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Days of Feng Shui: Mondays ~ One of the most important rooms in the house the kitchen

Days of Feng Shui: Mondays ~ One of the most important rooms in the house is The Kitchen when it comes to Feng Shui.

Here is a little bit of How to Feng Shui that you can implement right away for Prosperity and Good Chi for One of the most important rooms in the house.

At Circle of Wealth we cover alot of information. In A Hurry Here is what we cover. Scroll down to the end to get the kitchen feng shui tips.

A couple of,  “How to Feng Shui Mondays” ago… we learned about the Cosmic Trinity of  Feng Shui and how it affects us in our daily lives,

In case you missed that mini-lesson you can read about the History and my explanation for Feng Shui here.

The article was called “What is Feng Shui?” I hope you found it helpful as I know how Feng Shui can sometimes be very confusing.

CircleofWealth How to take a Feng Shui Compass reading
CircleofWealth How to take a Feng Shui Compass reading

*Feng Shui Tip:  When I first started out in Feng Shui, back in 1998, I could never figure out where the South was, thanks to a lot of misinformation and the many schools teaching about different types of Feng Shui. Until I studied Classical Feng Shui and Learned that the lou pan, or Compass is your best Friend. 🙂

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My Second Choice Compass

My Regular keep in your Purse or knapsack kinda Favorite compass.

Here is what we learned from Previous How to Feng Shui Mondays Series.

  1. Now that we’ve curbed the Curb Appeal from the street-view, beautified the walkway to your home that which is now clear and inviting and has allowed the allowance of meandering chi/energy to your welcoming front door / main entrance.   
  2. Then we learned about the Curb Appeal from the street, and the importance of the Good Chi finding it’s way to your home, then we implemented a few simple tasks and voila!

Days of Feng Shui: Mondays ~ One of the most important rooms in the house is The Kitchen is one of the most important Rooms in the house when it comes to Feng Shui.

Which is one of the 3 most important areas of your home, we then stepped inside, to the Front Foyer, in Week 4: Inside your Home in Your  Front Foyer.

To recap the 3 most important living areas of your home are :

1) the Front Door,

2) the Master Bedroom and

3) the Kitchen.


Let’s move on to the Kitchen, the heart of every home, it multitasks like the best of us and plays a very important role according to your Overall Feng shui of your Home.

So for today’s Feng Shui Mini Lesson, we are going to focus on 2nd most important room in the home, which is your Kitchen.

The first and most important aspect in Feng Shui, Kitchen is regarding the stove is its location in the Bagua map of your home.

You see the stove represents the fire feng shui element, it is best to have it in a kitchen location that is compatible with, or is not damaged by its fire energy.

But having said that, you can always add elements to your kitchen to suppress the energy or increase as need by your feng shui.

Fire Element in Feng Shui

Days of Feng Shui: Mondays ~ One of the most important rooms in the house is The Kitchen is one of the most important Rooms in the house when it comes to Feng Shui. is the…

 Your Kitchen

Your kitchen is the feng shui part of the home that nourishes and sustains life. With regards to the Five elements, the Kitchen represents the Feng shui energy of Fire, this can be used to suppress negative Chi.  Because the Kitchen is a highly active area, where we congregate on a daily basis, it is always activated, especially when we snack and prepare our meals, do our homework, watch tv, and entertain while washing the dishes. Important to keep clean of lingering smells, and trash.

So, changing the floor plan is not something we can implement today, so let’s move on shall we?

I have created a short list of basic things you can do right away to get that Kitchen in a better position. If you have already a clean slate to work with then you are good to go.

Use your stove daily, alternating the burner you use, instead of always using the front one on the right. Right? I do that too.

Your Kitchen

Your Kitchen– please only spend 15 -25 minutes in here and set a timer.

Here is what you need to do:

Dishes| get those dishes cleaned (enlist a helper if there is a lot) as you never know when guests are coming! If you are ready~ they will come.

