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Classic Gift items for Him

Are you Looking to get your loved one a gift for the holidays and you’re struggling to find that perfect gift for them?

If this gift is for a loved one or a friend or coworker, it can be challenging even at the best of times. 

Traditional gifts like a hat scarf or some nice black leather gloves always do well for anyone, who doesn’t need or already have them. To find out first before you disappoint. Do your research and read this to help you brainstorm.  

For the guys that say out loud they don’t want anything, get him the cheapest black socks so he doesn’t complain about how much money you wasted at Harry Rosen. 🙂 

Here is a quick idea list for the Racecar guy, the chef and the stranger.

Need a Gift for the Racecar guy?

How about some Steve McQueen race car paraphernalia, miscellaneous race car magazines, or latest articles or tools used for his favorite car type.

Classic car collectibles guy, get him his favorite model car kit like this 1968 Shelby Mustang GT-500 Model Kit for his man cave or man area of the house. Perhaps a subscription to his favorite car magazine. For example:

Check out this site for some great inspiration for  Classic Cars Magazine subscriptions or this hardcover, Muscle & Chrome 

Need a Gift for the Chef in your life?

Does he think he’s a chef Ramsey and believes his wife doesn’t cook for him?

Get him a nice fine bottle of alcohol to go with that rum, scotch tequila, vodka, 

If all else fails ask yourself the following questions. 

According to my hubby, there are 5 categories when thinking of a gift:


1 Personal

Personal  Gifts – something that only they would use.  Like a razor perhaps or a certain brand of something that they need love or adore, I usually think of bath products or body jewelry as very personal.
Ie Undies 🙂  

2 Necessity 

 Necessity or Essential items make great Gifts – something they use daily and always run out of, like shaving cream or socks.

3 Fun 

 A little Fun – just because something that maybe they would never purchase for themselves, or just something humorous or simply funny.


Why not wow that guy in your life with something really Extraordinary -like a car or big-ticket item. Show your love in those experiences or thoughts just for him.



 A little Whimsical item is just what you need to create sparks of joy- may be an experience or something unique to their style or sense of adventure.

Who is the gift for?

  1. Do you know them well
  2. Don’t know well 
  3. Family member
  4. Bff  that’s Best Friend forever in case you forgot. 🙂 
  5. Coworker

Other  thoughts or Gift Categories to consider:

  1. Self-Care – something like a massager
  2. Knowledge – to read or learn about 
  3. Clothing- if you know their size you are all set.
  4. Seasonal – winter or sports event… you decide
  5. Manly – well over to you on that one.

Holiday Gift Guides for Guys

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