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February is the Month of Love

This month Is all about the Chinese New year which starts on Feb 5th, of course, we are all getting ready making room the New energies to arrive.

Show up with Flowers

Most of my readers turn to Feng Shui and Law of Attraction to help them Attract and find the love of their Life, I decided to make February all about Love this month.


That’s right so this week instead of Feng Shui Mondays for Feng Shui, we will have Feng Shui Mondays for Love


Why are you looking to Feng Shui?


Most People know that February was known as the Month of Love and for some of us here in we have a Family Day holiday thrown in as well. This is exciting and a wonderful time if you have someone special that you love or family you can spend your time with. For those of us who are alone, it can be quite difficult.

Many of Us look to Feng Shui and Law of Attraction for help without even realizing


At Circle of Wealth~Destiny defined,  I spend a huge amount of time targeting the Love & relationships sector of our homes because this is where I find we have issues, internally ( gut feelings) and inside the house.


When we look to Feng Shui and Law of attraction for help, I have learned and witnessed that we are at the desperate, in that time, or place in our lives and that pains me to see people struggle with this when it is so easy to fix.


I can’t make anyone do anything, but if you are here looking to make a difference in your life than it can’t hurt right?

By the way, I personally used what I know to manifest the husband and family of my dreams and I want to share that with you. Thank you for joining me over the next 4 weeks as I share with you some solid advice to help you with your love and relationships sector in your world.

NOTE: I am not a relationship therapist or coach or doctor or guru. I am just like you.

Been there done that or know people that have. 🙂


Waiting and Waiting for that Love Chi.


I understand, However, some of us, are ready and waiting for that someone special to arrive into their life and as we know that can be challenging and desperate times for us.

let’s focus on the real reason why you’re here.

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How to Find your Love Chi


Everyone is busy these days. And Looking for the answers quickly. So here is the Roundup for the next 4 Weeks for those of you that are anxious to get started. As I said, not all of these situations may apply to you, as we are all in different ages and stages of Love in our lives.




Here’s What we are going to Cover over the next Love Month of February.


  1. Week One- we will learn What’s Wrong with Our Love Chi and how to go about Fixing it.
  2. Week Two –   Sexy back into the bedroom- it really  is simple
  3. Week Three – will be How to Figure out if you are in the Wrong relationship
  4. Week Four is all about  Appreciating and loving the one you are with ( Isn’t there a song about that?!) Hmmm???


Appreciating and loving the one you are with

8 Ways To Show Appreciation To The Love Of Your Life | Marriage.Com

Appreciation quotes

You’ve got No Love CHi going on and Have No Idea What’s wrong with your love Chi?

I know you say you are ready for a Relationship but haven’t met the right person yet, however, start with changing these little areas in your living environment first.

Then start the search. Once you are ready and have allowed and made space for someone to come into your life, they will just have to show up!


Let’s Dive in and Help you Figure out What’s wrong with your love Chi?

Some people think that Feng Shui is all kinds of woo- woo magic and claim that they don’t believe~ and I respect that.  Feng Shui is a science just saying. If you are not sure please have a read here.

But when things like your Money, your health, and love luck aren’t going the way you planned it’s time to think out of the box, because just maybe you are experiencing bad Feng Shui.

What’s wrong with your love Chi?

All must be going well then right? and that’s why you’re reading this.

Here’s what I want you to do …in order to help you figure out What’s wrong with your love Chi? and Make it better.

Ask your self what is going well in my life right now?


Are there any areas that need improvement?  Think about which room in your house is the messiest. The unused dining room that you made into your makeshift office?

The garage, the basement?  What’s lurking under your bed?

Maybe we are looking for love in all the wrong places…hmm?

Perhaps you have not made room for that special person to come into your life.

Are you holding on to certain items from your ex-girlfriend or previous relationships in a box in your bedroom closet? Keeping the engagement ring from Mr. Wonderful still in case you have to pawn it?  Take action right now and Remove old clutter, you will automatically feel renewed energy. Let it Go!

Did you make room for anyone else to come into your personal space?

What’s wrong with your love Chi? What can you do to change that? You can do this…

1| Start by cleaning up you and Your Bedroom

Declutter dust vacuum those cobwebs, remove pictures of any single women or men and replace with images of loving couples.

Regarding the floor space surrounding the bed, you should create a walkway or enough room to easily access your bed from both sides. Period.


Yes, pictures and artwork should be something that you enjoy looking at that makes you feel good! Not something that doesn’t reflect who you are and where you want to be headed in your life now.  Be Selective.

3| Make the two of you important.

