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If you are suffering from your Closet Bursting at the Seams, then you need to know How to Feng Shui Your Closet.

I found this today and it made me laugh, at myself really. You see our closet is so FULL, it is actually falling out of the wall, No joke apparently the previous homeowners did not use a stud finder when installing the closet shelves and racks. I just thought we had too much clothing.
Feng Shui Your Closet
Which we apparently do and now our Closet is just bursting at the seams. I counted over 35 pairs of jeans for my hubby!
 Time to Purge!
Let’s face it we all have those items lurking in our closets taking up huge amounts of space, that we no longer love, cherish or perhaps even fit into…Or maybe someone gave them to us…. so they hold onto the article of clothing as it holds sentimental value,  but it’s so ugly not even my kids would wear them?

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Time to Purge that Closet!

Time to Purge! Circle ofWealth~ Destiny Defined | QUOTES
Photo Credit: Someecards

Here is A simple Checklist for you to download on How to  Feng Shui and Organize Your Closet.

    • Edit your wardrobe. Take a look at your clothes and assess what you wear most, least, or not at all. …
    • Decide what to store.
    • Organize hanging garments by type and color. …
    • Hangers, Choose the right hanger that does not Damage or pull your tops, dresses or jackets or slide off….




    • Set up zones by How you Dress for Success
    • Set up zones for Him
    • Set Up Zones for Her
    • Set Up Zones By Designer
    • Set up Zone By Colors,  Light to Dark
    • Set Up Seasonal Sections for those Winter Wooly Sweaters
    • Set up a Seasonal Vacation Place for those Bathing Suits.
    • Zones give you and your Closet respect and Boundaries, believe me, you need this.

Why Do we need Zones and Boundaries in Our Feng Shui Closet?

    • Everything Needs a Home or a place.
    • It will get put away when washed
    • It will ensure you know where to find it
    • USE Labels! for a subtle reminder. You can get fancy or simple with labels… Please note I’ve tried everything and yes sticky notes fall off, just sayin’.

Hate Folding?

Invest in some brackets or perhaps a Closet organization system like  Easy Closets (use my affiliate link for a nice discount)   

TIP! Take Out all the kids artwork and other pieces of Miscellaneous Momentos, wedding invitations, receipts, etc that we like to keep in that top drawer and move them out of your closet or bedroom to the office.

Continue sorting your Closet by Colour or Usage or Season or whatever you wear the most often, Feng Shui makes sense it doesn’t have to be pretty but deep down inside you should feel good.

Having an Organized neat and tidy closet helps you get ready faster in the morning making you more Productive and that is Great Feng Shui!

Here are some more tips to help you Feng Shui your Closet:

    1. Arrange folded items.
    2. Treat Your Undies like royalty FOLD them. You never know how good it feels until you fold them up. ( I recently started doing this and Oh I love it! ) 🎀 Bows in the front, please.🎀🎀🎀
    3. Get a garment bag.
    4. Deal with dry-cleaning- use a dry cleaning a bag.
    5. Don’t store items under your bed, unless they are extra blankets in a protected bag.
      Why? Because Chi has to flow under your bed. For those wondering what the heck is Chi, you can check out this article here!


In Conclusion- The Key to learning how to Feng Shui your Closet is by De-cluttering your Closet and purging all the things you have in there that no longer serve you.


Simply put, unless your closet is an entire room full of clothes and accessories, then you need to go back to my first sentence and purge.

Sorry, not Sorry.

Danielle's Feng Shui Tip:

Clutter clogs the mind so in order to have good Feng Shui you have to declutter, then clean, organize and repeat.

Share this with someone you know who needs to deal with their clutter...Comment below and let me know how it went.

Perhaps enlisting a friend or professional to help or closet organization system could be a great helpful gift.

Happy Feng Shuiing!

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