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You`re So Wood!

That`s what my nephew calls people sometimes…Wood…being the optimistic person that I am… I look at the Growth and potential side of it….as in one of the 5 elements in Feng Shui.


Feng Shui Element – Wood


The first element is wood because it is the beginning of new life; it is the creator of the five-element cycle. We have heard many times that people use wood furniture as a wood element, this is not a good substitute to use as furniture is dead wood it is lifeless and contains none or little Ch’i, although it can contain positive energy, if it has had a good history, remember furniture, books, virtually anything can contain bad energy from previous owners or even someone who has handled it, that is why we cleanse all our products we sell before we send them out, because we do not always know the history behind them whilst they were being manufactured. You need to use live wood in the form of a bushy plant similar to a “money plant” as it holds so much live Ch’i and also retains it.

Plants also filter the air we breathe; it is so much better to use a natural form when it comes to the wood element. Remember to feed and water it, because if it dies it will hold Sha Ch’i, even on any dead leaves, so keep it in good condition.The wood element can be replaced by the colour green. I find that the colour is not as effective as the element of live wood though. There shouldn’t be many times that you need to use a colour to replace live wood as there are so many plants that we can use indoors. You can of course use both together.  Wood represents the directions of East and the Chen Trigrams 3. It also represents the South East and the Sun Trigrams 4.

So the next time someone says…`You`re so Wood!“ 
THANK THEM for the compliment with a big smile.  For more information on the other 4 elements and how they work together, check out my post 5 elements and how they work together. 

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