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Lux-Shui what is Lux- Shui?

lux shui Guide to a luxurious feeling at home

Are you wanting your home to feel Luxurious with Good Feng Shui Vibes, which I call Lux-Shui? 

Here at Circle of wealth~destiny defined usually, we chat about Feng-Shui, with a sprinkle of Law of Attraction, meaning that we focus on making our homes and of course ourselves FEEL amazingly Luxurious, and during the many wonderful seasons, cozy.


Hence the term Lux- Shui. We work hard, so why not create an environment that supports our Luxurious lifestyle in the most in important place we fee safe.

LUXURIOUS LIFE STARTS  with YOU, then AT HOME with your Inner Circle and How you Feel.

You don’t have to have a huge mansion to live in a luxurious space that makes you feel like a million bucks! 

are you ready to feng shui your world

You know what I have learned is that Feng Shui, is not pretty, it doesn’t really care, as long as the energy can get there and it’s not cluttered. You’re able to receive the energy you are halfway there.

You See when the bad energy strikes, it’s what of the elements that happen to already be in your space can affect you even more negatively than the negative energy that has arrived at your doorstep.

Think of it this way.

You are having  Company come over for dinner.

This Company you really Enjoy. The yare always so easy going, bringing gifts upon arrival, saying positive nice things about you and your family and your home, and they don’t mind anything and never overstay their welcome. You love having them over. Therefore, if the house is a mess, it’s ok the visit will still be good company .

This Company you really Dread. The yare always so picky, negative thoughts and odd comments that make you second guess yourself, look at all your clutter, mention things you would rather not talk about the kind of just mind your business and not bring you anything but GUILT and remorse, oh and they always overstay their welcome. I call them toxic.

How to Deal with Toxic Negative People in your Life My Simple Fast effective 3 Step Strategy

That is NEGATIVE Company. 

Just like negative energy you want to be READY before they show up on your doorstep, always earlier then they predicted.

Get what I mean?

So here is what you can do to get  YOU ( self- care first ) Your Mindset,  and your home ready. It won’t happen overnight. So be mindful, get into the right headspace and enjoy your journey, being present the entire time.

All you have to do is implement the right elements of decorating and cleaning your home in such a way that it nurtures and supports you in being the fabulous woman that you are!

 I like to call it LUX-SHUI, a little feng- shui and a little bit of help from your friends at Circle of Wealth,  you can use this to fill your home in such a way that will create the life you have always dreamed of. 


First thing is first.

Cleanliness is not an option. Keeping your home clean is of the ultimate importance.

 Do you ever find yourself anxious for no reason at all or always feeling that something just isn’t right? That can come from the subconscious knowledge that your home, your space, your nest, your domain isn’t up to snuff.

 Even having a bunch of unopened bills can wreak havoc on your daily mindset.

 A home that is untidy will get you in the habit of disorganization and chaos. This will spill over into the rest of your life, so when you get your home right, your life will get right naturally. 

I suggest you start by clearing out all the clutter. This makes it much easier to clean your home and see any areas that may need a little extra care. 

When you join my newsletter you get access to this “how to Feng Shui your home in 10 steps, as my gift to you. 🙂 Be sure to sign up.


Once you have done all of this, I want you to treat yourself to a beautiful tea, coffee or a luxurious smelling candle. Every morning, when you get ready for your day I

invite you to light a candle or drink your fav tea or coffee and say an affirmation to yourself like…

“I am…

blessed by my beautiful home”. 

” I AM loved, I am Awesome! ” 

  • The only approval I’ll ever need is mine. …
  • I rock people’s socks. …
  • I release the need to judge myself and my body. …
  • I am not my body, I am free.
  • I am Awesome

I do this as soon as my feet hit the floor and I thank God or the universe for giving me this day, I am Blessed!

You can do this at night too. Even if you live in someone else’s home and you only have a little corner for yourself, do this consistently and you will set yourself up for a successfully happy day.


  • Eliminate all clutter.
  • Keep up the cleanliness of your home. 
  • Begin & End Each Day with gratitudemeditation,  & positive self-talk and affirmations in your home, daily. 

In order to ensure that your home is decorated & styled luxuriously, you will

want to concentrate on 3 important areas.

 Your bedroom, your closet & your bathroom.


These 3 areas are not only crucial to creating a home meant for feelings of luxury, these also play a huge role in self-confidence. 


i know who i am


Here are some things you can do to enhance your space for the life you desire:

You will want to select the best bedding you can afford. Sheets with bamboo cotton or

a sateen finish are best. I also like to throw an egg crate foam pad on top of the

mattress for extra comfort (that is if you don’t own a memory foam). 

Make sure to have matching side tables and lamps on either side of your bed. This

attracts harmony and also if you are single, looking for a mate, this in Feng Shui is said

attract your perfect match. 



