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    If you like to get into your Zen zone during the day, this DIY (do-it-yourself) miniature Zen garden can help.

    How to Create your Own Mini Zen Garden

    How to Create your Mini Zen Garden Tutorial How to Create your Own Mini Zen Garden


    I find it a nice relaxing and calming activity that usually accelerates my creative thought process. As a mini Zen Garden can evoke feelings of tranquility, calmness, and peace Serenity.  It usually consists of just a few natural elements like fine gravel or white decor sand and a  few river rocks like these are what I used.


    If you like to get into your Zen zone during the day, my  DIY (do-it-yourself) miniature Zen garden can help.

    *Please note this post contains affiliate links to my online store in case you would like to order the products that I personally recommend for this project. I am so excited to share this with you today.  Read my full disclaimer here.

    How to Create your Own Mini Zen Garden

    Not Feeling it?

     Here is a pre-made Miniature Zen Garden From Amazon the Perfect gift for Busy People. Hence why you may need one. Just sayin’. 

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    Zen Garden already done for you

    Or This One

    Min Zen garden Buddah with Rocks and Incense Burner

    Did you know the purpose of your own Feng Shui Mini Zen Garden or Japanese rock garden is?

    It helps you have something symbolic to admire, as a focal point, that will help de-stress and relax you when you need a breather from your daily life, or daily stress, or perhaps you need some calming clarity or you are just suffering from pure boredom?

    Here is my recipe called “How to create your own Feng Shui Mini Zen Garden”

    Creating your own Mini Zen Garden is super easy.


    You shouldn’t have to go out and buy anything since all the supplies are things you probably have in or around your home. I like the idea of using an old picture frame to house your garden. You can even add some special seashells or tiny air plants or succulents to give it a personal touch.

    You can create your own little mini zen place of peace, and keep it right on top of your desk or perhaps your coffee table in your living room.

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    The Pig is the twelfth of all zodiac animals. According to one myth, the Jade Emperor said the order would be decided by the order in which they arrived to his party. Pig was late because he overslept. Another story says that a wolf destroyed his house. He had to rebuild his home before he could set off. When he arrived, he was the last one and could only take twelfth place.

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