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Today we will learn How to Create A Feng Shui Money Bowl 

Creating a Feng Shui money bowl can be a fun and meaningful way to attract wealth and abundance into your life. The money bowl is believed to harness positive energy and serve as a symbolic representation of prosperity.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to creating your own Feng Shui money bowl:


  1. Select a suitable bowl: Choose a bowl that you find aesthetically pleasing and that symbolizes abundance to you. It can be made of ceramic, porcelain, metal, or any material that resonates with you.


  1. Cleanse the bowl: Before starting, cleanse the bowl to remove any negative energy it may have accumulated. You can do this by washing it with warm soapy water or wiping it with a cloth dampened in a solution of saltwater.


  1. Choose auspicious items: Fill the bowl with items that represent wealth, abundance, and good fortune.Here are some traditional Feng Shui symbols to consider:

   – Money: Include real or replica currency from different countries, such as coins or paper money, to symbolize financial abundance.

   – Gemstones: Select gemstones associated with wealth and prosperity, such as citrine, pyrite, or jade. Place them in the bowl to attract positive energy.

   – Crystals: Clear quartz crystals or amethyst crystals are often used to amplify and attract positive energy. You can add a few of these to enhance the energy of your money bowl.

   – Wealth symbols: Look for small figurines or symbols associated with wealth, such as a miniature ship, a golden ingot, or a three-legged toad (a traditional Chinese symbol of prosperity).

   – Natural elements: Add elements from nature, such as seashells or smooth river rocks, to represent the Earth’s abundance.

how-to-create-a-feng-shui-money-bowl by CircleofWealth

  1. Arrange the items: Place the items in the bowl with intention and care. You can arrange them in a way that is visually pleasing to you, or you can follow traditional Feng Shui guidelines, such as arranging the coins in a circular pattern to symbolize continuous wealth.


  1. Add auspicious colors: Consider incorporating colors that are associated with wealth and abundance. Red, gold, purple, and green are commonly used in Feng Shui to attract prosperity. You can include elements in these colors, such as ribbons or fabric, to enhance the energy of the money bowl.


  1. Position the money bowl: Find a suitable location for your money bowl. It is often recommended to place it in the wealth corner of your home or office, which is the southeast corner based on the Bagua map in Feng Shui. If you’re unsure about the wealth corner, you can place it in an area where you spend a lot of time or somewhere you frequently see it to remind you of your financial goals.


  1. Activate the energy: Once the money bowl is set up, activate its energy by visualizing your intentions and desires for financial abundance. You can also say affirmations or prayers related to wealth and prosperity while focusing on the bowl.


  1. Maintenance and care: Regularly dust and clean the money bowl to keep it in good condition. You may also want to periodically refresh the items in the bowl or add new ones to maintain the energy of abundance.

That my friends, is How to Create A Feng Shui Money Bowl …or you can use a Vase or even a Ginger Jar. 

Remember, while a money bowl can serve as a powerful symbol and reminder of your financial goals, it’s important to take practical actions and make sound financial decisions to support your journey to wealth.

now go and place it somewhere near the door but not visible to the door. Make sense?

No? it’s to allow the chi to come into the bowl, yet prevent others from Robbing your money in your bowl. 🙂

You’re Welcome!

Happy FengShuiing!

Originally posted 2023-07-02 15:47:52.

How to Create A Feng Shui Money Bowl 

How to make a Money Wealth Bowl
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