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the 5 elements

The Five Elements….how they work together

These are the phases through which chi moves.

( 5 Minute Read) Updated July 2020

What are the 5 Elements…and How they Work together? One Must Have a Basic Understanding of the History of Feng Shui and Introduction to  Chi 

The Five Elements are the key to understanding Feng Shui for your environment as well as Astrology and the characteristics of people.

 Let’s start with Fire…

fire element in the five element theory

Fire Element  (candles, fireplaces, the sun),

Fire energy is the resource for Earth, very spontaneous, unpredictable and destructive energy, alchemy element that changes the output, wood in the fire comes out as ash, metal melts, water evaporates, sometimes fire needs to happen. It is the element of change and transformation and clarity like a lightbulb or the sun. 

earth element

 Next, We have Earth, as Fire feeds the earth, just like a parent.  Earth needs Fire to become earth. 

Earth is nurturing, grounded, weighted, does not move too fast. It can get stuck like hard-packed down dirt or mountains. Yup they don’t move right?

It is the heartbeat and supports feeds/houses metal energy. 

Then, we have the Metal Energy produced by Earth


Metal (electronics, silver picture frames)

Metal energy is housed by the earth, we can mine the earth to find metal. 

Structure, enduring and strong energy, like a car or a tank, we use kitchen utensils because they are strong. 

Metal also is focused and organized energy.  Know anyone like that? They are probably a metal element person.Organizational order bins etc.   Metal produces water. 

water element

Then, We have Water Element

Water is produced by Metal.  the minerals in Metal charge water, so that activates the cellular structure in water to feed us and plants. 

Water (fountains, aquariums),

Water is fluid, goes with the flow, can be deep dark, shapeshifts into whatever is is held into, like a cup, reservoir, quarry etc.. 

It heals and communicates, it can freeze, can transport you from here to there, it can heal your body aches and pains in a nice bath. 

It cools you.  Water feeds Wood. 

wood element in the five element theroy


Finally, we Have Wood Element

Wood (living plants or trees – dead wood, in classical feng shui like furniture, is yin wood BTB school uses this)

Wood feeds, seeds itself, likes family and connectedness. Trees talk to each other, creative live plants, eg fruits, vegetables live plants and trees. 

A Desk for example is not going to produce another desk, it becomes more of the earth (supportive) element. It will not grow and get too big for your office or recreate as the wood element does. 

Expansion and abundance are keywords to describe the creative, life-giving energy of the wood element. 

you creators, usually teachers,  family people characteristics are wood people. 

Wood fuels the fire produces and generates the fire element. This is in the productive cycle of the 5 elements. 


These elements, fire, earth metal water, and wood are the five elements in Feng shui.

You should become very familiar with them and understand that they are the foundation when practicing Classical Feng shui and Bazi.


 There are the main cycles to consider when looking at How the five elements work.

They are either in the Productive, Destructive or weakening/ controlled cycle or state.

This is very simply put like this. If the wood feeds the fire, then wood produces fire, therefore being in the productive cycle.

So if you are looking at the feng shui of your home, and you need to remedy or control the fire element, you would not add wood because you know no that wood feeds or produces fire.

Did you like that? easy peasy. Read on to see how the five elements work together.

The Five Elements….how they work together

This ­symbol is one of the most readily recognizable of Chinese culture.


 What is the Concept of the Yin and Yang theory?

The black and white swooshes are connected, with a dot of the opposite color in each. The concept behind the yin and yang are that they are opposite states of chi (energy). One cannot exist without the other.

Yin (black) is associated with femininity, matter, night-time, coldness, passivity and softness, and yang (white) is about masculinity, spirit, daytime, warmth, activity and hardness. If you didn’t have night, you couldn’t understand what day is, so neither can exist on its own. In the world of feng shui, the yin and yang must be balanced.

While chi, and thus yin and yang, are constantly in motion, the symbol is traditionally displayed with the yang on top, under the assumption that heat rises.­

 I hope this gives you an overview of The Five Elements….how they work together.

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