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Here is a little blurb on what is the wood element. As you know in Feng Shui it’s all about the 5 elements and how they interact together.  Here is the article you can go back and read up on that.

WOOD Element in Feng Shui Language is representing the energy of Growth.

Wood represents goodwill, charitableness, and steadfastness. Those deficient in wood are like driftwood and duckweed, which floats on water. When the wind shifts, it is blown this way and that. These people have no strong views of their own. They are amiable and easygoing. They are followers, often influenced too much by others.


Wood element people,  tend to be wishy-washy, often contradicting themselves in order to agree with prevailing viewpoints. Those with the proper amount of wood are like big trees with luxuriant branches. When the wind blows, they lean slightly with the wind. When the wind stops, the trees stand straight.

These people are flexible and receptive. They listen to others, old and young and use their own reason to figure out their own views. Those with large amounts of wood are like palm trees, which do not move with a subtle wind. If however, a typhoon or hurricane comes along, it will knock down the inflexible palm trees.

Wood element people are sometimes seen as prejudiced and biased and do not accept or absorb others’ views as options. They may have good ideas and intentions, but these can be undone by their rigidity.

You know as harsh as all of this may sound, I know a few wood like people and they have always been someone with integrity, great nurturing and helpful manners that have made them some that I often look up to. And yes, they have been known to grow very tall and tree-like too.

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The Wood Element in Feng Shui Language

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