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Let’s Get Calm & Mindful Notebook Journal


  • It’s the little things, or the SMALL DAILY ACTIVITIES including monitoring water intake, reducing screen time and acknowledging good deeds and gratitudes, that get us feeling calm.
  • Be Mindful and have a special location daily to journal in your notebook. 
  • These encourage you to make appreciation a daily habit rather than an afterthought.
  • FIND INSPIRATION and do some of your journalling to get out the worry and strife of everyday things. 
  • Find Calm, Focus and strength with your inner body.
  • GIVE THE GIFT OF SELF-CARE to a cherished friend or family member. Allowing them to become the happiest and most fulfilled version of themselves that they can be

Let’s Get Calm & Mindful Notebook Journal

Self Kindness, Meditation, Stress Relief, and Gratitude printable



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