever you were doing.

4 | Do It Together.

Wash, food prep, fold it, make it, clean it, shower it, Together with your Special Someone in your life! Use your imagination here!

5 | Set the Table.

Something so simple as having the dinner table set up nicely before you get home is a nice welcome when you come home from a long day at the office. It makes me smile. It is something to look forward to, and saves time for the dinner prep conversation with your  Special Someone in your life.  Don’t forget to light those candles!

6 | Menu Plan

If you have the dinner table already set, why not menu plan  here’s mine if you need one, plan ahead of time and turn on the slow cooker with a timer so that home smells like good home cooked food, before you get in the door. I put a lasagna in the oven before I picked up the kids from school, the whole house smelled awesome!

7 | Say Thanks.

Send a Thank you card, in the Mail, yes I said,  snail mail,  for no reason other than Thanks for being You!

Maybe add a little Starbucks or Tim Horton’s gift card in there~ for a coffee or donut on you.

If you live with Your Special Someone, then just Remember to say it!

A simple little Hey! thanks for doing that! I really appreciate that.

When they do something  Helpful, it shows them that:

1)  You Noticed them.  2) You’re appreciative of them.

thanks for being you

8 | Text them during the day.

Send a sexy text message to your Special Someone in your life or a friendly reminder, letting them know simply that you appreciate them, or  Pay them a compliment.  I forgot to mention how nice you look today! This lets them know you are thinking of them, throughout the day and reminds them that they are loved. With today’s busy and stressful lifestyles this is something that pleasantly breaks up the day.

9 | Take a Class.

Sign you and your special someone up for a yoga class or a massage together.

10 | Make Time For Sex.

Schedule Sex! Yes! VERY IMPORTANT! and use the calendar if you need to! And Get’R Done! If you’ve invited them to your calendar invitation, don’t forget to send a Reminder! if that does not help maybe work on your Bedroom Feng shui.

It will be something to look forward to and remember to schedule yourself some ME time before bed so that you are not too tired!

Have Fun making Time for your Special Someone, Comment Below and tell us How you made time for your someone special in your life!

Hey there I'm Danielle


Hugs and Much Love,

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How to Make Time for your Special Someone in your life

how to make time for your special someone
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