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Does your home affect your Health and well being of your Entire Family?

I know that when I come Home to A Messy House with clutter or shoes or jackets and lunch bags and backpacks are thrown on the floor,  everywhere I feel …pretty sick to my stomach. You?

I go through the Emotional Guidance scale in 60 seconds or less, I go from happy to be home to the overwhelmed phase (#11) in the middle of the Scale straight to the Bottom of powerlessness.

This is your Health and Well Being it starts with you and How you are feeling, once you have that figured out you can then affect or help the Health and wellness of your entire family in your household.

That is Law of Attraction. Here is the scale for you to download.
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The emotional Guidance Scale

So I ask you, Does Your Home Affect your Health and well being of your Entire Family?

Ok, Maybe it’s just you. Just Kidding, Yes, Of course, it does.

Health and Wellness in Feng Shui

Here is how the Health of the home, otherwise known as your Home’s Feng Shui , affects the Health and well being or you and you entire family, even if they don’t Believe in Feng Shui. Even your Dog, Cat and pets..

Health of the Home  Affects the Health and well being of your Entire Family

As you are learning all about Feng Shui and the Law of Attraction, you will learn that your home is a powerful energy attractor that may or may not be serving what it is we truly want to bring into our experience. By learning how to identify and work with these energy centers in our homes, we can become conscious co-creators of our lives.

In the Western School of Feng Shui, the Bagua translated means eight trigrams. These trigrams refer to important areas of our lives such as wealth, health, love, career, self-cultivation, fame, creativity, helpful people, etc.

So it makes sense that Your Health and the health area of your Family home will affect you according to Feng Shui and Law of Attraction.

Can I go Deeper? In Classical Feng Shui the areas of the Body are represented by each body part on the map, .Using a Compass.

  • Fire – heart, small intestine, blood vessels, tongue, circulation
  • Earth – spleen, pancreas, stomach, muscles, digestion
  • Metal – lung, head, brain, large intestine, skin, nose, thyroid, mucus, respiration
  • Water – kidney, bladder, reproductive system, bones, teeth, ears, adrenals, gonads, elimination
  • Wood – liver, gallbladder, tendons, ligaments, eyes, purification

Illness relating to internal elemental imbalances represent your personal predispositions based on heredity and destiny.

How Does Your home affect your Health and well being of your Entire Family? 

Your physical body is made up of the same base elements which make up planet earth: fire, earth, metal, water & wood. This is your physical affinity with planet earth. Your homeopath uses substances which are of the element your body needs to create balance within your body. Sickness is really an internal imbalance of elements. All physical and emotional states are connected with these base elements.

Another Factor that Affects the Health of the Loved Ones in your Home is their Personal Earthly Branch Sector

Every person born on planet earth relate to a specific location around the 360-degree compass. There are 12 earthly branches which represent the month in which you were born.

the most important room in your home the kitchen

Health of the Home  Affects the Health and well being of your Entire Family

Feng Shui addresses the subtle things in our environment that wear on us over time and bring our chi (energy) down. Examples might be clutter piles, the sharp-edged furniture that can injure, plants dying or limping along, objects from past relationships that bring us down, disempowering or disturbing art, heavy objects like beams or ceiling fans overhead create a feeling of being unsafe. Beds and key pieces of furniture placed with our backs to the door will also create a feeling of disempowerment. Highly manufactured products like plastics and synthetics not only pose health issues because of the out-gassing but will also carry a denser vibration.

Once we clear our space of the things that are depleting our chi or energy we bring in objects that enhance it. Pictures and fabrics depicting nature and especially live plants and trees will always raise the energy. Bring in objects you love such as shells from favorite beaches, palms, and orchids that remind you of Hawaii, inspiring nature photos that uplift. The more passionately you feel about these environmental affirmations the more chi they will generate for you.

I hope you have learned a little bit more on how to locate, activate and enhance the Health and Family areas of your home, Classically speaking.

Circle of Wealth ~Health and Family & Destiny Defined

How often do we leave laundry baskets in our master bedroom, that is to be put away later, only later your just too tired? Perhaps tomorrow, then tomorrow comes and goes or you get distracted?

