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What is the Water element in Feng Shui and Are You Water?

Did you know that most people born under the Water element have above average skills in interpersonal relations and persuasion?

 So today we are going to discuss What is the Water element in Feng Shui and see if You Are Water?

In Feng Shui, water is one of the 5 Elements,  water is also the key element,  as most of you know we would not exist without it, our planet, as our body is made up of mostly water.

It is a very powerful element to use, it should always be clear and free-flowing, never let it go stagnant, as this will create many problems. A fountain or aquarium is ideal or a simple fishpond in the garden. Water has always been associated with power. It has been used for thousands of years by Kings and Emperors in the form of protection as in a moat, or a powerful attraction for abundance.

If you look at most Cities today, they are either positioned near the water or have large lakes or rivers close by. Most ocean-side and lakeside homes are also sought after. The colors blue or black can replace water. Water represents the Kan Trigram 1, which is located in the North.


The Water element also represents personal Characteristics in Feng Shui, Water enhances spirituality, inspiration, relaxation and the ability to go with the flow. Too Much water in your environment can promote spaciness and diminish productivity, while too little water encourages stress, rivalry, anxiety, pettiness, and sarcasm.

The Water element can be found in the following forms: 

  • streams,
  • pools, aquariums,
  • fountains and water features of all kinds
  • reflective surfaces such as cut crystal
  • glass and mirrors
  • flowing, free-form and asymmetrical shapes
  • art portraying bodies of water
  • black and navy or light blue colors
  • oceans and even storm ponds

 All About Water People

Did you know that most people born under the Water element have above average skills in interpersonal relations and persuasion?

They communicate well and are able to wear away any opposition from others through their firm, constant but unobtrusive efforts.

They also have the capability to advance their ideas by influencing the thoughts of others. By nature, people born under the Water element are flexible, intuitive, diplomatic and unimposing. Once identified, Water element people are naturals at getting the project rolling. They have an eye for spotting things that have potential

Their flair lies in recognizing and using the talents and resources at their fingertips. Fortunately, they never make others feel that they are being made used.

Water people tend to be too pacifying or calming and will often look for the easiest way out.

At their worst, they can be inconsistent and passive. They also tend to lean too much on others for support. If they want to be effective, they must be more persuasive and assertive. Only then, can they realize their dreams?

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Originally posted 2012-10-05 14:09:00.