Adding Two of Something like try adding two nightstands, one on each side of the bed. See it’s all about balance. Making room for someone to enter your life- very important.

4| Slumber Support

Now, let’s support your slumber by making sure your head is not under a window if so close the drapes behind before sleeping or move your bed to a flat wall location. I prefer a good solid healthy Headboard. no slats and gaps, simple easy peasy headboard.

Check out the Headboards that I Personally Love here on Pinterest.

5 |  Use a Good Headboard / Place your Bed against a Solid Wall.

Ensure that your bed is in the command position, if not ensure that you have a solid background or beautiful or simple headboard to provide strength and support for you and You’re new found Love Chi.

6|To balance the yin and yang …

Add some textures in your bedroom-some feminine some masculine. Possibly some paint, nice throw covers, or throw pillows to give your bed a boost.

Is this the lovemaking casa you would be proud of?

7| Bed Is the Focal Point

Your bed should be the Focal point in your bedroom. If it’s not, then make it happen by removing the Treadmill, or laundry hampers or whatever Love Chi blocks you have.

Let’s face it if you brought a date home tonight is this the lovemaking casa you would be proud of? What’s wrong with your love Chi?

8|Locate your Best  Ming Gua direction and have your head pointed towards that direction.

Read My Post on how to do that here.

9| Make it Smell Nice!

Make your Love Chi Master bedroom Smell nice! Add some of your favorite scents to the bedroom, sprinkle it onto your rug if you don’t have a diffuser. or you can check out my Personal favs here.

10| Married Couples trying to Fix What’s wrong with their love Chi?

Starts with Mindset outside the bedroom.

It starts outside the bedroom first of all.

Use a little Law of Attraction Gratitude journaling and journal everything you love about your partner. remember when you first met?

How nice everything was. Need help, keep reading and watch my video below.  I invite you to sign up for my 21 Day challenge on How to Attract everything you want in your life.

Step 1 watch my video on how I use my gratitude journal and step 2  scroll down to get yours!

Here is my Free Downloadable checklist for you to start.

If you are Single and using this then Make your Own Movie Darling!

Write out all the things that you want in your next relationship. Write out all the things you don’t want in your next relationship, you can start there if it’s easier.

Then I want you to spend one minute every day pretending that you already have it in your life. Make room for that person, in your home. Pretend you just invited them over for dinner.  You best be cleaning up! 🙂

11| Be Grateful if you have someone in your life. Show them you need them and want them in your Life.


Print out  Your FREE Gratitude Journal, out and place it onto the Front of your Fridge.

Do one every day. Get into the fright Frame of mind yourself first. Focus on you, forget about your spouse you can’t change people.

Here is the link to the Gratitude Journal Freebie for you!

12|Your Mess and Clutter could be What’s wrong with your love Chi?

This also applies to a married couple as your bedroom is your sanctuary! Clean it up and Declutter it!

Sometimes as we settle into long relationships we need to go back to the beginning, like when we first met, and re-create the environment to Allow love and romance back into our lives and believe me that ain’t going to happen with legos under your feet or a laptop on your lap!


Don’t you want your late relatives or your kids smiling & watching you make love in your bedroom?

13| Make TIME  for your Special Someone in your Life.

What’s wrong with your love Chi?

I know Your Busy working all the time and Have No time for Someone Special in your Life but want your relationship to Flourish.

READ THIS  No time excuse? Read this!

14| What’s wrong with your Interior Design love Chi?

Interior Decorator Design Faults.  Another tip, I know that many modern home decorations include the Buddha or just the Buddha head or a painting.

Please have some respect and don’t place him in your bedroom as this is not very Zen-like or good Feng Shui.


You can read about how and where to create an altar in my other postings on my blog.

So with your new found Feng Shui Vision, take a Good look at your space and a lot of people say they are ready for a relationship however when I see how they live in their bedrooms, which is where we spend most of our time, it’s a big eye-opener!

Finally, we have figured out What’s wrong with your love Chi? 


By implementing and addressing the above 15 areas of your World.

Now it’s Your turn. Comment Below and Let me know if you have any changes in your relationship or perhaps you found one once these tiny Chi Moving changes are done.

I’d love to hear from you and see how this helped you figure out What’s wrong with your love Chi?

See You next week as we learn 15-feng-shui-tips-how-to-bring-sexy back into the bedroom.

2019 Happy New Year Yin Earth Pig

How’s that! 

I have been thinking about creating a love Challenge for you as well! Does that sound like something you single peeps would be interested in?

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Hey! I used Feng Shui and Law of Attraction to find my soulmate, why not help you with finding yours?

See you Next Monday! 


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