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How to Decorate Your Ikea Inspired living room in 3 steps to jump-start Your Feng Shui.

You need to read this if you have tried to Feng Shui your home before you are ready.  Or Pin it for later. Come on I’ll walk you through this process, it will be Fun! I promise!

3 steps to Jump-start your Feng Shui. How to Decorate your Ikea inspired living room


Here is the How to Decorate Your Ikea Inspired living room in 3 steps to Jump-start your Feng Shui.

In Summary, You are going to do the following Steps;

Step 1  Assess your Living Room & have a good look at your space and what you have now. Assessing from the Logical Side and Emotional side.

Step 2, Select your Inspirational Items, throw in some logic to help you deal with your emotional clutter and create & Decorate your living room, you love in 3 steps to jump-start your Feng Shui project.

Step 3, You can Be Do or Have everything you want in your life. Let’s start this project using your Vision Board you will apply your favorite simple Layout.

Step 4– Now you are ready to Feng Shui your Living Room. This step is all about ensuring this living space is located and used in a good Feng shui Sector of your home.



How do you know if you are ready?

You know, if you weren't you wouldn't be reading this.


Step 1| First, you need to empty out your Living Room before you start to Feng Shui your Living room.

Also, I need you to realize that is both a Logical and Emotional exercise.

The Logical  Side ...Versus The Emotional Side.

To me, that is like Law of attraction and Feng Shui working together.

The Logical Side of the How to Decorate your Ikea living room in 3 steps to jump-start your Feng Shui project Exercise

Let's Start with the Logical in a sense that you need your  Vision of what your Final living room will look like,  plan first on paper before you start moving heavy furniture around.

Get out Your Vision Board! to help you out. I wrote an article on How to Create your Vision Board here. 

I'm pretty sure you have your Favorite Inspirational items on there! Logical enough right? If you are interedted in attending our Next Vision board workshop, contact us. 

Your Vision Board

I like to use my favorite tool, the Ikea Living Room Planner. Logical and Practical!

It works really well for those who are just like me and Love to move their furniture around to get the Chi flowing!

If you are not sure what Chi is you can check out his article I wrote explains what is Chi and why you need to know about Chi Flow in Feng Shui.

What is Chi in Classical Feng Shui?

The  Tool I use to plan out my living room and for my clients,  before I move furniture around, is the Ikea Home Planning Tool. It is awesome and considering most of our furniture is from there is from IKEA, it's pretty much to scale. BTW,  This is not an affiliate link, IT's FREE!

I have the Ikea living room planner tool here for you to check out.

Here is a useful planning tool -IKEA Home planner

With the IKEA Home Planner, you can plan and design your kitchen, bathroom or your office and even your Bedroom.

Inside the IKEA Home Planner, you can:

  • Draw it, build it and get a full 3D view of your new space. Also switch easily between 3D and floor plan view.
  • Print your complete product list and review.

Emotional Side of the How to Decorate your Ikea living room in 3 steps to jump-start your Feng Shui exercise

Emotional in a sense that you will come across special items or heirlooms that you will have sentimental ties to it and want to keep. You really need to Just Declutter, to me, that means throwing everything into boxes into the basement to deal with later. I have an article on How to  Declutter, however, the key here is to emotionally let go, and remember it is just stuff.

Don't let your emotions get the best of you.

If it no longer serves you- give it to someone who needs it.

Now here's the hard part,  Balancing Logic with emotion. I know this because I was that person many years ago.


 Are you Ready?


Step 1| Assess your Living Room - HAVE a GOOD LOOK at What you have now.

Put on your coat and shoes and walk into your living room as if you were a guest. Then take Step back and look at your existing furniture and decor. To make space, get rid of furniture that's damaged, outdated, too large, too small, or that you just don't like anymore. If it's a family heirloom or a piece you want to keep that doesn't fit in the living room, give it a new spot, like the basement, for now, decide later. Move Forward now.

Who Else wants an Organized Home?


Emotional: Make sure you have only the pieces you want to use in our living room, and that you really like.

Declutter your living room by removing all things that no longer serve you.  For more advice on how to declutter, read this.

Logical:  Write it down on paper first, plan out what no longer serves you where it will go. Draw your floor plan with an empty room to start. I recommend my fav planning tool from Ikea. Or just sketch on paper a square and place the key furniture pieces where they are and where you would like them to go, use Pinterest or your Vision Board


Ready for the Next Step?


