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Everything in Balance is key…

Make sure you have something in the room that is representing the five elements — Feng Shui Five elements theory

wood, earth, metal, fire, and water — in every room.

The goal is to stay grounded, centered, and balanced in your life and your environment.

For example, you can place a

beautiful wooden bowl filled with some river rock or stone pebbles alongside a candle and a vase of flowers, change up the colour of your living room or family room. You can add a pair of red drapes or a blue tablecloth or colourful centre-scape on your dining room or kitchen tables.
This has BIG Impact instantly and changes up the whole feel of your home when you walk into the room. My personal favourite, is to create a gorgeous Vignette on a side table in the hallway or front entrance. Vignettes are very popular, inexpensive and fun to create with items you already have located in your home.
Don’t forget Seasonal items, with the holidays behind us, set up a wintery scene or Celebrate Chinese New Year, Jan 29th, with some Asian decor in all the Five elements. Also, February is Valentine’s day you will see much red being incorporated into our homes due to the Seasonal changes. Remember: Only use what you love! Don’t bring items into your home or personal space if you aren’t in love with it, as it will turn to clutter, aka stuck Chi.
Perhaps you can incorporate some of your favourite colours that symbolize the productive cycle of the five elements which are listed below, however, you can learn more here about the Feng Shui cycles of the five elements to understand the power and the why they are so important and how they work together.
  1. Black or Deep Blue = water element
  2. Green = wood element
  3. Red = fire element
  4. Yellow, tan, and brown = earth element
  5. White = metal element

*Another mention, is that when you are placing items you are actually incorporating Feng Shui in your home. Water, as well as all the other elements, are a very powerful element and should be placed with intention and care in understanding what we are activating by placement. Location is key and must be advised by your Feng Shui Practitioner.
*Please don’t place any water features in any bedroom. Please be mindful of the flying stars and annual stars. If you are not sure what this is, then perhaps you should not be implementing your own Feng Shui and contact a professional Feng Shui practitioner.

” I have seen and personally experienced bad Feng Shui, due to a body of water that was placed incorrectly to my home. We live and learn, sometimes the hard way.”-Danielle

The tricky part of Feng Shui is that we don’t notice when things are going well in our lives. It’s only when things take a slight dip or start to crumble, for example, a job loss, some financial loss, or legal issues, some health implications, or car accidents or injury, and even death of a loved one, that we reach for the Why and try to understand what is happening in our lives. This is when we realize that is the effect of Bad Feng Shui

Perhaps, I will write a post on that for you later, email me and let me know if you would be interested to learn about that and share our experiences?

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Originally posted 2017-02-01 02:43:00.

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