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Today I am going to teach you my little secret on how to  Explore YOUR  Goals to attract everything you want in your life.

In my course, “How to attract everything you want in your life” – 21-day Challenge/course we focus on how to Explore Your Goals. Let’s get started.

Make Sure You get a pen and paper ready for this one!

Tools: Pen and Paper ( I truly believe in the power of the PEN and for this one so should you.)

Make sure you are clear, follow along with my video, and jot down what you are truly wanting, what are your Goals and write them all down, in order of importance to you. Start with 3 major ones.

Have Fun!

What we’re gonna do today is we’re going to put your goal into the right words!

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so putting your goal into the right words, what does that mean?

oh my goodness, experiment with ways of phrasing what you want to manifest, so change the words around until you see until you just know that you found the right ones. Then write them down and put them up somewhere where you can see them, daily if you can. Like on the fridge!

Here’s the video 🙂

I feel that when I put my goals into some type of affirmation, like in my own words,  like so I want to buy a car the right words for that is well “What kind of car why do you want? that car what’s the purpose of it and so I’ll share that with you.

We bought a car for example, so how did we get that car we bought?
Here’s how we manifested a new car.

explore your GoalsWe Knew Exactly what we wanted ( aka our GOAL) was to get the following questions answered:

  1. Is it good on gas?
  2. Is it classy?
  3. Is it simple enough to drive to Wal-Mart?
  4. Is it sophisticated enough for outings?
  5. Is it cheap enough and budget-friendly?
  6. Is it family-friendly?
  7. Is it a  good commuter car? ( Good on Gas)
  8. Is it functional and is it everything that we need right now?
  9. Is it, NOT a gas guzzler?
  10. Does it have any issues? Nope because it’s newer and it’s not brand new but it’s newer and it’s what I wanted for us and the whole family can fit in it it’s not like it’s too small it’s safe it can go

on the highway, it can do basically what I needed to do it’s like a rental car!

the Kind of car you know you can put your boss or colleagues in the car and it’s clean and it doesn’t

have like ten 20 years of kid dirt in it!

You get the picture?

No? Ok, so basically if you make a list of what it is that you want aka Your Goals and I’m going to create another video on how to manifest what you want in 11 Steps… ok it’s a blog post instead. 🙂

and you know what the right opportunity is gonna come to you! whether it’s a car,  whether it’s a job whether it’s home, whether all of these big things that you want I want you to make your vision board that’s going to be on day six I want to share that with you.

This is how you do it ( Explore YOUR Goals) again

Step 1 is Ask!

Step 2 is Believe

Step 3 is Receive! (not really your to do) 🙂

and things will happen and when they come, be ready because they come fast! So make sure

you’re in the right mindset and if you didn’t watch my video number one on

getting into the right mindset then go back and watch it or yeah watch it today and do everything over again you can get into the right mindset.

Everyday. You can meditate every day and I suggest that you do I know it sounds really woo but it works!

Here is our blog post all about mediation 

okay here’s the way you know?  Do you ever take a shower and you get all these really good ideas that just come to you , all of a sudden? that’s you lining up with you and what you want!

Believe Me, you deserve those good ideas!

In the shower or bathroom, usually there are no interruptions, yes maybe you’re a mom, and kids come flying in the bathroom and I get that or your spouse needs a toothbrush or something silly but at the same time, those are when those good ideas happen to you!

LISTEN to those ideas! There are real, write them down and act on those ideas!

those are you know inspired thoughts. 

That’s you lining up with you.

you know if it’s God’s source energy, whatever you want to call it that’s the true real essence of you and your true desires. You know I have a good friend, who is actually a family member who says to me, “I wasn’t put on this earth to do blah blah blah “Well you know what, she’s right!

You weren’t put on this earth to do that crap!  you were put on this earth to enjoy! So don’t let life

happen to you make life happen to you!

Alright, I’ll leave you with that! Now go take a shower,  go meditate, and get in the clear mind space.

Then, do the action steps that I’ve listed for you.

Good luck with all of it!

Please like,  share and you know comment below!

Let me know if you have any questions here.

Now that You have Explored & written Down those top 3 Goals, and learned How to Explore YOUR  Goals to attract everything you want in your life.

You are going to put them into the right words, Be sure to take our Challenge here to learn how you can do that.

You Can Do this!

danielle xoxo

see you tomorrow ciao

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How to Explore YOUR Goals to attract everything you want in your life

explore your Goals
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