Stove | Clean the stove (if you are really ambitious you can spray your empty oven with some oven cleaner, and wipe it clean after 30 mins)

Floor| do a quick sweep or vacuum, then and run the mop over it. NO time Use a towel on your feet with some soap and water.

Your Kitchen table| Dining or Eat-in table,  make sure this is clean, set for enough people in your family or perhaps an additional person to join in and place a fruit bowl of lemons or oranges, even small floral arrangement in the center. Wipe down all the legs. Ensure that everyone seated will be comfortable, with ample room to eat and enjoy.

  Trash| Make sure when you are done cleaning to take out the trash.– Done. easy peasy!

 Now that your Kitchen is clean you can address any Feng Shui issues and concerns, if possible.

Like any piece of real –estate will look at your Location, location, Location for the Kitchen.

The proper kitchen positioning in positive environmental factors, favorable sector (Palace) and with the right structure. As always, the stove remains a pivotal point in a kitchen, to ensure it is placed in a crucial and suitable location.

feng shui your kitchen

1|The Centre of the Home is Not Suitable for your Kitchen.

The Kitchen location in the Center of your Home is a Big Feng Shui No No!

Why? Because the middle section of your property is where the “heart” resides. Placing your kitchen which is Fire element, will, metaphorically, burn the heart of the house!  As we say, “fire attacks the heart”.  Be extra careful if your Kitchen is located in the center of your home,  as it has the ability to bring down the luck of all the occupants of the house, causing long-term and minor health issues or problems as it can create instability, to all occupants.

the sink and stove clash in the kitchen feng shui

image source

Days of Feng Shui: Mondays ~ One of the most important rooms in the house is The Kitchen is one of the most important Rooms in the house when it comes to Feng Shui.

2|The Sink and Stove Clash, is Not Suitable for your Kitchen.

Kitchen sink located next to the stove or directly opposite one another, though convenient is considered Bad Feng Shui as it is a clash of Fire and Water elements.

This Clash brings about negative consequences to the health of the residents.

Here is How to Remedy that Fire and water clash in your Kitchen.

Ensure a significant gap of one to two feet is allocated between the sink and the stove.

If your Kitchen sink is facing the stove, try to place a console or an island in between to act as a deflector.

If there is no space for an island in between, you can place a green rug. s no space, place a green rug.

 Today you see many modern homes designed nicely, however Feng Shui is all about the right place at the right time, it doesn’t have to look Pretty.  tweet that!


I always say,  Location first and direction second.-dkhan

3|The Centre Island for the Stove, is Not Suitable for your Kitchen.

Ideally, the stove should be placed firmly against solid walls. Though trendy and attractive, stove in the middle of the kitchen will expose it to Chi from various angles, making it extra vulnerable to Sha Chi. As a result, food prepared in this arrangement will be affected, with the health of the occupants as a dire consequence.

kitchen Island feng shui

image source

4|The Door Opens Directly onto the Kitchen Stove, this is Not Suitable for your Kitchen.

Be mindful of stoves located in this position, as it will be hit by a rush of Chi from the door, afflicting the quality of food prepared therewith Sha Chi. If this feature is prevalent in your kitchen, diffuse it by relocating the door or the stove to another area to avoid exacerbating the negative energies there.

Remember, your health is your wealth~ if your health is affected, your wealth will likely take a turn for the worse as well.

Wealth and Prosperity Tips

Ideally, the Kitchen consists of Stove, (represents Fire element, the Kitchen sink, represents the water element and refrigerator, big chunk of metal. but don’t focus on that appliance.

Days of Feng Shui: Mondays ~ One of the most important rooms in the house the kitchen

Ancient Chinese Feng Shui only concern themselves with the location of the Stove as this represents your wealth in Feng Shui.

So if you have your Kitchen in the wrong location, it’s ok.

We look at the direction in which your Stove’s or oven door opens up to.

For example. If you have your Oven door opening up and almost touching the back door of your house. This is not good. I would move the Stove, if possible or move onto another property.

5|The Kitchen located in the North West sector, this is Not Suitable for your Kitchen.

