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My Favorite Fall Candles… are hand-poured by my daughter @Alena’



Some may say that I have a problem, but I call it being a fan girl of…my daughter’s hand-poured all natural soy wax candles! I’ve always loved the way their fragrance changes a room or space. They evoke feelings of coziness, warmth, and even a bit of nostalgia. They’re an incredibly affordable way to change the feel of an entire room or home! And they’re a lot of fun to buy! They are also the fire element in Feng Shui, and are a great cure in flying stars feng shui… 

I love candles all year long but Fall, and the upcoming Holiday Season, are ideal for great candles! This morning I asked my daughter Alena to pull out a few and I must admit…there was a lot to pull out! Well I guess so when your home is a candle store…. so let’s dive in.

If you’re looking for a great candle for Fall, here are a few of my personal  favorites!

SHOP MY FAVORITE  Fall Candles right here 

My first Favorite Fall Candle is called  Espresso Yourself – although I recently gave up drinking coffee I sure do miss the smell of fresh coffee in the morning, so now I don’t have to!! 

I simply light with my fancy Alena’s matches, my favorite espresso your-self candle and I get back all the feels and smells… 


I really Enjoy something a little warm and cozy feeling to bring me into the house on a cool fall or winter night. So my go to for that is from Alena’s Essential oil collection, 

I light this one up while watching TV with the hubby every, single night.  Yes with my fancy Alena’s matches

SHOP MY FAVORITE Candles for Fall here

Alena's Essential Oils Collection in Amber Jars

Eucalyptus Essential Oils – light and refreshing clean scent, goes with every room in every decor. Made from 100% essential oils and all Natural Soy Wax. 100%.  Wooden Crackling wick to add that extra coziness! 

Espresso Yourself!- My personal favorite, reminds me of a good starbucks…. not gonna lie. 

100% all natural soy wax and it has a wooden wick

Blissful Bergamot essential oils Collection- light and refreshing clean scent, goes with every room in every decor. 100% essential oils and all Natural Soy Wax. Ah Bliss!

Vitality Essential Oils Candle from
Have fun shopping at Alena’s A Canadian Candle Company, yes that ships to the USA. we Love our Texas’ Customers! 🙂 
 Oh and don’t forget the fancy Let’s get Lit matches– hand made by Moi!! 
Yes of course, Mom’s gotta help too!


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