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 How to Take a Compass Reading of Your Home or Business

Are you finished de-cluttering your Home?

After all of the decluttering and clean-up has been done, you are ready to start Feng Shuiing the inside of your home.
CircleofWealth How to take a Feng Shui Compass reading
CircleofWealth How to take a Feng Shui Compass reading

One of the first and most important tasks when doing your own Feng Shui audit or Consultation is the most important and overlooked. It is ” How to perform a compass reading”  of your property or Business.  

When I first started out learning about Feng Shui, I could never figure out where South was, thanks to a lot of misinformation about the different types of Feng Shui. I wasn’t until I studied Classical Feng Shui that I quickly realized how important the Compass was. You with me? I am sure you are here because after many confused applications of following the wrong Feng shui style asking yourself WHICH WAY IS SOUTH???   and Where is the Bagua baseline you too will soon realize that the Compass is your best Friend. 🙂

 *Please note this post has some affiliate links.
It does not have to be a Chinese Lou pan, any normal compass is fine to take a compass reading.


Yes, Of Course, you need a Compass.
This is the first step.
Go to Amazon, or your local dollar store or just use your iPhone, ask your Dad…..or buy a Lou pan.  Did you know that each room in your house affects everyone one in your home
  I have some listed here they are very inexpensive, sometimes you can even pick them up at the Local Dollar store.  I prefer my Loupan, however, any compass is fine for taking basic directions.
Note Good Feng Shui does not have to be expensive or pretty. Danielle ~CircleofWealth~Destiny Defined
This is my Chinese Loupan aka Compass however you do not need to use a Loupan.

Here is a normal camping outdoor compass you would be perfectly fine. What you need is a simple basic and accurate Compass, one that you can purchase and have delivered to your home and start using right away.

Outdoor Hiking Camping Baseplate Compass Map Measure Ruler Tool Here you can find this compass and a few others at our Circle of Wealth~ Feng Shui eStore.*(Affiliate link) 

 So where is my money corner you ask?

Not so fast, you probably have a few in Classical Feng Shui. Let’s start to locate them.

But First, you must learn how to take a compass reading. As this is key and for those of you that know me, nothing frustrates me more than not knowing what direction I am facing.

Besides my advice to you  is if you have a practitioner that thinks top left corner is

Southeast, you should run or Call me. 🙂 You don’t want to go down the Fast Food

Feng Shui Rabbit hole… Right?

Here is your “How to Feng Shui” mini-lesson with a very important first step which is…

How to take and perform the Compass Reading of your property or business.

Magnetic and Geographical north is entirely different. In Feng Shui, we are concerned with obtaining Magnetic North. Once you have this the rest is easy. Don’t worry you’ve got this. Make sure before you begin that you remove your jewelry on hands and wrists and don’t have any metal belt buckles, as this will mess with the accuracy of your compass reading. Stand at least 3-5 feet from your property.

Starting in the middle of the property ( in your opinion)  have your back the property. Hold the compass and waste level take a compass reading, make sure you have a steady hand and write it down.

If the needle is very shaky, then give it a minute to settle down.

Then go to the furthest left side of the building, take a reading and then to the right furthest point, back facing to the property take your last final reading.Upon entering the home I usually take another reading from just inside the main entrance, and then again in the center of the home, inside of the home looking out.

That’s it. Very Easy.

Here are the Steps for How to Perform a Compass Reading, again in summary in checklist version.
  • Remove all jewelry on hands and wrists.
  • Remove metal belt buckles.
  • Stand away from cars or large metal objects.
  • Stand at least 3-5 feet from your property.
  • Hold your compass at waist level and take notice of the needle to where it is pointing and write it down.
  • Position your back square to the property.
  • Take at least 3 readings from different parts of the property.
  • Add the three readings together and divide by three. The remaining number is the degrees you’ll use in your analysis calculation.
  • Remember the main front door is not always the direction the building faces.
  • Also, the compass reading for your home does not change yearly. Just in case you were wondering.

Hope this helps!


 Previously in our How To Feng Shui Mondays mini Series

We learned about the importance of Curb Appeal from the street, and the importance of de-cluttering and allowing the Good Prosperous Sheng Chi finding it’s way to your home, then we implemented a few simple tasks and voila!
After entering your home and your beautified walkway to your home is now clear and inviting.
Since I know you have been following along with me in My How to Feng Shui Series, by now You have allowed the allowance of meandering chi/energy to your welcoming front door / main entrance.   Which is one of the 3 most important areas of your home, we then stepped inside, to the Front Foyer, in Week 4: Inside your Home in Your  Front Foyer.
So that My Friends, is your Mini Lesson on How to take a COMPASS READING TO FENG SHUI  Your Home or Your  Business or your space.


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Feng Shui Mondays: How to take a Compass reading of your Home or Business in Feng Shui.

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