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How I created My Zen Backyard Patio retreat was easy. It all started with a little research and a napkin plan with 16 Zen Feng Shui Backyard Patio retreat with 16 Essential Items, I felt you need for your amazing backyard retreat.

Everything you need is listed below so that you can create Your very own Back yard patio retreat too!

Here’s How I created My Feng Shui Back yard patio retreat:

Just like the inside of your home, your back yard is an extension of your home, so you must declutter, clean and organize your space first before you start to decorate or Feng Shui, as I mention here.  In a hurry PIN this for Later! I got you. 🙂

First, I recommend you organize your space into 4 zones.

Zone out your Zen areas for your Backyard Retreat

ZONE 1- Grow

-place all your garden pots, shovels equipment in one place.

ZONE 2- Rest 

-plan out your seating, make it peaceful and zen-like away from the noise and heavy traffic flow.

ZONE 3- Eat & Dine

set up your patio table and chairs in this section, close to the BBQ area, or house so you can run in and out easily!

ZONE 4- Play Zone

– this is the kid’s area, with their play structure, sandbox or just an open grassy area to run around in for kids and adults to.. well play darts or water balloon toss!

My Zen Feng Shui Back yard Patio Retreat

Once that is all set and done, you are now ready to create your Zen Backyard/ Patio retreat.

Here are the 16 Zen Feng Shui Backyard Patio retreat items you can add to your Back Yard Retreat:

1) Outdoor-friendly Rug This made all the difference for me and was the inspiration for this post.
for the outside, I purchased this black and white from Home Depot for $39.97 I love it! they had orange and white as well. we also wrapped our deck with a similar one from Costco.  Update I found some nice fake grass outdoor rugs at Costco… I would have chosen this one for our outdoor patio to soften another area perhaps.

Now you can run outdoors without worrying about your shoes! Ah…ZEN! ( don’t forget your coffee!)

2) Eating Zone or Resting Zone Furniture-

Patio Furniture and or Table- well whatever you have works just fine!
Patio furniture, lawn chairs a stool- just a place to sit and relax. NO Furniture no problem, grab a blanket.

Zen Backyard Retreat Dining Patio table area

3) Pillows- you can use plastic tablecloths/old rugs/shower curtains dollar store mats sewn into covers, or just repurpose your couch pillows, I bought mine from Amazon.


My pillows

4) Throw blankets or Turkish Towels are light and dry quickly if they get wet. You probably have a pashmina lying around, you could throw that over the chair, or perhaps a beach towel for when it gets chilly.

plants surrounding your seating area with cushions

5) Artwork – think Metal or wood or statue. I am creating a Buddhas and their meanings for my garden blog post. Check back here later. Coming Soon!

Mirrors that reflect a gorgeous view

6) Mirrors that reflect a a gorgeous view.

7) Stools – I’m in love with the Garden stools that are out there now… so convenient and they make great end tables for the little glass of iced tea or that lovely novel!

Bench seating for two

8) Benches
Bench seating for two is always a nice feature for your Zen backyard retreat. Have a Seat!

COW ZeN Backyard & Patio Retreat Water bird bath

9) Birdhouses/ birth baths
– I bought a gorgeous blue resin bowl, and a pump added a hard plastic straw and a pizza plate. VOila! trickling water fountain. I’m Fancy like that.
10) Lanterns
Hurricane lanterns with a battery-operated candle is amazing mood lighting. Get a few!

11) Candlesticks

Fire Pit or Candles for Your Circleof Wealth ZeN Backyard & Patio Retreat Decor

12) Plants or a Palm tree,
hanging ferns look gorgeous, flowers, we have 2 apple trees in pots in our backyard. Bring on the wood element!

Palm trees And Plants for your Zen Backyard retreat


Palm trees And Plants for your Zen Backyard retreat

13) Wreaths- not just for your front door – you can add a wreath to your fence or garage wall, wherever you need a focal point or your back door.
14) Lighting – fairy lights, Christmas lights, or good old patio lanterns are always a hit.
15) Accessories – think water beverage pitchers, trays/ an ornaments/ statue of a bird/ gazing balls, wind chimes or a flag even. Shop your house or the basement to repurpose something you are not using.
16) Tiki Torches for the bugs or some ambiance like my favorite candles my daughter makes for the fire element…


The List goes on and on, whatever you decide to add I am sure it will look lovely. Happy Summer and enjoy your Zen Feng Shui Backyard Patio retreat!

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