Get yourself the finest towels you can afford, you want to step out of the bath or

shower and feel pampered. Be sure to have a robe in your bathroom for post-shower comfort.

You want to stock your bathroom with things that make you feel feminine, lovely

smelling lotion, a face mask, and lingering body sprays. All of these things enhance your femininity.

Don’t let go of self-care, its imperative to your well being. 

Get a beautiful tray to place all of your beauty products. This will keep them organized as well as stylishly displayed. 

Feng Shui Your Closet


This may sound like a little much but matching hangers is key for a well-stocked closet. I love the felt hangers you can find at Walmart or Ikea, they are thin and keep all clothes hanging in place.  Whatever your budget if they are all the same, it helps!

fengshui closet joke meme



Color coding your clothes is another look that keeps your closet looking chic and organized. When getting dressed, you want a pleasing and easy experience.

4 Strategies to Who wants an Organized Home

Having a closet that is unorganized and unruly will make the experience of getting dressed annoying and cumbersome. This can make you want to stay in, feel fat and gross which has a horrible effect on your self- esteem. 

Getting Undressed is just as important- Very Luxurious Feeling! 

Get yourself a Beautiful laundry hamper or basket, a showpiece.

Place it where you or your other half remove their clothing before bed. Just drop it in there. Done!

Kids- No lids, please.



When I work with my Feng  Shui & Law Of Attraction clients I get all into their lives and business. It’s key for me to know how your lifestyle choices will reflect how you live. The thing you want to remember is that creating a mindset shift is of the utmost importance. We deal with this in our How to attract everything you want in your life course

 If you are thinking “I’ll wait to decorate when I buy my dream home” or “I don’t want to invest in anything now because I  may be moving out soon”, these are thought patterns that are going to get you stuck in your life.

 Start paying attention to what you say.

You want to treat your everyday life like LIFE IS NOW. Live for today and Be Present.

 It’s not tomorrow or “when you buy your new home”, or “right after I win the lottery”.

Another one is someday. Someday is not a day, select a date and put it on the calendar.

Like by Jan 2nd I am going to buy myself that brand new headboard from Wayfair that I love and pinned on my Pinterest board. By putting a date to it you are committing. And Law of Attraction – usually brings it to you just before your due date, the EXACT item you wished for.

If you can’t afford something right now, that ‘s ok, we all get it. Make a plan, and prepare your space for when you receive it.

 Indulging your self in good products and treating yourself properly should

be right NOW. 

You are meant to be treated like Fine CHINA, Not a paper plate.- DK

So start treating  YOURSELF like that first. (then everyone else might get on board) Don’t worry about them. FOCUS On YOU, Your feeling of LUXURY, and YOUR MINDSET.

As a woman, we take on many things, It says in the bible a woman takes care of her husband and home. Well then let’s do our duty and make our House or apartment a Home. Not just any home, my Home, a happy prosperous healthy and wealthy, sanctuary full of life’s little luxuries for me and my family to enjoy, with Good Positive Friends and Foody.



Take the time to build your home and lifestyle in such a way that makes you

realize you are living your BEST LIFE TODAY! This will change everything. 


Now, let’ talk about how to make your home one that just screams “dream home”.

How to Feng Shui and Declutter your Front Foyer at Home (3).png


Much like when you wear a killer outfit to make a smashing first

impression, you want your entryway to do the same! It’s YOUR Party after all!

No matter if you have a small apartment or a large home. Your

Entryway/Front Foyer should have a few important things.

ART/MIRROR: You want your guests and yourself to walk

in a feel like you are walking into something well styled. A large art

piece will get people talking and a mirror will not only make you

feel like its a roomier space, it will also invite them to see

themselves and instantly feel at home

Table or a CHEST: A good console, dresser or chest, landing zone like table  is always going to

set the stage for the style of your home. I will usually get something

to hold my keys, purse, and a few stylish accessories. 

LAMP: Lighting up your entryway/front foyer is always a must. It should be

the first light you turn on in your space. Make sure its something

unique and beautiful. You want to walk and in LOVE your lamp.

BOOKS: A few books that explain your interests and personality is always a good way to give off your style. 

FLORAL: Flowers make any home much more homey, they lighten your day and bring in some life to the home. I always think orchids are a great entryway/front foyer piece.

Feng Shui your Front Foyer

 After you have made your show-stopping entryway, I want you to think about your kitchen.

Is it nourishing you to take care of your body in the healthiest way possible? Don’t be a

slave to take out food and unhealthy eats. To the best that you can stock your kitchen with food that nourishes your body and lifestyle. 


Create a coffee/tea experience. 

I like to keep my favorite Coffee in mega stock with a beautiful glass jar on display right beside my coffee maker. I have my cappuccino and espresso pictures nearby to remind me of my guilty pleasure,  as I’m the only one who drinks coffee in my house, every morning.

