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Top Most loved Blog Posts for 2020.

As we said Good Bye to 2020, with a shove,  I looked around and found here are your topmost loved blog posts here at CircleofWealth~DestinyDefined, that you have loved.

Here is the list of Your topmost loved blog posts for 2020.

sickness stars

and Finally, the Most loved blog post here at Circle of Wealth Destiny Defined was…voted #1 by you…. find Your Best Sleeping Direction – it affects more than 40 % of your time at home.

So there you have it, our topmost loved blog posts for 2020. HAPPY NEW Year! 

The Metal Ox year just started on 2/3 according to Chinese astrology. If you are sensitive, you should’ve already felt the shift! 

Let’s find out what to do …for the Metal Ox Year in 2021.