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Easy Ways To Make Healthier Food Choices on Thanksgiving:

* Turkey – It’s a good choice if cooked without butter, say Good bye to my Butterball…:( 
 Use a little olive oil and spices like thyme and sage for a tasty, but healthier meat.
* Sweet Potatoes – Swap mashed potatoes and sweet ptoato casseroles for a simple baked sweet potato. They are full of flavor, vitamins and fiber, without the fat. * Vegetables – Even veggies can be bad for you if you cook them in butter. Ditch the green bean casserole and corn and serve steamed veggies or a salad with a light vinagrette dressing.
* Jello- Keep it simple and use only fat-free, sugar-free versions to bring color and flavor to your Thanksgiving meal.
* Rolls – If you must have bread with your meal, make sure it is whole wheat so you get the nutrients you need from it. Either skip the butter altogether or add a  small amount of smart balance light or a similar butter-tasting product.
* Dessert – Try fruit, sugar-free pudding, no-sugar-added apple pie or a lowfat pumpkin cheesecake to end on a sweet note without ending your diet. With a little extra effort, you can make a healthy Thanksgiving meal.
Striking a balance is important. And if you aren’t the one cooking, bring a healthy dish or two to share.
Green Beans
Green Beans! Make for a  Healthy Feng Shui Foody Choice
Here is the simpliest recipe Below..

  1. Blanch green beans in a large stock pot of himalayan salted boiling water until bright green in color and tender crisp, roughly 2 minutes. Drain and shock in a bowl of ice water to stop from cooking.
  2. Heat a large heavy skillet over medium heat. Add the olive oil and the butter and some garlic poweder and you are good to go! Yummy! 

Originally posted 2012-10-06 10:00:00.