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 Do you know how to Meditate Like a Buddhist?

I never knew, nor did I make the time until I met a special lady that taught me How to Take 8 minutes for myself on a regular basis to meditate like a Buddhist.

It’s the best 8 minutes of my life every day.

 Let me Show You How.

In Buddhism, meditation is used to Calm and Control the Mind. It is essential to break the cycle of suffering and attain enlightenment.

Do you know how to Meditate Like a Buddhist?

Here are your Instructions How to Meditate Like a Buddhist.


    • 1| Choose a quiet area in your home or outside where you are unlikely to be disturbed. Learn how to set up a Meditation space in your home by following my instructions here. 
    • 2| Sit in an upright, comfortable position with your spine straight. In traditional Buddhist breath meditation, individuals sit on the floor in a lotus position. If this is not possible, you may sit in a chair or on the floor in a cross-legged position.
    • 3| Close your eyes and begin taking slow, deep breaths, bringing your attention to your breathing. Focus your mind on your breath in Buddhist breath meditation.
    • 4| Begin counting, starting with the number one as your breath in and two as you breathe out. Try to banish all other thoughts, instead only concentrating on the number and your breath.
    • 5| Continue counting your breaths until you reach 10. If at any time, your mind wanders — simply start back at number one.
    • 6| Count backward once you reach 10 until you have returned to one. The goal is to concentrate on your breath as you count to 10 and back down to one again.
    • 7| Continue this Buddhist meditation practice until you can focus strictly on counting your breaths for 15 minutes without any intrusive thoughts. At that point, try to practice Buddhist meditation breathing without counting and simply focusing on your breath.

      That’s it.


      Congratulations, You now know how to Meditate Like a Buddhist!

      Practice and Focus Clear your mind, it takes practice.
      The most important thing is to relax.

      See Relax Feng Shui and repeat!

      That’s my motto!

      Have fun and enjoy your day.


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