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Today you will learn How to Feng Shui The Main Entrance.  Welcome to Days of Feng Shui: Mondays~Week 3 on The   Main Entrance
what's afflicting your main door?

Here is a little bit of Feng Shui you can implement right away,

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A couple of “Feng Shui Mondays” ago… we learned about the Cosmic Trinity of Feng Shui and how it affects us in our daily lives, in case you missed that mini-lesson you can read about the History and my explanation for Feng Shui here.  
The article was called “What is Feng Shui?”

The following week we recognized and learned about the Walkway to your home and the importance of the allowance of meandering chi or energy to your front door or main entrance.
This Feng Shui Monday we will learn about the Main Entrance Outside first. This is extremely important in Feng Shui.

Well if the chi can’t find your Front door, then you can forget about it finding the inside of your home. It makes sense right?

Curb Appeal Circle of Wealth~Destiny Defined


You see most Classical Feng Shui Practitioners should spend the majority of the Feng Shui home or business audit, outside your home, because that is where the chi comes from. They will take into consideration all external afflicting and beneficial factors that may impact your home, these considerations could be the pond nearby, or your next-door neighbor’s pool in his backyard, or the hydro poles in the green area that is directly behind your bedroom window, or the nearby mountains or ocean view, just to name a few.
 So let’s look at the main entrance, Shall we?

Your Font Door in Feng Shui

Welcome to Days of Feng Shui: Mondays~Week 3 on The   Main Entrance

First, let’s welcome the chi into your home from outside the front door or main entrance.  As we did with the pathway from the curb to our home, be sure to Sweep it, remove dead leaves
or plants, newspapers, recycle or waste bins immediately from this area.
Then throw up a nice seasonal yet current wreath on the door, right after you clean all glass,
door handles, and house numbers. Done. 

Next, you can Oil that door hinge and create more positive energy when you enter and leave your house. It’s also helpful to oil any other door hinges throughout the home, but
the entry door is the most important. Make sure they don’t squeak. 

Replace light bulbs– this ensures safety as well as yang energy at night time. Remember: If people can’t see your house or find it, then neither can the Chi.

Having said that make sure your address or Unit# is clearly visible from the street. Give it a good polish, if you don’t have a # sign or address that is visible then head out to your hardware store and get one.

(hint: if the Amazon delivery person can’t find your front door, neither can good energy aka chi.)

Dress Up your Main Door-

Is your Main Door polished and painted nicely? 
Is it clean why not give it a nice wash? It represents the Mouth of your home… why not brush it or give it a rinse? 

Does it match the exterior of your home?
Are the door knobs functioning well?  Change it up and make it happen.

It’s your home, make yourself smile and the world smiles with ya. 🙂

Tie back any overbearing trees/shrubs/plants that are blocking your main entrance.  Sweep and remove any dead plants or leaves. Spray it down or rake it up. 

Can’t tell?
Ask yourself, during the daytime hours, do the trees create a lot of shade covering my front door? Is it creepy to find even during the day?
This is called Yin energy and is not the right kind of energy you want to attract for the home in which you live. Yin energy is great for cemeteries.
Once you’ve followed these simple steps to spruce up your main entrance and pathway the chi will find you.

So invite the chi in! You can easily do this by adding a nice little Welcome Mat perhaps. 
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Happy FengShuiing!

Originally posted 2016-12-05 11:30:00.

How to Feng Shui Mondays: The Main Entrance

How to FengShui Mondays
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