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According to FENG SHUI, with so many rules and changes, are you wondering Where should we place our Christmas Tree this year?

 That is the question my dear Husband asks me every year….

We can locate our best Feng Shui Placement for Christmas Tree by Elements

The feng shui Christmas tree placement by elements can help boost specific luck sectors. Not all Christmas trees are made of the same elements. For example, a live tree is the wood element, while an artificial tree may contain metal. If you wish to place your Christmas tree strictly based on the feng shui five element theory, you can quickly narrow your placement choices.

Are you concerned with where something so Christian should be placed while you are following something so scientific???

Live Christmas Tree Wood Element

A live Christmas tree gives you the opportunity to interject a wood element into compatible element sectors. The east (health luck) or southeast (wealth luck) sectors are both governed by the wood element. Either sector makes an excellent placement when applying the feng shui element theory.

Fire Element

So here it is, First and foremost the lesson must begin with the element of the Christmas tree.

What is it? A tree right? So the tree represents wood,
Good, now is it a live tree? Yes, that would be living or yang wood.
No, well then it is artificial…that is another element metal story. Also, when all lit up.. it becomes fire and lastly, the shape of the tree, with the big poison arrow on the top, triangle shapes represent FIRE, and please do keep in mind what room your tree is pointing up towards if above the tree is your daughter’s bedroom and bed, she may not get a good night’s sleep until after the holidays. So you should move her bed or perhaps the tree.


It is always helpful to understand how the feng shui elements interact and how to decorate your home for harmony and a sense of happiness. This will make your feng shui decorating subtle and powerful, and help you avoid the irritating feng shui cliches.

Christmas Tree with Presents
The tree belongs to the Wood feng shui element, so place it in an area that is either compatible with the wood feng shui element, or benefits from its energy.

Here are the best feng shui areas for your Christmas tree:

  • East (Growth & Family) 90-180 degrees

  • Southeast (Money and Abundance)

  • South (Fame and Reputation)

Your Kua Number Can Direct Christmas Tree Placement

What is My Gua Number in Feng Shui?

You have other feng shui options for choosing a good location for your Christmas tree. You can select one of your four lucky directions determined by your Ming Gua or KUA  number.



  • Sheng Chi (wealth) is your best and most auspicious direction.
  • Tien Yi (health) is your second best direction.
  • Fu Wei (personal growth) provides excellent personal development and education luck.
  • Nien Yen (love) creates harmony in your family and/or marriage/romantic relationship.

Flying Stars and Christmas Trees

If you practice Classical feng shui flying star theory, you let it guide you to the most auspicious sector(s) for your Christmas tree placement. You can determine this placement by the annual and monthly flying star movements and avoid the areas where the #2 and #5 stars are taking up residence.

Fying star feng shui

You can choose the sectors based on the type of stars residing there, such as the good fortune stars include 1,4, 6, and 8 and the afflicted stars include 2, 3, and 7.

Small Christmas Tree Feng Shui Placements

You may prefer a small Christmas tree, especially if you live in a modest-sized apartment, condo, or house. You can set a tabletop Christmas tree in the southeast corner of your living room or as a centerpiece for a dining table.


More Than One Christmas Tree

Some people enjoy placing a smaller Christmas tree in a sitting area, dining room, or home office. Choose the location by following the feng shui Christmas tree guide just as you would a larger tree. Make sure you have wrapped presents underneath the tree to keep the auspicious chi energy flowing.

Best Feng Shui Placement Christmas Tree Ornaments

You can further capitalize on auspicious chi energy when you take advantage of the assigned element color(s) for luck sectors. You can add one or more of these colors to your ornament collection and/or opt for Christmas tree lights in a specific element color to enhance the chi energy.

  • South sector: The fire element colors are red, burgundy, mauve, purple, and deep pinks.
  • Southeast and East sectors: The wood element colors are green and light brown/tans.
  • Southwest and Northeast sectors: The earth element color is ochre.
  • West and Northwest sectors: The metal element colors are gold, silver, pewter, brass, copper, and nickel.
  • North sector: The water element colors are blue and black.

Keep well this Holiday Season!
and remember to start getting ready from now (retreating chi) for the next year. 
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Merry Christmas Holiday Planner

Happy Feng Shuiing!

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Where Should we put our Christmas Tree this year?

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