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Some of you have asked me recently, is there a Feng Shui cure for Healing illness?

Well, that tore upon my heartstrings and made me decide to write this shortlist for you, I truly hope this helps.
Disclaimer: I am not a doctor, or a healer, however, every little bit helps.

Is there a Feng Shui cure for Healing illness?

Ok Friends, the short answer is I don’t know, however, I hope that has helped you and your loved ones when wondering how to lessen the effect of the sickness stars and illness energies in your home using Feng Shui. I am working on the 2021 Roadmap for your homes to help you Feng Shui them yourself, with the annual updates, which helps you locate all the good energies and bad energies of your home. Stay tuned or join us to stay connected!

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Happy Feng Shuiing!

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