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My Favorite Things for January

My Favorite Things for January about My Home.

Today, I am wanting to share with you a few of My Favorite things about my Home for the Month of January. but why wait…

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Where does the time go!

I wanted to keep my Promise to you all and compile the list of My Favorite things for January.  I know January is usually a Cold and depressing Month for Sure where I usually find it starts off weird. You see My Birthday is in January, and with the holidays done and over with everyone is usually broke from Christmas, and too hungover or still recovering from New Years’ Eve celebrations to enjoy yet another Celebration with me. This sadness inspired me to create this blog post: My 3 tips on how to stop feeling stuck,  Overwhelmed and Hopeless!

My favorite things
From My Home to Yours! A few of …My Favorite Things For January.

And January becomes a  month of realization and reflection and a time where I run around the house, cleaning up and getting ready for the New Year adding all my cures and remedies for the Feng Shui of My Home.  ( I get more excited about Chinese New Year energies arriving into my home more so that the Regular celebrations!)  How about you?

Who Else wants an Organized Home for the Chinese New Year? Click Here to read all about it. 

Remember Life is about Choices and you choose who you’re going to allow into your world and spend your time with.I’m inviting Good Prosperous Energy into my Home!

So that is my rant, and as promised let’s get to that list of my Favorite things for January that  I wanted to share with you.

Here is the list of My Favorite Things for the Month of January, about my home, because It is a very cold season and everyone is usually struggling to get fit or back into things,  so I’ll get right to it!


  1. My Newest Love it’s not the room you were thinking it’s in!
  2. My Prospertiy tunes  especially for your listening pleasure, New Chinese Year, New Tunes on Spotify!
  3. My Favorite scented candle -Of the Season! Plus a matching item, by Nest.
  4. My New Annual Feng Shui Guide for the Year for you How to Feng shui your Home.
  5. More smelly stuff

 Here are the details and some links to get My Favorite things about my Home for YOUR Home too!

Lavendar Flowers

1|Let’s Start with – The Bathroom My Newest Favorite Lovely thing

Naturally, there are a lot of things going on during the holiday season, however, I found this new Bathroom Soap that I am totally in love with. I Started with Holly Berry, last month, see it told you it was not in the room you were thinking it’s in. However, this month I  had to replace it and ended up with this one, it’s the exotic Nectar Argan Oil by Live Clean.

 “the Exotic Nectar Argan Oil” by Live Clean “. 

my fav soap 

Soap! Yes, this is a necessity and it’s the little things, anything to make this month feel better.  I smelled them all and ended up with My New  Favorite Live Clean soap 
I know you will love it! It’s Neutral and goes with my taupe theme in our powder room,  it’s called “the exotic Nectar Argan Oil” by Live Clean “
Go ahead and You can get Yours here from Amazon using my affiliate link or Walmart.

2|  Especially for You- My especially for your listening pleasure, Power to Prosperity for the New Year My Fav tunes this Year. New Year, new Favorite Tunes!


Power to Prosperity Tunes on Shopify

My especially for your New Year My Fav tunes this season on Spotify free! CLICK HERE   to download and listen!

3|  Especially for Your Home  My Favorite New Scented Candle and I love the candle from Bath and Bodyworks.


FRAGRANCE is Rich Red Apple, Sweet Cinnamon, Cedarwood Hmmmm! AWesome Favorite thing!
This one is more robust and makes a great gift too!

NEST Fragrances Classic Candle- Holiday,
I love this candle.. always on my wish list.  

Plus I fell in love with this matching Reed Diffuser and Candle set.


4|  Especially for You!  My other Favorite Thing…For My Home is walking around with my little Handy Guide telling me exactly what to do in what Room.

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5|  Especially for Your Home  My Favorite Smelly Stuff!


  1. More smelly stuff Read this article to see what essential Oils I am in Love With!
  2. I love the Diffuser that I got from My Sister last year. I use my aromatherapy essential oils like Peppermint and I have Frankincense. oh and the Benefits of Using essential oils. AHHHH A few of My Favorite things in My Home and Yours too!
  3. For My Birthday My lovely sister got Me My Favorite Perfume! Juicy Couture!  I love this scent and I think it smells great on everyone! Especially Moi!

every moms favorite things

In Conclusion:

Those are my Favorite Things in January, about my Home!

Every Day I create a  while Feng Shuiing My Home and Creating New Feng Shui and Law of Attraction Vlogs for you guys, I listen to My own Powerful Power to Prosperity Tunes to get me through the harsh cold winter we have been having, Light Up all of my favorite scented candles and the one place in the entire house where no one bothers me, usually in my cosy corner of my bedroom. That’s all for now, as today I shared with you a few of “my Favorite things in January, about My Home. “
Sometimes, actually Always,  it’s the little details that make me smile,

I Hope you and your Family have   a wonderful Holiday Season and take some time out for reflection for the New Year and getting ready for the Year of the Ox which will start  Feb 12th 2021 until Jan 30th 2022.

I am fully here to support you too so feel free to share with me, or your Friends,  what you come up with….I know I will be sharing with you, My Favorite Things. xo