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Welcome to My Circle of Wealth- Destiny Defined.

Are you looking to find information about some real Feng Shui and Law of Attraction or learn more about ME?

Hi, I’m Danielle and If you’ve ever wondered why year to year your life changes so radically when you’re really doing nothing different, you’re not alone. Time isn’t static…it’s constantly changing, morphing in quality, and it affects our lives in various ways – ranging from our health and relationships to our careers and even our relationships with our friends or our likelihood to get a traffic ticket.

And that’s Feng Shui.

How to Feng Shui Mondays

Feng Shui is more than just where you arrange the sofa or your bed. It’s about time, too.

Time is the foundation of the study of Feng Shui and if you merely look at your environment without considering the implications time makes on your life and your environment, you’re missing a huge part of Feng Shui.


That’s why I’ve been studying Feng Shui since 1995 and writing this blog now Circle of  Wealth website since 2010 – and why I’ve been writing the Circle of Wealth Blog How to Feng Shui articles for your learning pleasure! 🙂 Welcome.

Yes, I have seen firsthand how you can use Feng Shui to improve the influences that shift and change each year, and offset problems, encourage opportunity and help insulate your family from the rough patches of life! I have also seen how bad advice and misinformation have brought nasty problems, that could have easily been avoided. Just by sleeping in another room for a year, or passing on that Beautiful new build home… For example, serious Car Accidents/ Sickness/Bankruptcy… I should write a book….hmmmm… 🙂 Cue Law of Attraction.…. Ok Enough About Me. Here is that story.

 Yes,  I’ve seen firsthand how you can help improve the influences that shift and change each year and offset problems, encourage opportunity, and help insulate you and your family from the rough patches of life!

Why the Sprinkle of Law of Attraction?

Because I have manifested everything wonderful in my life… which I share with you in my How to Attract Everything you want in your life course. using Law of Attraction .. over the 21 day period. I took a course on Law of Attraction and Instantly started manifesting again in my life and I teach you how to do what I did, and yes I Practice what I preach.

You’re about to learn a lot about the coming year – and how you can make it better, more prosperous and happier. Even during a crisis like what we have been going through in 2020. As I revamp this page. The year is not over yet… Chinese New Year ends in Friday, Feb 12th, in 2021. So please do take it easy and practice some self-care tips.

I invite you to read over My Blog articles, as I have loads of FREE Classical Feng Shui and Loads of LOVE & Relationships advice. Yes, I am a Mom to two teenagers, So I will be honest and may occasionally rant… some times. Ok a just Wee bit.

you want to join our circle

Join my little Circle of  Wealth  Community on the Facebook page if it’s easier to stay connected on your Feng Shui Journey. Don’t worry they are a very shy kind of group. Or you could follow along on my Instagram but where I find most of my inspiration, as I’m sure you do as well is on…. You guessed it… PINTEREST!

I love it.. yes there is so much fun and interesting information out there. Check out my Pretty Awesome Pinterest Boards!! So much FUN! . I think I was like one of the first to fall in love… Anyways. 🙂

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With Gratitude & Appreciation,
Happy Feng Shuiing!



What Floats your Boat?

What clients have said about the attract my prosperity Challenge...

I like that the How to attract everything you want in your life videos are daily and can be listened to over and over again, very helpful when figuring out what I want or if I change my goal, I can simply watch it again or rewind, etc..  especially if I don’t have time to watch a whole session at once.

Jill Smith

You are a breath of inspiration, your life stories have made me jump out of my own comfort zone and make serious life changes and major 7-year-old stagnant decisions! Thank you for your help!  I now have a new boyfriend that treats me with respect and an entirely new perspective when it comes to love and relationships!

Stephanie Mills

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