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 What is all of this Mercury Retrograde Wonkiness in 2017?

Some of you may have already been experiencing some forgetfulness and other interesting things happening to you yesterday. Here is why…

Mercury started going into retrograde from December 3rd and will keep it up until December the 23rd of this year,  as we say goodbye to 2017.

 Several times during the year, Mercury will go into retrograde.  Most of us will be subject to its maddening effects and consequences, particularly if you happen to be a Gemini or Virgo as these signs are ruled by Mercury

What is all of this Mercury Retrograde Wonkiness in 2017 and what does it really mean?

To Start with let ‘s understand what a retrograde planet is.

A retrograde planet is a planet that (when viewed from the earth) appears to have stopped and then the Planet temporarily reverses its regular movement through the sky.  The planet then goes retrograde (or backward).  After a certain length of time (depending upon the planet involved), the planet then appears to once again stop and reverse its movement through the sky.  The planet then goes direct and back on its normal path through the sky. A planet being in retrograde means that, to us here on Earth, it appears to be moving backward. The opposite of retrograde motion (or Rx for short) is direct motion. Of course, the planets are not really going backward. It is an optical illusion.


What happens when Mercury is in retrograde? 

Just about anything! 

You may miss appointments, your computer crashes, cars don’t start, checks or important documents get lost in the mail, there will be delays, cancellations, and postponements.   Keep this in mind you are traveling just before the holidays start. But these will be of benefit to you in the long run so don’t fight them.

 It’s like having pregnancy brain on steroids! 

What should we do during Mercury Retrograde?

These will be very frustrating and restless times.  It is best to keep a low profile when mercury in retrograde is upon us.  Take nothing for granted.  Don’t sign important documents or make major decisions.  The effects of Mercury can be felt prior to and after retrograde itself.  And even though they are not retrograde, they are very influential as Mercury as at its most erratic. Loads of the chaos suggested in Mercury Retrograde is stuff that’s more likely to happen when we’re tired, hungry, rushing or disorganized! This is the season for that, isn’t it?

On the Positive side, take advantage of some of this Mercury Retrograde time to nest and rest a little at home, connect and declutter.

Declutter your Home during Mercury Retrograde and start getting ready for the New Year!

Make space for the New Earth Dog year!

 This is the ultimate time to start clearing the clutter from life, and the benefits include:  having more time, peace of mind, money, connection, creativity and love every day. 

You might not be able to clear your whole life of clutter during Mercury Retrograde, nor should you force it, but you can start now and get the flow going.

everything will work again unplug

Get some Rest and Clarity with great expectations

Great Rest and Clarity go hand in hand, then Great expectations are to follow!  We get more of what we expect, so start the day with the simplest decision that amazing things are on the way and see how that changes the flow of things! Mediate, drink water take care of you. Go to bed one hour earlier to unplug from the all the devices and daily noise. With Clear intentions of getting some rest for the soul, clarity will follow during this Retrograde time of confusion. 

Friends and Family time 

See friends & family, catch up with loved ones you haven’t seen in ages and embrace a season of togetherness.  Spend time with the people you love and the love multiplies! Enjoy some shopping together or some playing a board game on a Friday night.  

Travel for Mercury Retrograde

Photo by Clem Onojeghuo on Unsplash

Traveling During Mercury Retrograde

Plan ahead, Mercury typically rules communication and clear thinking, so when it’s retrograde, those things tend to get a little screwed up. It usually results in a lot of confusion, communication issues, and poor decision making — all things that are essential for a comfortable traveling experience. This December, Mercury is going retrograde in Saturn, which can actually make transportation problems worse.

Being Pro-ACTIVE and Communication is Going to be KEY! 

According to Astrology King, Mercury retrograde in Saturn can bring about a lot of Negative energy along with critical thinking that is best applied to challenging mental work.  If you have not planned ahead, made some extra Buffer travel time and communicate your plans to your loved ones. Do so now to avoid any confusion later.

If you don’t have a productive outlook on it, it can easily be turned into negative thinking, and that can lead to a whole bunch of other issues like difficulty communicating.

Both of these things can translate into a lot of general travel annoyances, like making poor decisions you wouldn’t normally make, or causing you to miscommunicate with someone and possibly screw up plans. And it might not even affect you directly — it could affect someone you’re traveling with or to, and affect you in turn.

Be Present and  100% Available 

  When we’re fully present, we are showing up and paying attention,  we’re super powerful.  Spend time getting grounded in Nature or in meditation.  Prepare for things a little more.  Slow down the pace so you catch all the details.  Sleep, eat and move enough to feel awake and alive.  It’s the simplest way to have more confidence, radiance, and creative genius.  During times of Mercury retrograde, you will need your energy to be alert and present. That is why you should get some rest first!

Here is a Summary for you to download if you need it in a jiffy.


In Conclusion, I hope that you take it easy during all of this Mercury Retrograde Wonkiness in 2017, it will be over before you know it.

Comment below and let me know what Mercury Retrograde Situations and Stories you have experienced.

Originally posted 2017-12-04 19:57:51.

What is all of this Mercury Retrograde Wonkiness ?

everything will work again unplug
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