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The North is plagued by #5 Misfortune Star & 3 Killings

The North is plagued by #5 Misfortune Star & 3 Killings

5 yellow misfortune star

The NORTH – Plagued by the #5 Yellow Misfortune Star in Flying Star Feng Shui

The Five Yellow brings misfortune to the North in 2018, and with it comes danger and the possibility that havoc could get created in the lives of those residing within. If your bedroom, front door or the door you use the most is located North, the Five Yellow can bring distress and suffering. Misfortune caused by the Five Yellow in 2018 can be the severe business loss or threatening terminal illness.

It is important to suppress the pernicious effects of the Five Yellow as it can spread to other parts of the house unless remedies are put into place. Unless suppressed, the Five Yellow brings serious illness, accidents, and loss that occur in many aspects of life. It is the catalyst for bringing all kinds of misfortune.

Sometimes, just facing the 5 Five Yellow directions can bring bad luck. If you reside in a room located North in 2018, you need to place the Feng Shui Salt Water cure inside your room and relocate from the North Bedroom, if possible. Click here for the Salt Water recipe. 

Salt water Cure Recipe for Feng shui Flying Stars

North is plagued by #5 Misfortune Star

If your main door, bedroom or office desk is afflicted by the Five Yellow, due to their location in the North, the affliction must be dealt with before the 4th of Feb 2018.

Remember that bad luck caused by the Five Yellow manifests quickly and since prevention is better than cure, do install Salt Water Feng Shui cures as soon as possible. For North facing house – put a cure in the front of the house as well.

I also wanted to mention that there is a double affliction this year in the North.

Any kind of demolition or digging is harmful in the North as this causes big time negative luck to manifest. It is dangerous to drill floors, knock down walls, dig holes in the ground, engage in any kind of destructive work or make noise. Any of these activities will activate the Five Yellow, triggering severe bad luck.

The Rat-born are also affected by this star as the North is your home-location, as is the middle son in a family.

Though weakened by the Metal energy of this sector, everyone should still be very wary of the obstructions and difficulties brought on by this malicious yellow star and take steps to subdue its evil influences before its destructive force spreads and wreak havoc everywhere.

how to remedy the 5 yellow flying star

The North is plagued by #5 Misfortune Star  in 2018

The influences of this vicious star should never be underestimated. Remove anything associated with Fire energy, because fire produces earth making the 5 yellow star stronger.

  • Remove yang moving objects i.e. fan, television from this area.
  • No gatherings or noisy activities here.
  • no Knocking, digging or any renovation works – a big no-no.
  • Exhaust the malevolent Earth energy of the Wu Wang with metal energy based on the 5 element weakening cycle. See Five elements

For those of you that need to buy some established cures for the nasty #5 are the Five Element Pagoda, Five Element Ringing Bell, and Brass Coins.

chinese coins for 5 yellow cure

The North is plagued by #5 Misfortune Star in 2018 and the 3 Killings… 

The most effective cure for the both of these is to not disturb the ground where the Three Killings are located and we do realize this is not an easy feat.

Disruption of the Three Killings can also include noise such as loud banging (think slamming doors). Also, the commotion and vibrations from building work being carried out in a section of the home.

Even installing a pond is classified as a disruption to the area of the Three Killings.

So, if you have an important room in the north in 2018 where the Three Killings are located then you must take extra care to prevent these disturbances. If you read and follow the information below you can avoid many of the negative consequences such as ill health, loss of wealth, mishap, injury and, in extreme cases, the possibility of an occupant of the household facing a fatality.

Your Font Door in Feng Shui

So what if your Main Door is located in the North ?

The constant opening and closing of a front door can create a disturbance within the home or office if it is located in the north, northwest or southeast in 2018.  If your front door is regularly used and faces the same direction as the Three Killings or any of the other annual afflictions, extra care will need to be taken to avoid any of the negative consequences mentioned above.

The ideal and not always possible, especially with apartments and mid-terraced homes, would be to use another entrance or alternatively, you could install a soft close hinge for the door.  If this isn’t an option, then we recommend encouraging all occupants and visitors to avoid slamming the door and to calmly open and close it with consideration and respect.

The North is plagued by #5 Misfortune Star & 3 Killings

A traditional Feng Shui cure for 2018 Three Killings would be to place a six Metal Rod Windchime, six Chinese I-Chin coins tied in a row and a salt water cure in the north from the 4th February 2018 to the 3rd February 2019.

Additionally, in 2018, if the front door of your home or office is in the North, Northwest or Southeast, you should follow our 2018 annual advice and place a pair of Fu Dogs/Temple Lions by your door or whatever you prefer. I am using my Salt Water cure recipe.

Also, endeavor to avoid using the door if this is possible although I can appreciate that this is easier said than done.

The North is plagued by #5 Misfortune Star, and The 3 Killings, for 2018.  Prevention is better than cure.

So Please do Take care this year of the Earth Dog.