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My MANIFESTATION Journal Notebook

My Manifestation & Notebook & Journal

✔️ pages for the 5×55 manifestation method
✔️ “letter to the universe” page
✔️ journaling page for what would “my future life look like”
✔️ page for removing blocks
✔️ weekly page with your intention for the week, tracker, intentional action steps, repeat the manifestation, goal for the week
✔️ daily page to repeat the manifestation, intention for the day, affirmations, daily gratitude
Manifestation Journal to keep track of your thoughts and Manifestations daily. You will love this!

Looking for something to jot down your thoughts and feelings? How about your daily Goals! 

This will help! 
Look INSIDE here!

pretty self care planner

A coffee table worthy Pretty Self Care planner, to get you started on your way to taking care of what else but YOU!

Self Care Planner

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