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What is the Salt Water Cure


The Feng Shui Salt Water Cure is a popular Feng Shui Cure used to neutralize the potentially negative effects of challenging feng shui annual stars in your home or office environment. Generally speaking, illness and bad luck.

What is the Salt Water Cure Recipe and Where Do I place it?

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(Updated Dec 13, 2022)

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Which Stars am I referring to?

This cure is used for the 5 yellow, the 3 and the 2 negative stars. These stars are constantly moving. For More information regarding flying stars feng shui click here.

What is the Salt Water Cure Recipe and Where Do I place it?

Salt water Cure Recipe for Feng shui Flying Stars

how to feng shui Monday Salt water cure recipe

Why is the Feng Shui Flying Star Salt Water cure considered powerful?

Salt is an ancient mineral with precious properties, including strong cleansing properties, and it has been used in various cleansing rituals since very old times.

Salt is also used in various body purification treatments and massages, as it has the ability to absorb negative, dull, and low energies, thus leaving the energy fresh and pure.

The saltwater feng shui cure combines the strong purifying effects of salt and water combined with the chemical reaction between metal and salt (as you will see, the metal element is present in this cure with the use of Chinese coins.)

Salt that is used for purification is not to be consumed; and in feng shui, this cure is discarded after a specific amount of time, usually after one lunar year.

Yes, you should discard of everything, including the jar, the coins used the salt and the water.  Then you will place your newly created salt water cure in your home or office a few days before the next Chinese New Year arrives.

Please be advised that the look of this feng shui cure will change in time, especially if there is a lot of negative energy in the space.  That is a good indication that it is working! 🙂

How Do I Know the Salt Water Cure is working?

The container will have a build-up of salt crystals overflowing its edges, in some cases quite a thick build-up, so many people change this cure more than once a year.



What is the Salt Water Cure Recipe?

Here it is:

You will need the following:

  1. a GLASS JAR (Mason jar, large Mayonnaise jar, the jar should have a wide mouth/top)
  2. Coarse Salt  (Sea Salt, coarse kosher or table salt is in most grocery stores)
  3. 6 i- ching coins or 6 of any BRASS coins will do * affiliate link 
  4. Water

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Instructions To make your SALT Water CURE:

  1. In the first step, you will fill the jar or glass round bowl, which must be  round to represent the Metal energy, fill 3/4 to halfway full with the coarse salt


  2. Then you will place (face up)  the 6 I- Ching Coins or any 6 METAL coins you have on hand. (These should rest on top of the salt, in a circle, with the YANG SIDE FACING UP.)
  3. then you will finish filling the jar the rest of the way with water (always put the salt in first).
  4. Leave the jar uncovered if possible. If not, due to pets and small children you can cover the mouth of the jar with plastic wrap or wax paper, pierce many small to medium holes into the cover to allow the cure to breathe, and hold it in place with the rubber band.  (Do not use metal twisty ties)
  5. Place this in behind a long curtain or perhaps on the floor in the corner on a plate if you wish, somewhere closest to the afflicted area however you can hide it behind a decor item if you don’t like the look of it.

Where Do I place the Feng Shui Salt water cure?


Place your salt water cure in an area where you know the container will be safe, i.e. not tipped over, moved or otherwise tampered with. Usually, a room corner works well.

The Ideal location is to place your Feng Shui Saltwater cure, where there is an affliction, ideally where there is the # 2, #3, or #5 annual and permanent flying stars.

A strong metal cure is used to weaken Negative energies, thus their negative effects. Basically, if in any given year these inauspicious stars -land in a room, you can use this cure.

If the annual stars like the # 2, #3, or #5 – are located in your bedroom, your kitchen, your living room or your front door, or as any other areas you spend a lot of time in then you can use the Salt Water Cure there to suppress the bad energy located in that sector.  Especially after a sickness..this is a great cure.

However, if these stars are located in an area with your closet, a bathroom, a storage area, or just an empty, unused space in your home or office, then you might not need to apply the feng shui salt water-cure. In order to avoid confusion, it is important to understand that this cure is used by the Flying Star school of feng shui which calculates the yearly movements of the beneficial and not-so-beneficial feng shui energies (stars).

If you do not like the look of the salt water cure (it will change even more in time); be sure to place it behind a decor object so that your feng shui cure is not visible. Reminder to put a plastic lid for spillage or disposable plate.  For example, you can have your salt water cure behind the sofa or a screen.

However, you should be able to have access to your salt water cure in order to add water as needed.


Your Feng Shui salt water cure will absorb and accumulate a lot of negative energy, care should be taken with its disposal.

Do not cleanse the bowl and the coins, but rather properly discard the whole cure.

Remember it contains negative energy, why would you keep it?

When should you dispose of your Salt Water Cure?

  1. If your glass jar has cracked.
  2. The salt has crystallized.
  3. If someone has touched the jar or moved it.
  4. Before the start of the Next New Year! 
  5. If its really dirty, full of bugs etc..
  6. If something bad has happened in the area, like a death or illness in the room, I believe that you should replace your Saltwater cure and even perform a space clearing or smudging.

In Conclusion:  I hope this answers your question of  What is the Salt Water Cure Recipe and Where Do I place it?

I hope this has helped you with the Feng Shui of your Home. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

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Happy New Year!! 


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Here’s my quick video making the Salt Water cure a few years ago… 


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