Mars In Retrograde

What is the Mars Retrograde and when does it happen?

Apparently, Mars goes into Retrograde every 2 years, according to NASA and a few others.

Every two years or so, there are a couple of months when Mars’ position from night to night seems to change direction and move east to west. This strange behavior was very puzzling to early skywatchers. Did the planet really stop, back up, change its mind, and then continue to move forward? Did it have some weird, mystical meaning?

Today we know what’s going on. It’s an illusion, caused by the ways that Earth and Mars orbit the sun.

Here is my summary and the highlights of what we can expect of this years’ Mars Retrograde 2020 and some things you need to know or do to get through it.

What to expect?

First, just like Mercury Retrograde, we can fully expect wonkiness, you can read more about Mercury Retrograde here, however now that we are talking about an entirely different planet, we must look at this planet’s characteristics.

RED in color, I imagine fire and hot. This is a known Warrior  planet. 

Hot headedness, mixed with some hard decisions to make, including tough love and anger.I picture this guy from the Disney Pixar movie Inside Out.

Teachings Feelings Using Disney's Pixar Film Inside Out - Treaty Education Alliance

Picture of angry guy here 

So just like them Mars is angry, violent, and considered warrior-like, angry birds or anger from the movie inside out. Mars is ruled by masculine or yang energy, traits such as aggression, sex, action, and desire. Have you read the book “Men are from Mars women are from Venus”?

“If we are to feel the positive feelings of love, happiness, trust, and gratitude, we periodically also have to feel anger, sadness, fear, and sorrow.”

John Gray, Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus

So Sex drives may dwindle when the warrior planet goes retrograde, these areas of our life can feel fragile, stuck, stagnant chi like, you my feel like any momentum you have gained, like one step forward and before falling two steps back. It’s not your fault. 

What to do during Mars in Retrograde?

Here’s what to do during Mars Retrograde.

Stay indoors- perfect since this is during Covid. Done.

Be extra Kind to others, no matter how hard it is. 

Be Mindful about your own Vibrations.

Practice as much self-care as possible here are some ideas I put together for you.

During this time over the next few months, I expect to go inward and reconsider some choices made, perhaps there are some inward ways we can implement self-love and self-care to take advantage of this time. 

If you are feeling anger,  like this guy Ask yourself, what triggered that?. 

In Summary: 

You may have to make some hard hard decisions for an easy life – hard but it will be worth it during this Mars in Retrograde period.

Keep holding emotions/anger within and figure out and check in with yourself to find out and use  “What am I really angry about?” -use the emotional guidance scale as a blueprint , Remember the emotional guidance scale?

Here you go, read this . 

The emotional Guidance Scale


Circleof Wealth The Emotional Guidance Scale

Here are some more tips on what to do during Mars in Retrograde… pick one to remember.

Feel your emotions-feel it & let it pass through you -breathe, laugh at it, walk away from it.

Practice Gratitude to help you bring ease, patience, & a positive attitude forward. 

Retreat, work with your emotions, acknowledge them-don’t force anything that feels off to you. 

Continue to choose patience – do your lightwork .

Fill your own cup Take care of you first, – walk through the demons.

Personal practice: Self care Journal about your feelings 

Working out • Move your body • Scream • Punch • Hit • Let out stagnant energy 

Take up something new like I am doing Qigong now with my hubby. Who knew? It’s gentle enough for anyone.

Create a new Routine.

 1. Visualize 

2. Let yourself get creative & magical

3. Plan with emotions & desires 

4.  Journalling questions:

What battles must I face? Where must I be more assertive if I’m not to suffer pointless conflict & strife? How can I sharpen my will? How do I express my aggressiveness? Where am I reacting unconsciously? 

What am I angry about? What am I really angry about?



In Conclusion: 

Don’t be an angry bird. Tell yourself,  I am at peace with the world.

The world is a safe and friendly place. All this will come to an end on ~November 13~ with the shadowing effects lasting until Jan 2nd. Hey that’s my birthday! See it’s going to be a good day. So be it, it is so, namaste.:)