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Do not skip this part, Before you start Manifesting Anything you want,  Get Clear and get specific on your Goals on what you are wanting and ask yourself WHY?

If you are wanting a good education, because your parents want you to have that… is that your Dream or theirs? Good.


Here are My 11 Favorite Ways to Manifesting Anything you Want.


1. Visualization & Future Scripting

– Imagine yourself having it, Feel it/ See it/ Done. Write it down! for example,” I am enjoying my successful and healthy lifestyle.”


I am Loved


2. Affirmations – start with I AM 

Using the Incantations with loud energy, start your Positive daily affirmations with I am, eg I am wealthy, I am Powerful, I am Beautiful. You get the picture. Write down your favs and place them on the bathroom mirror.  
Learn More about my  Favorite  Affirmations here. 

3. Scripting

Write your Future Movie featuring you. Who is She? What is She doing differently than you? What brings her Joy?

Next Step... to manifesting anything you want...

5.  Focus on thought- gain Momentum With Just 17 Seconds. 

According to Abraham-Hicks, 17 seconds of pure thought is the ignition point of manifesting. If you hold a thought for 17 seconds, you set in motion that manifestation. The purpose behind this rule is to get you to think purely for 17 seconds, and to have that desire become stronger until it reaches 68 seconds.

*TRY THIS! _ This is a fun game to play in the car with the kids. Try looking for that Green Motorcycle or Yellow Lambo on your next road trip. I betcha the kids will see their manifestations before you do. Email me here if that happens I would love to hear from you. Have fun! 🙂 

Next Step... to manifesting anything you want...

Be Bold Be Beautiful Be You

6. Acting as IF-or Fake it Til you Make it!

Acting “as if” affords clients the opportunity to enact alternative or preferred outcomes and possibly restory oppressive aspects of their personal metanarrative (or “style of life” in Adlerian parlance)

The 3 step act as if technique
  1. Step 1: Become aware of your thoughts, feelings, and emotions. The first stage of acting as if is becoming self aware and getting to know your feelings, thoughts and emotions. …
  2. Step 2: Align your actions with your desires. …
  3. Step 3: Let go.

Go ahead and Put forth inspired actions as if already in your desired reality, feel it, and fake it til you make it!

Lawof Attraction Vision Board & manifestation Workbook

7. Write a Letter to the Universe

capture those emotions & write a letter using our letter to the universe printable in our Manifest your Dreams workbook.   Remember, if you don’t Ask you don’t get. You can  or click the button below.  

i am grateful for you gratitude journal

8.  Gratitude Hour

If you spend 30 – 60 minutes just being grateful, writing in your gratitude journal 

i am grateful for you gratitude journal

9. Rampage of Appreciation 

this is my ultimate Favorite! 

I would start with a fresh page in my gratitude journal, and start writing out everything, even if it is something I take for granted, like the air that I breathe, or the sun shining, or that ability to get out of bed, my kids etc.. and just go on and starting with I appreciate… 

Learn More Here and  here.    

10. Set Your Fun little Reminders… for Your-Self Daily 

Just ask Siri or Google Home  Assistant for some help with this one,

Set Smartphone Ques – remind yourself Daily – to work on your Breathwork/ Meditation/Affirmations,,
 or times for your  SELF CARE.

Set the times to be at an auspicious time like 11:11 or at 2:22! 

Have Fun!  

11. Tapping into Your Stillness

In order to tap into your stillness, you just need to set a timer for 5 minutes and get Still. Listen to what comes into your mind. with intention ask for what you are wanting to manifest. Listen…you may find your answer in that next little idea that comes to you. 

TIP: the best place i find to practice this is in the shower. 🙂 Just sayin.  

Your Action Steps & Reminders: 


When you are asking the Universe for what you want, make sure you are not coming from a place of Lack.
What does that mean??? It means … you need to remember that you are a match to the vibration of what you want. 

I already feel to match what I already have. 

 When scripting or journaling, don’t think I really really hope, I get this or the desire to win the money from the lottery. You must feel it as if you already have it, or already are wealthy

In order to Manifest what you want, you manifest what you are, therefore acting as if! Is key. 

You become what you are, so treat yourself like Royalty!

Date and Time Stamp 

Put a date and time stamp on your Goals. Someday is not on the calendar,

You must select a deadline for your Goals. 

Here is mine, I will achieve my Astin Martin on or before March 20th, 2026, and don’t forget to put the year. 

Emotion- is energy in motion.

So if you would like to manifest quickly, get excited about it..or get mad or whatever Emotion drives you to do something about it. 

Light your fire under your butt and Just do it!

Feel that? Good you attract what you feel, so get into it.

My 11 Favourite Ways to Manifesting Anything you Want.

So Pin this for later, if you like it , or email me to let me know what manifesting technique is your favorite go-to, or tell me what is your Goal that you are wanting to attract? I’d love to hear from you!

11 Quick tips on How to Manifest anything you want

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