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So  you are planning to launch a new business, or deciding on the opening day of a new shop and you are wanting to find an auspicious date but do not have the time to find an auspicious date specialist.  You can do this to find a  generic auspicious date. Using an auspicious date – meaning the cosmic constellation stars are aligned favourably will ensure that your venture or ideas will have better results. Right timing leads to right results.To do this the chinese metaphysical way you will need a tong shu – a chinese solar calendar.

Lets say the date is in the month of April 2011 when you want to start a new business.We know 2011 is a rabbit year and April is a dragon month.  Using a pen on your calendar, you start by crossing out all the Year Breaker days. The year breaker is the sign that clashes with a given year.   The Year Breaker for 2011 is Rooster (you) so you start by crossing out all the rooster – you days. Next you want to cross out all the Month Breaker days. 

Watch for the Personal Breaker days and Clashes!
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Originally posted 2014-10-01 16:29:00.