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Feng Shui Mondays: How to Feng Shui Your Front Foyer and Main Entrance

How to impact yourself with a wonderful greeting every day when you reach home with a little common sense and some feng shui tips for your Main Entrance.

How to Feng Shui Mondays | How to Feng Shui Your Front Foyer and Main Entrance

Are you looking to Feng shui your front door or the main entrance to your home? Today our entrances to our homes have many purposes and much pressure to perform well, be functional, deal with keeping stuff that enters the home organized, as well as look great nd welcome our friends, unexpected guest and family.

Having moved from a small condo to a Bungalow, to a two-story to a back-facing townhouse, I TOTALLY understand the frustrations with dealing with the first thing you see when you get home…Your  Front Foyer! 

And If it’s small and a mess this dictates how you feel when you come home. 

Your Home should be where you rest & relax and rejuvenate your self, eat and let your hair down.

So why doesn’t it reflect that?

Let’s take a look.

Here is a little bit of Feng Shui you can implement right away in your Front Foyer or Main Entrance.

Feng Shui your Front Foyer


Sometimes this is not always the most welcoming area that I enjoy coming home to. Today I am going to help you fix up your front foyer or Main Entrance, and make it your Special little welcome home area you can’t wait to come home to!

For Today’s Lesson

Are you Ready?For How to Feng Shui MOnMondays are going to Focus on Your Front FOyer or whatever you Use in your home as YOur Main Entrance. No Judgement, I use my back door.


I have learned that in Feng shui the first point of entry to your home for you and for good energy is the main entrance you use to enter your home.

This is sometimes a side door, door off the garage, the front main entrance or in my case the back door.

I know right?

Let’s face it, in today’s fast-paced lifestyle, we use whatever is more convenient and closest to the driveway or in Feng Shui whichever door we know has better Good Feng Shui luck!

The First Step | Clean up the place by tidying.

As soon as you walk into your home what do you see?  Is it welcoming?
Let’s start with a quick tidy. Grab a laundry basket and toss everything into it and move it to the dining room or another area of the house.

*You will have to come back to this later on and cherry pick what belongs back to your new special area. 

The Second Step | Clean up the place Literally.

Yup go and Give the entrance area a good quick sweep and mop and quick cleaning. Now you are ready to go!

You are going to set up a little special touch-down area for you to place your purse, keys, grocery bag, gloves, etc for when you first enter your home.

Feng Shui Tip~remember your purse is your Money, please don’t place this on the floor.

You will call this little special touch-down area your personal landing zone! 

This will be a little table, a chair, a shelf on a bookshelf even, be creative and use what you have available for now.

Once you have set this up it defines the area. Keeps it neat and tidy and gives you a peace of mind when you arrive home.

Do you lack creativity and need some quick inspiration?

 I have created an entire board on Pinterest which you can access here that has all my small front foyer inspirational ideas.

The Pinterest Board is called Foyers and Front Entrances l Small Foyers. 

There is something for everyone there, Big or small, whether you are living in a rental home or an apartment or a condo,


Now for the fun part!

The Final Step | Decorate the place Beautifully with some Functionality.

Did you complete the quick tidy? Check!

Did you remove all the clutter? Check!

Did you clean sweep mop?Check!

Great Job! You can always come back to this once your design idea is implemented. 🙂 

How to Feng Shui Your Front Foyer and Main Entrance?

Now it’s time to implement some of that inspiration from the Pinterest board into your home. Pick that area, define and use any of the following tools to help you set up your personal landing zone!

Why and How does this Help me?

And while there are many items that could be useful in small entryways, the following items are always helpful for keeping them organized, tidy, and reminds others to put things back into their home and looking good!

Here is the helpful list of items to implement into your Entryway or Main Foyer to add some functionality to your Beautiful space. 

(I’ve added some affiliate links)

Wall Hooks

 Don’t Forget the Baskets, these are wonderful even in the kids bedrooms or as a pick up your CRAP !!!I mean Stuff box off my floor and put it on the stairs for when they happen to be passing by to carry it into their rooms…Anyone else?

Baskets and bins

How to Feng Shui Your Front Foyer and Main Entrance?

We collect the chi and the Good energy that arrives at your Home, the same way you greet a guest, with a nice cozy welcoming area for it to circulate, make itself at home. Just like you want to be treated.

You could add a small desk like a landing zone for your purse, keys, and receipts. Mini Command Center.  Remember how do you handle your money? here. 

Pay Attention to How you Handle your Money every day. 

Wealth and Prosperity Tips

Click any of these links to read my thoughts on Money.

Feng Shui Tip~remember your purse is your Money, please don’t place this on the floor.

Be Sure to add a Bench or Chair can be used as the landing zone flat surface and/place to sit

How to Feng Shui Your Front Foyer and Main Entrance?

Here are some other accessories that you may like to add some flair to your new Beautiful Foyer or Front entrance or Side entryway.

  1. Bench or Chair can be used as the landing zone flat surface and/place to sit
  2. Mirror (please be careful to reflect good energy and not facing the door)
  3. Bowl/tray or dish for coins & pesky receipts
  4. Place for your keys (this could be gorgeous blue ceramic bowl or tray/silver platter if you need to add metal element) or if you have wall space hang a key rack with some hooks.
  5. A flat basket/tray for mail and a Boot tray on a Beautiful rug.
  6. Give everything a place in your home.

32″ Hall Console Accent Table, Black/White

32" Hall Console Accent Table, Black/White

Umbrella stand, or a Coat rack to add some more functionality, and keep things off the floor.

Shoe rack or boot tray (seasonal)

Make sure that you have a place to sit and take off your shoes closeby.

I have a wicker basket on the floor for any hats/gloves for the kids~just saying!

Do you have a closet nearby to hang up all coats jackets?

If not use a coat rack or hang up some hooks. Change out the contents of your front closet seasonally and store items you won’t use elsewhere.

In Conclusion, To understand How to Feng Shui Your Front Foyer and Main Entrance.


You need to invite the chi into a clean, functional and welcoming environment.

How’s that?

Now for the Finishing touches…

Find a nice smiling picture of a loved one that you would like to greet you each time you arrive at home. This could be a beautifully framed family photo, or a portrait of your living pet, or your sexy spouse!

Whatever makes you smile! Frame it! and place it here, in your main entrance. No Room to have it here you could Hang it on the wall so it is in eyesight or place it on your newly created special little LANDING ZONE if there is room.

Also, another nice touch is to place some nice fresh flowers or a plant here.

Feng Shui Mondays: How to Feng Shui Your Front Foyer and Main Entrance, I have created this guide below, let me know how it works out.

I’m happy to help.

Now you are ready to start the Feng Shui process.

Here’s How.

Smile! and Congratulations to you.

You did it!

Did this help you?

I hope you enjoyed this article on Feng Shui Mondays: How to Feng Shui Your Front Foyer and Main Entrance and remember to share it with your friends~because Sharing is caring!

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