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Are you wondering How to Take Care of Yourself First?

Here are our 5 Self Care Tips.

5 Self Care Tips

Let’s Start here…Here are our 5 Self Care Tips.
In order for You to be the best version of you, you need to be the best version of you. Read that again.
Let’s get you on your way to surrounding yourself with like-minded friends, and grow into the best version of yourself starting today.

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First Self Care Step – Disconnect and Unplug

Make sure you disconnect once in a while and unplug from your phone or work.

Take time for yourself, and step away from your laptop, trust me when I say this, your family misses you and is kinda jealous of the time you are spending away from them. Especially if you are bringing your devices into your bedroom. which leads me to our next self-care step…

Second Self Care Step: Sleep, Naps, and Bedtime

Take all devices out of the bedroom before you fall asleep at night. Studies show that the harmful blue light from our phones is hurting our eyes. Try implementing a new bedtime routine that involves some self-care relaxing activities such as reading, bath a facial, and then bed. Please get lots of rest, if you are feeling tired, you probably should take a nap. we process much information daily, it takes time to process and understand, let your mind rest by unplugging. Make your bedroom more peaceful and luxurious.

Third Self Care Step : Stop Comparing Your self to others

We live in a competitive world, the next time you find yourself comparing yourself to someone who has what you are wanting, be happy for that person, and challenge yourself to think about how you can do that for you. You are special and you are the only you in the world, be kind to yourself.

Fourth Self Care Step: Beauty is In and All-around You

Just know that Beauty starts within You, and it all around you. You have to stop and just take a good look around. Instead of harping on the negative, shift your mindset, and look around you. Everywhere there are beautiful things, nature, leaves, birds trees, the sun… brace all the beauty around you. then look at yourself in the mirror, you are Beautiful. Say it out loud. Here are some positive affirmations to help make you smile!

Fifth Self Care Step : If you Need Guidance, then Seek Guidance

If you need Guidance, then by all means Seek Guidance, it’s healthy.
Not everyone is able to get through the hard times, and that’s ok. if you are struggling just know it’s healthy to chat about it. Put your pride in your pocket and accept the help with gratitude when you need it. Get real and raw with a trusted friend or relative, even a professional, you may learn something new about yourself. Self Care starts with you.


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Final Self Care Bonus Tip & Summary Notes:

Take care of Your Self First

Your Time is Precious. Remember that and be mindful of how you use it.
Counting down until the weekend on a Monday? or even the end of a walk or workout on the treadmill? Learn to be more present and enjoy the moment while it lasts. Parenting got you all stressed out? Get down on the floor, eye to eye with the toddlers, see the world from their perspective… play. Time is precious and they grow up so fast. Be in the moment, and look around you. Be grateful for what you have in your life, job, treadmill, or little ones, whatever makes you smile.

In Summary

Remember when it comes time to understanding “How to Take Care of Yourself First when you have so much to do or so little time. You Must make your alone time a priority, everything else can wait.
Here are our 5 Self Care Tips we mentioned earlier:
Tip #1- Disconnect & Unplug
Tip#2- Sleep, Naps, and Bedtime routines
Tip#3- Stop Comparing Yourself to others.
Tip#4- Beauty is In You and All around you
Tip#5- If you need Guidance, Seek Guidance.
Bonus Tip- Your Time is Precious. Remember that and be Mindful of how you use it.

Self Care Check In Guide

Self Care Reminder: Self Care starts with YOU. You are Beautiful, just the way you are.

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Take Care of Yourself First with our 5 Self Care Tips

5 Self Care Tips
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