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What is Classical Feng Shui?

Today we are going to Quickly discover and understand What is Classical Feng Shui.

The Ancient Chinese Art of Classical Feng Shui lies behind the whole pattern of the Chinese Landscape. I believe this is why there is so much beginner confusion with Feng Shui and the use of the Bagua Map.

Classical Feng Shui
Classical Feng Shui

For today’s mini-lesson we will start with the Question… “What is Classical Feng Shui?”

According to Wikipedia.

Feng Shui is listed as A noun 1. (in Chinese thought) a system of laws considered to govern spatial arrangement and orientation in relation to the flow of energy (qi), and whose favorable or unfavorable effects are taken into account when siting and designing buildings.

 What is Classical Feng Shui  –  Mini-History Lesson

Over 5000 years ago, the Chinese had observed the sky and the stars. They recognized that there is an invisible energy that affects our lives. They called this energy, Qi pronounced Chi.

What is Chi?

Chi is an invisible air like a force of energy, which is vital for sustaining life. In Martial Arts, we call this chi- life force energy.
Air is all around us and if you study Feng Shui you will come to understand that there is positive air and negative air. The positive air is called the Chi. or Qi.
As humans, we are just a small part of the vastness of the cosmic universe.
What is Chi in Classical Feng Shui?
The environment which we share with all creatures on the Earth sustains us and gives us life.
The environment is OUTSIDE our home and everything that surrounds us, which we can around us benefit from it. Your environment is your Feng Shui.
Classical Feng Shui
Classical Feng

What are some Benefits of Classical Feng Shui?

Feng Shui is the understanding of positive and negative energy. It is a balance in the life force. You will see that many people are always looking to tap into the best chi areas of a neighbourhood, or building.

Do they know something we don’t?

Yes! They understand that by allowing only positive energy to flow into their environments, house, or office you can benefit greatly from Prosperous Chi energy. There are many types of Chi energy so you want to be careful as to Tap into Chi also known as the Good Chi.

Here is a bit more information on the different Types of Chi.– a good simple read.  You will be healthy, you will sleep well.

Here is a List of Some Benefits of  Good and Prosperous  Feng Shui or Chi energy in Classical Feng Shui.

  • Your relationship with your spouse, children, relatives, and friends will continue to blossom.
  • Your life will prosper from understanding Feng Shui and how it allows you to live your life in peace and harmony.
  • If you were told that Feng Shui can make you earn a lot of money that would not be true.

Feng Shui is a philosophy and the energy effect of Qi and how we humans can prosper in our environment from the understanding of this force.

There are two Main types of schools teaching Feng Shui.

The first is the “New Age” Feng Shui and the second is the “Classical” Feng Shui.

What is the difference between New Age Feng shui and Classical Feng Shui?

The “New Age” Feng Shui is mostly about the “bagua” and using colors, and placement of the “lucky objects” and the “bagua” mirror. If you place this item here or in your money corner for luck or you place another object in the “Romance and Relationships” corner and you’ll get love etc.  Helpful Bagua tool for you below. However, make sure you use your compass.
CircleofWealth Feng Shui Bagua Tool
Simply put, they don’t use a Compass, they base their predictions by placing the Bagua map on the baseline of each and every house.  They don’t care if South is really south. or north is really North, in my opinion.

What is Classical Feng Shui?

First Step – we use a Compass. Also known as a Lou pan.

How do we use a Compass In Feng Shui?

That is another lesson which you can read about How to take a compass reading right here. It is a very important first step in understanding Feng Shui.
 Don’t you have a compass? Any old compass will do.
Here is my recommendation for you to pick up my fav one here at Amazon, my affiliate link.
Regula Compass
 What LUCK!

The “Classical” Feng Shui is based on the COSMIC TRINITY  which consists of your Heaven Luck, Man luck and Your Earth Luck. 

"Heaven Luck",

“Man Luck” and your “Earth Luck” or Environment Luck which is your Feng Shui.

How Do you do that?

Classical Feng Shui is really about tapping into an invisible force known as Chi or Qi. It is the study of  Chi or Qi that comes from the natural environment and how to benefit from it, you must know that Feng Shui is just a Sector of the Cosmic Trinity of luck.

 Cosmic Trinity 3 types of luck in Feng Shui Circle of Wealth.caa

What are the three types of Luck in Metaphysics?

Each sector of the Cosmic Trinity of Luck all affect our destiny and as you will see after reading my explanation below of each,  that they are all interconnected.

 First We have our Heaven Luck ~ Destiny Defined. 

“Heaven Luck”- Destiny Defined   Heaven Luck simply means we don’t and cannot choose our parents. We cannot choose the country where we were born. We cannot choose being born into a rich family our siblings etc.. If we could, I am
sure we would choose the developed country to be born into. We would choose the
rich family over a poor family, the healthy family over the genetically ill family. Your Talents. Your Potentials. Your Family background. Your Health conditions.  You see that is your destiny luck and everyone has a Destiny, which God decides.

Second, We have our Earth Luck ~ Location Defined. 

Your Earth Luck is Your Feng Shui Earth Luck” Your Location, location, location.  Earth luck is the location of your house, the area you reside, Your External environment. The direction the house is facing. Your home’s surrounding environment. The shape of your house, even your neighbors around you. 
Feng Shui Your Home
Feng Shui Your Home

Your house must be located in a good place, a good province, a good city, a good country, the direction you’re facing when sitting while you work, what direction to face when you sleep to get a positive, not negative Qi or Chi.

Is your home an odd shape? Is it square or a circle, is it triangular or a rectangle.

Positive Qi depends according to some practitioners, the elemental shape of your house.

This is Feng Shui. 🙂

The third and Final type of uck is our Man Luck ~ Choices and Decisions and Actions~ Defined. 

Man/Woman Luck”. Your Actions. That is the luck we receive in what we do, how we do it, and the actions we take doing it.  Your life will change when your mind is changed about your beliefs, education and your aspirations.  This is pertaining to the life choices we make, the paths or opportunities we choose to take, and the people we carry with us. Your Beliefs. Your Inspiration. Your Choice.

To see Chi flow in action check out this post with Dr. Strange…your kids will love it.

Each of these types of Luck will have an effect on you, your home and your Destiny and whether or not you experience good Qi and Positive Qi.

In Conclusion, we have just learned about  What is Classical Feng Shui.

I have hinted at what the basic difference is between the two major schools of Feng Shui, we touched on  What is Chi and the different types of Chi as well as the Major Benefits of using Classical Feng shui in your life.

 What to do now?

Learn more about Feng Shui, understand your options. Let me help you.

 Follow Your Inspiration.

Your Choice. Stay connected & Join Your Circle of Wealth Community today to learn more and have Fun with Classical Feng Shui the easy way.

Originally posted 2018-02-21 11:00:00.

What is Classical Feng Shui?

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