Why?  It is not the best situation. We look more closely at the stove direction, which should not be located between 300 and 330 degrees Northwest of the house (according to the compass) as it relates to the Patriarch, or Man of the house.  If you have an elderly male head of the household,  in the house he too may be affected. The Health implications include headaches, high blood pressure, strokes, or other head-related illnesses.

Why? Because, The Northwest represents the Man of the house, having fire here is like having fire at heaven’s gate and Not suitable for the Father or man of the house.

Health and Wellness in Feng Shui

6|The Kitchen located in the South West sector, this is Not Suitable for your Kitchen.

Why?  It is not the best situation. We look more closely at the stove direction, as it relates to the Woman of the house.

Why? Because, The effects for women is not as harsh. Instead of health, social relationships will be negatively impacted, especially in terms of career promotions.

7|The Kitchen located Under a Bedroom, this is Not Suitable for your Kitchen.

If a kitchen stove is right under your bedroom, some say that the fire energy can cause insomnia or liver problems. Again this is “Fire at Heaven’s gate”.  Please ensure the person who is sleeping above the kitchen, does not have their bed directly above the stove.

8|The Kitchen or the Stove located under Beams, this is Not Suitable for your Kitchen …or any room for that matter.

Beams are notorious in Feng Shui because they bring suppressive Chi. Although beams can be cured by large upward-growing plants, plants are not suitable in the kitchen area.

Not only do beams harm the person who’s preparing meals, it can also cause fluctuations of Chi.

Wanna chat? Coffee is always a good idea
Wanna Chat?

As a result, the Feng Shui of the stove can be violently affected and can bring ups and downs to the family.

Again, I know people really like this designer cabin feel however this designer look is terrible Feng Shui.   Please avoid beams on Top of Stove or Cooking Areas or sleeping areas.

9| The Kitchen stove direction is best placed as it opens towards the Breadwinners best direction according to his or her Gua Number. First Make sure the stove is protected and not visible from the front door or main door of the house.

You can check your Gua Number out here.

what is my Gua Number


Try  NOT to over-classify things according to the Five Elements, or superstitions. All appliances are not considered elements. Focus on the stove (represents Fire ) and sink (represents water)  clash only, keep the kitchen refrigerator, out of it.

You could just be confusing yourself. You can learn more about the five elements here.

the 5 elements


To Summarize this for you briefly.

Good Feng Shui for your Kitchen is one of the 3 Most important rooms in the house.

Make sure to check the location of the kitchen as it pertains to the direction of the house, first.

Next step is to secure the North West and South West of your home, and make sure the Feng Shui kitchen is not negatively impacting the Matriarch and or Patriarch of the house.

Finally, check out the direction of the oven door, once all the other rules have been followed.

and remember…

Feng Shui Basics

Here are some basic guidelines to ensure that you have good kitchen feng shui based on classical feng shui:

Do not place kitchen in the center of the layout –

Stove should always be placed behind a solid wall

– Make sure you don’t have mirrors reflecting the stove, or kitchen clutter – –

Don’t have a stove in the northwest corner –

Don’t have red as your main color scheme in the kitchen

– Don’t place stove directly across or immediately beside a sink

The stove shouldn’t be aligned with the kitchen door or the main entrance have the stove facing your favorable direction and again please no mirrors and no clutter.

You can always move the stove location and or the direction, to avoid having your stove placed in improper place.


In Conclusion, the most important Room in your house in Feng Shui and Why Does this matter?

Because a poorly placement of your kitchen stove can cause health problems, due to bad Chi , in timing, which can influence the quality of the food. As you are what you eat.

“No doubt, we are bombarded and pressured to give in to the latest trends. However, certain features like the stove island, however “trendy” and “must-have” as it could be, remains a negative feature in the Feng Shui world.”- Joey Yap.

I hope you enjoyed our Kitchen Feng Shui on Days of Feng Shui: Mondays ~ One of the most important rooms in the house is The Kitchen is one of the most important Rooms in the house when it comes to Feng Shui.

Have you applied any of these Feng Shui rules and tips? How have they worked for you? Let me know in the comments below!

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