Circle of Wealth Our Blog



I don’t have my mugs on display however in my glass cupboard,  I have mine which reads Good Morning Beautiful and I use that daily. I also have my family members special mugs on display on a glass lazy Suzan inside the Glass cupboard.


the most important room in your home the kitchen

If tea is your Jam, get your teapot on display girl! Show it off, with your Fancy teacups, put them on a silver tray and Voila!  TEA Time! 

TEA Cart/ Coffee BAR – whatever your pleasure, make it nice.

 I get such joy out of pouring tea into my beautiful mugs. If you aren’t a tea person, make yourself a cool coffee bar. Where you place your favorite mugs and the prettiest containers for coffee you can find. These small details do SO  MUCH for the soul.

When you are making coffee or tea or Hot Chocolate for yourself or others. Smile with anticipation! I do.

Have proper smelling + cleaning items.

 I like to always make sure that I’ve got a beautiful smelling hand soap and dish soap.


It makes cleaning that much more fun and glamorous. When your kitchen is clean and smelling good it makes you feel like a proper domestic diva. 

Feng Shui Your Kitchen

Framed photos of your favorite travels & cookbooks. 

It’s not that easy to “decorate” your kitchen, so I just like to make sure that what I can put in my kitchen is stylish and brings out positive feelings in me. That has me leaning towards eating healthier, taking time for myself and feeling good about my home.

I don’t like a fridge cluttered with photos and magnets, I keep mine clean, with an inspirational quote, my gratitude list, and a calendar, to keep the family functioning on the daily.

I also keep an open cookbook on my countertop, with a cute Chalkboard Menu plan for the week for inspiration and communication when the kids ask me what’s for dinner?????… it’s pretty easy to answer.  ( also it reminds me when I forget and gives me some cooking inspiration. Even if you aren’t the cooking type, there is a way to make your kitchen feel more “kitchen-y” and just like home. 

Pink Quotes


Add a plant. Add your favorite essential oils to your diffuser in the kitchen to remind you to cleanse the air after a nice smelly cook-up or light up a nice smelling candle. 

Romantic dinner table for Date night

Glamorous Glassware:

I am an avid believer of It’s all about the Glass.  Toss out the mismatched and buy a nice set of glasses for 8 – 12 people. Always use daily,  something you can be proud of when you have company, that’s friends or family over. Buy the most stylish and fabulous glassware you can afford. Or pull out the Wine glasses from your wedding gift registry. I love my apple juice in my crystal Waterford glasses!

Even if you have just normal dishes from Ikea, your glassware will step up your dining game.

Create A LUXURIOUS FEELING at HOME In Your Bedroom

headboard for support



The last room I want you to focus on is your bedroom. This is the most important room in the home as this is the room that nurtures your soul. They say that people, on average, spend 1/3 of their lives sleeping so you want to make your sleep quarters ultra-fabulous. 

exposed beams in bedroom feng shui


Get the right lighting. 

Be sure to have adequate lighting for the bedroom. Open the windows, turn on the lights in the morning. At night, low lighting is nice right before bed. Close the blackout curtains so you can get some good rest. 


Plush fabrics make a difference.  

Curtains, headboard, drapes, fabrics, pillows, blankets. Every fabric should be cozy and ultra-soft to the touch. Infiltrate your bedroom with the right fabrics and this will create a cozy vibe that you will so enjoy to retreat to. 

Don’t forget a candle and plush robe for after the bath Think Spa or Hotel style, always makes you feel special and relaxed right? 

Keep It Simple.  Don’t over clutter your bedroom.

This is the one room in your Luxurious home that must feel like a Vacation resort or Spa for you.

Not a dumping ground. Period.

End each day with a feeling of Gratitude.


Gratitude Journals Pink Blue or Green

 I truly appreciate my space. I also meditate (quiet my mind) for 5 minutes, then I write in my journal, with my beautiful pen that I keep in my bedside table, every night before bed.  Sometimes, I meditate on the beautiful rug beside my bed or in my favorite, cozy chair right off my bed in the corner. RELAX.

Begin Each Day with a Feeling of Gratitude

 Just that simple act of Thanks for today – gets me motivated to take on whatever comes.

I look forward to my Coffee bar waiting for me in my kitchen, my beautifully organized closet which I am thankful for that helps me get out the door quickly early in the morning.


I am so grateful for all these things that it puts a smile on my face.

What are you thankful for?

If you feel stuck –  I have a few articles I wrote to help.

Stop feeling stuck, Overwhelmed & Hopeless!


I hope you all have enjoyed your lesson in LUX-SHUI, in our Free Guide to a  LUXURIOUS FEELING at HOME


For more lessons on Feng  Shui & Law of Attraction please visit Join the newsletter for more Classical Feng Shui Tips and a Sprinkle of Law of Attraction tips that I have used to help me attract all things wonderful in my world.

Stay tuned for more Feng Shui tips and law of Attraction lessons and fun juicy details.

See You Soon and Happy Feng Shuiing!


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