Top 10 FREE FENG SHUI TIps for your home

SQUIRREL? LOL  Just kidding, however, the message is clear here, if the laundry baskets make you too tired to put them away today, imagine tomorrow how you will feel if they are still sitting there?
This is directly affecting your health, is it not?


Your Best Sleeping Direction is determined by your Ming GUA NumberWHAT’S WRONG WITH YOUR LOVE CHI?


The Master Bedroom –   Get more sleep by creating a wonderful place to rest your head at night.

It’s preferable to choose a bedroom that’s located away from the noisy street. From a feng shui perspective, the best position for your bed is in the back corner of the room, diagonally opposite from the door.  This site provides grounding because of the solid wall behind the bed, the expanded view of the room and door, and protection from fast moving energy entering the space.  Also, if possible, refrain from watching television before bed as it drains your energy. The violence and negative news can be absorbed into your subconscious and may cause bad dreams.

Feng Shui Reminder that Your Health issues stem from lack of sleep, quality of sleep, the location of sleep and direction of our sleep.

Did you know that one of the 3 most important rooms in your home is the Master bedroom?



Here is a Good Read on the Master Bedroom and how to get your Sexy back. Have Fun! Spoiler alert It’s PG rated.

 15 tips to bring sexy back into the Master Bedroo

More History about Classical Feng Shui –

Contrary to popular belief, ancient civilizations of the far east had a much deeper understanding of the workings of our universe than modern history books describe. The earliest written texts on Classical Fengshui date back to 3000 B.C.; prior to this, all knowledge of the interaction between heaven and earth was passed down through the generations by word of mouth and only to select individuals. This knowledge base was originally known as Kan Yu and The Bedroom Most important Room in your house.The Bedroom Most important Room in your house.The Bedroom Most important Room in your house.later became relabelled Fengshui. The modern schools of Fengshui (New Age Feng Shui); which reached the western society during the 1990’s is an altered and falsified version of the classical school and should never be used.

Classical Feng Shui
Classical Feng Shui
 Classical Fengshui has nothing to do with spirituality, religion, interior design, color schemes, Chinese decorations, Chinese culture, luck, dragons, symbolic pictures, magical trinkets, mirror placements, money trees, lucky toads, and the list goes on…

Classical Fengshui only deals with the natural energy forces that are part of planet earth. Although earth energies are invisible, they are trackable and predictable since they follow cyclic patterns and comply, for the most part, with the known laws of physics.

IN CONCLUSION: Does your home affect your Health and well being of your Entire Family?

 So, what I am trying to say is that your Feng Shui of your home affects your health and the well-being of your entire family. It is like an orchestra, which must play in sync with your home and body and well-being. Think about this, amazingly, if you’re too tired to put stuff away, like the laundry basket for example, then depression or illness sets in, then time off work to go to the doctor, which affects your wealth, health, relationships and the entire family or household.
If you were a looking at your home with Feng Shui vision, you would realize that a Tidy home is a  healthy home.


So get up, walk around and do something about it.  turn on your Kitchen Timer for 15 minutes to start with the laundry baskets, one at a time, empty them into the room that they belong in, or take small handfuls, and place into the drawers. Purge, Dust Clean.

You don’t want all the trash and junk blocking energy from freely moving throughout your home, just as you wouldn’t want cholesterol and calcification deposits to block blood from moving through your arteries and veins.

If all else fails in Feng Shui please do try to keep the house clutter-free as this is the most effective and lowest cost thing you can do for your health.

Do this before adding any elements and colors to your Health Gua and before you even think about boosting the other areas of the Bagua, regardless of how much you desire to improve other areas of your life like wealth or fertility.

Get moving!!
 You will feel so much better and your home and family will thank you for it!
Remember… The Greatest Wealth is Health! without it, you can’t help anyone else.

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Feng Shui Your Home
Feng Shui Your Home



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Does your home affect your Health and well being of your Entire Family?

Health and Wellness in Feng Shui
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