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Feng Shui Benefits, Good feng shui, and Bad Feng Shui often go unrecognized. Here’s my personal story.

I find that especially around this time of year, things get a little tighter on the purse strings, busy people everywhere, stressed-out people, rushing after work here and there, with long to-do lists.

I am usually one of those people. You know the procrastinating, leaving it all until the last minute, type-A person. It makes us stop and think…Is this good or bad Feng Shui?

Let’s face it, I never knew what bad feng shui was until I experienced it, back in 2010. Two car accidents, myself and my husband,  two job losses shortly after recovery, and almost lost our home, to moving in with the in-laws and moving cities. I have to tell you, even after a back issue, sickness, kids switching to a new school, and back again, moving to a smaller place, things always happen for a reason, beyond our control. That my friends is bad some pretty unfortunate Bad Feng shui.  
Do you agree?

The good and bad and sometimes the ugly. It’s very humbling to experience life in all of its drama that the Universe has in store for us. But do you think we create our own luck? I often wonder that myself, if all we are is a thought, or change your thought change your life then do we have some magical power in this wonderful thing called life? Of course, we do! This part is the man luck, the choices we make. 

As difficult as some experiences may be for us to come out of it, I have learned that we all go through life taking things for granted sometimes. Walking around with our blinders on, too fast-paced to stop and even notice we are running ourselves into the ground all stressed out. It’s not until life gets harder, and things start to fall apart, that we stop and take that much-needed break to just stop and think.

Do this for your self.  Whether via meditation or just by saying no to all the commitments, which helps you to have less stress. Less stress and more time, which creates more time for appreciation. During your appreciation time, please allow and let’s give ourselves credit for what we have today, or what we have accomplished, and most importantly who we have in our lives. 

Maybe it’s a job loss, death in the family, a health issue, or an illness, these are all signs of life telling us to take it slow, and take a time out for you, for some self-care.

Your body is very smart, all types of illnesses in the body can be figured out with Feng Shui analysis.


For example, if you have something afflicting a part of your home, like hydro towers or a big storm pond in the south area of your home, this can affect your heart or eyes when the flying stars turn negative (aka the energy shifts) in that sector.

Feng Shui Benefits and good Feng Shui is usually quiet and goes unnoticed until something bad happens.

It could be that you are going through a rough patch, or that your destiny or Heaven luck has changed. Like I said, We never usually stop and notice until something drastic happens that makes us slow down and Count our Blessings. Talk about your blessings! Rant and rave about all the good wonderful things in your life! Like attracts like~ right?

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Circleo Wealth Quote talk about your blessings more than you talk about your problems.

Remember, sometimes we suffer from illness, hardships which is a reminder to help you recognize what Good Feng Shui is, and to appreciate it.  Health wealth and prosperity going well, good career, money income luck is okay, that is Good Feng Shui. Love Health and Romance. Kids with good exam luck all benefits of Good Feng Shui,  if done correctly everyone can tap into and benefit from this prosperous good Feng Shui energy. 

To help you with Appreciation mindset,  I have created a Gratitude Journal which you can download here, for free. I hope you enjoy it and it helps you get on the right path of appreciation.

Here are a few ways that Feng Shui can benefit everyone’s life no matter where they live, or what age they are and what they are going through, or even about to go through.

 Feng Shui can benefit everyone’s life,  here is a quick list how Feng Shui Can Benefit your Life :

1) Preventing Accidents.
2) Getting a Promotion or a new job, or even a raise.
3) Getting better grades or tapping into Exam luck for children.
4) Romance luck finding that perfect someone.
5) Better Health
6) Better Sleep – we could all use some of that!
7) Windfall luck
8) Fertility Luck
9) Create harmonious family relationships
10) Help to eliminate depression
11) Prevent legal issues or lawsuits.
12) Prevent Divorce or separations and much much more.


Conclusion After looking at the Benefits of Good Feng Shui and Bad Feng shui, and understanding how everyone has the ability to tap into this precious energy or not,  I hope you find it helpful, and enjoyed this article and remember to share it with your friends~because Sharing is caring!


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Happy Fengshuiing!
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Originally posted 2016-12-08 18:36:00.