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People born in the years of the Fire element are born-leaders. They are decisive and confident. They are also more aggressive and positive than other natives of their particular sign.These individuals love adventure and innovation. They are constantly on the move and they like to explore new horizons.They are true to their element and they usually attract others through their brilliance and warmth. Given to dynamic speech and action, the people ruled by the Fire element will try to dominate others with their originality and clever thinking.They have all the requirements to be winners in life but they must be sympathetic to the views of others before taking action. The more Fire people try to achieve their goals by force, the more they will encounter obstacles. People of this element must keep a check on their emotions.Their ambitions and forcefulness may amplify their selfishness and make them inconsiderate and impatient when they do not get what they want. It would be good for Fire persons to cultivate patience and compassion to curb their impulsive tendencies.

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Fire People!

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