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Reminder: Do not Sit with your Back towards the 3 Killings

(updated  January 3rd, 2021)

As I sit here, facing South, as I am today,  I thought hey I should send out a reminder to everyone…so here it is..  Every Year, the 3 Killings can cause bad luck in the forms of accidents, financial loss, and illness.

Scary Right?

Don’t be, although it is important to know where the annual afflictions are located for each New year. You don’t have to be afraid just be cautious and mindful of the energies located in your home.

The 3 killings consist of 3 types of sha chi.

  1. Robbery sha (劫煞 pronounced as jie sha) -associated with financial loss and being a victim of scams.
  2. Disaster sha (灾煞 pronounced as zai sha) -can cause one to suffer from health problems. 
  3. Setbacks sha (岁煞 pronounced as sui sha) – can cause you to keep encountering obstacles in whatever endeavors you pursue
 Feng Shui the Chinese New Year will begin to be marked across the world, Friday, Feb 12th, 2021. 
 What does that mean to you?
  1. IF the Three Killings (San Sha) are in the  EAST as they are for 2021. then please – do not sit with your back in this direction, you could sit with back towards the West and face the east head on. 67.6 to 112.4 degrees. 

We receive many emails and phone calls regarding this subject with many wondering if they should move their sofa chairs in the living room to avoid facing the Three Killings area.

Do not sit facing the west if you can avoid it.

Do sit facing the east if you can.

It is always best to avoid having your back towards the east in 2021 for periods longer than two hours although I would not worry if you are sitting down for dinner with your back to the east if this is under two hours. If you do sit with your back to the east (facing west) for prolonged periods, you may find yourself feeling fatigued, lacking concentration and being the victim of gossip and rumours.

If you have no choice but to sit with your back to the Three Killings during the year of the Ox, please make sure that have the relevant annual cures and enhancers in place for the year.

Just so you know the Three Killings is always located in the sector of your compass that is opposite the cardinal direction, (spanning 90 degrees) of the phase represented by the earthly branch.

Let me explain the Concept of the 3 Killings…

What is the 3 Killings, is it a murderer?

I did some more digging and this is what I found.

3 Killings San Sha (三煞)(source- Buy feng shui)

The Three Killings (San Sha in Mandarin or Sarm Saat in Cantonese) is one of the major afflictions that need to be updated before the start of each New Year based on the Chinese Solar calendar. That day is referred to as Li Chun or Lap Chun meaning “beginning of spring” and usually falls on 4th February. Hence, it is good Feng Shui practice to update yourself on the incoming year’s energies (especially the hostile ones) and have all your cures and enhancers in place by the 3rd February every year.

Although the concept of the Three Killings is associated with 3 Earthly Branches (that’s the Zodiac animals to you and me), its annual position is defined according to one of the four cardinal compass directions, namely North (Water), East (Wood), South (Fire) and West (Metal).

The 12 animals are grouped into 4 teams of harmonious alliances. Each team of 3 animals, also known collectively as horoscope allies or trinity of allies, belongs to a specific element or phase Water, Wood, Fire or Metal, which then determines the primary direction of the Trinity.

In any given year, the facing position of the San Sha corresponds to the direction of the trinity of allies.

The San Sha always occupies or sits in the direction diametrically opposite to the current year’s Trinity direction.

With the location of the annual Flying stars changing around the 3rd of 4th of February every year, the annual afflictions change with it in every home, office, shop and building all around the world; for example in 2020, the annual afflictions could be found in the northeast, east, southeast and southwest.

Four cardinal Feng Shui directions

Tai Sui location for  2021 – Northeast (22.5 – 37.5)
Three killings location for 2021 – East (52.5 – 127.5)
Annual five yellow location for 2021 – Southeast (112.5 – 157.5)
Sui Po location for 2021 – Southwest 202.5 – 217.5)

The Three Killings, Tai Sui, Annual five and Sui Po are all likely to be activated when carrying out noisy building work such as renovations, construction, development or loud hammering or drilling. Luckily, we’ve written exactly what you can do to avoid activating the annual afflictions in your home or workplace in 2021.

I always have to double-check which direction  I am facing or sitting, and this one always trips me up.. 
 When you are doing anything, working or studying, do NOT  sit with your back facing where the 3 Killings are.
Also, do not perform any renovation or construction in this area as this will activate this energy. An excellent Feng Shui remedy for 3 Killings is the 3 Celestial Divine Guardians (see image below).
I personally use the Salt Water Cure recipe and I try to keep the afflicted area quiet.

As there are 12 zodiac animal signs, there are 4 trinity group of allies consisting of 3 members each.

Each group has an affiliation with a specific direction.

And the direction directly opposite this affiliated direction is where the 3 killings will be.

The below table shows where the 3 killings location is in each zodiac year.

Zodiac3 KillingsAngle
RatSouth157.5° – 202.5°
OxEast67.5° – 112.5°
TigerNorth337.5° – 22.5°
RabbitWest247.5° – 292.5°
DragonSouth157.5° – 202.5°
SnakeEast67.5° – 112.5°
HorseNorth337.5° – 22.5°
GoatWest247.5° – 292.5°
MonkeySouth157.5° – 202.5°
RoosterEast67.5° – 112.5°
DogNorth337.5° – 22.5°
PigWest247.5° – 292.5°

Observing the above table, we can further simplify the identification of the 3 killings location by determining that it is at the:

  • North in the years of the Tiger, Horse and Dog
  • South in the years of the Rat, Dragon and Monkey
  • East in the years of the Ox, Snake and Rooster
  • West in the years of the Rabbit, Goat and Pig

A critical factor to note about the 3 killings is that it occupies a larger angle area compared to the grand duke.

While the latter takes up a 15° space on the compass, the 3 killings take up the whole 45° area of the cardinal direction on the compass, plus a spillover of 22.5° on both sides, making a combined total angle of 90°.

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Do Consider this your Friendly Reminder: Do not Sit with your back towards the 3 Killings

3 Celestial Divine Guardians Plaque for Flying Stars Feng Shui for Chinese New Year of Fire Monkey 2016

3 Celestial Divine Guardians Plaque

Stay safe and healthy, and I wish you Good Luck, Prosperity, Good Health, Love, Joy, and Abundance!
Just to clarify it’s the Tai Sui or Grand Duke you want to have at your back… to face your enemy or perhaps just for support and not to offend

Happy Feng Shui-ing,  and Cheers to your continued Feng Shui Prosperity & success,


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