STEP 2 | SELECT YOUR INSPIRATIONAL ITEMS for Where you Want to go with your living room.

Go into your closet and grab whatever your most recent purchase was that you absolutely love!

Yes,  I'm serious! This is inspired thought. You bought it you love it! Let's Use it.

Yes,  I'm serious! This is inspired thought. You bought it you love it! Let's Use it.

Make sure it's not a necessity item,  perhaps it was that gorgeous cashmere sweater, or that beautiful throw pillow from winners for your bedroom, or that gorgeous scarf that will be your inspiration and set the tone for the living room.

  • EMOTIONAL: If you didn't like it, then why did you buy it? Donate it. Go with the first piece you chose- this is your Color choice, the second piece is your accent color.
  • Logical: If you really love it, then use it.  Go with the first piece you chose- this is your Color choice, the second piece is your accent color.

To Help you select your Inspirational HouseHold items.

What did you like?

Selecting your inspirational items inspired thought item here,  will set the mood and usually the color theme for your living room.


the 5 elements

A little Color therapy for you...

Using the Five elements in Feng Shui and their general attributes.

If you love blues and blacks, they represent the water element in Feng Shui, and it will have a cooled down,  calming effect.


If you love Greens and browns, green represents the wood element in Feng Shui, pair it with water and voila you have a matching winning combo. As your living room will have a will have a cooled-down,  calming effect. with nurturing nature. If your living room is located in the south East, feel free to paint a Southeastern feature wall in a spring green color. Or, maybe go for a chic high gloss chocolate brown paint for your East-facing front door?

Looking to feel energized and refreshed, select some of the more vibrant colors such as some fire reds, and oranges, or some earth element yellow or terracotta.

If you like a more contemporary color, perhaps a subtle and peaceful neutral room of whites, tans, and greys is the perfect canvas for some of your favorite yet bright, bold accents, these represent the Metal element in feng shui. Think tropics, with the serene white sofas and chairs and pops of greenery or the ocean for color.


Make sure you choose your colors, based on what you'll love seeing every day.

Note: If you have existing pieces of artwork or trinkets that you love to make sure your colors match, if not then relocate those items for now.


STEP 3 |  Design your Destination ideal style Layout   

Grab Your Vision board, I am pretty sure you have some magazine clippings of your dream house in there, this is your Vision and your INSPIRATIONAL design style.

Again, Here are my instructions and my video on how to create an easy vision board if you don't already have one created. It's easy and FUN!


No worries, you can always  If not grab some of your favorite Ikea magazines or take a look at my Pinterest boards for some design inspiration! Follow Me!

Take a look at my Pinterest boards for some design inspiration! Follow Me!

It doesn't matter if you prefer wood grains, you might like mid-century modern. Or if you prefer painted wood and slipcovered, you may love country décor, It’s all about You and what makes you feel good!


Now that You have determined your ideal style through your Vision, let's duplicate that.


Ready for the Next and Final Steps of Putting it all together?



The Logical vs Emotional Reality: The Budget and purchase of new items for your Living room.

Logically: If budget allows, you can purchase your new furniture! If not use what you have. (Shop your Basement)

Big Ticket Items

Start with the big-ticket items such as a sofa,  rug, and entertainment centre—since they take up the most space and are the focal points of the room.


EMOTIONAL Tip! Big purchases should reinforce your style. If you've chosen to decorate in a traditional style, don't purchase a modern sofa. It will only create confusion! Don't waste your money. Save up for what you really want that makes sense. Let's move around the energy of your space first, to get some clarity.



Ready for the FINAL Step?

The Basic set up of your Living room should be simple.

  • Start with the flow of Chi or the traffic flow and determine how you, as Your Guest is going to get up and walk to the guest room?  Ensure a clear path.
  • Next, select the largest  WALL  and place your largest piece of furniture there.  If you are a female it is probably your sofa. If you are a male, it is probably your TV. Either is fine and serves the respect and purpose of the room.

  • Place your next largest piece of furniture opposite that. So for the TV on one wall, place the sofa directly opposite for balance add your two end- tables, and coffee table in front of that.
  • Add two lamps on top of your end tables, or use floor lamps for some lighting.
  • Make sure you have a side chair or ottoman for conversation and add your fav throw pillows and artwork.


Congratulations you have just learned How to Decorate your Ikea inspired living room in 3 to 4  steps to jump-start your Feng Shui in your home.




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How to Decorate Your Ikea Inspired living room in 3 steps to Jump-start your Feng Shui.

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