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What animates, what distinguishes between living and dead matter? That my friends is Chi, life force, It cannot be seen or heard but it’s there. Like a breath of air. It can travel and meander anywhere, flowing quickly or slowly, or in some cases where Chi (or energy) has gone stagnant, life-force energy has dried up.
Chi naturally flows in a meandering manner.  Where it flows gently and accumulates, abundance follows. This is Good Chi or Sheng Chi which we should try to tap into when applying Feng Shui remedies. Where the flow becomes stagnant, these life energies as well as abundance, dry up.  When Chi is forced to flow rapidly in straight lines, it becomes destructive.
Chi can be positive, energizing and strong.  It can become stagnant and very negative as well and as such, should then be avoided at all costs.
When Chi travels along straight roads, rails, or other areas, such as hallways, it gathers too much speed.  Therefore, when it strikes a building, doorway, etc. it is referred to as “Sha Chi”.  Such Sha Chi is too energetic and by the time it hits it’s target, it becomes destructive and undesirable
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Originally posted 2016-12-21 21:29:00.

What is Chi?

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