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Hi there Friends, Here is a  little bit of Feng Shui news that you can use in your home or office to tap into some good Feng Shui energy.
From now (Apr 4 till May 5)

Good Feng Shui  Areas for this Month 

If you are looking for some Love and Romance, activate the EAST sector of your home or office  areas as this is beneficial for success,  also for gaining money or assets for this month.

The Northeast – This Sector is Good for finding support, partnerships and establishing connections.
If you need to be in charge and gain influence oveLove and Romance for April r your employees or customers pertaining to your career, then spend time in the North section of your home or office for this month until May 5th,2017.

Hope this helps and finds you well.

Happy Easter!



Originally posted 2017-04-13 15:03:16.

Feng Shui Updates for April’s Dragon Month until May 5th 2017

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