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Is he cheating on you???

Is he cheating on you???

If he is,  take a look at your Feng Shui… one must remember that whenever you are trying to take into your Feng Shui Luck …Do not forget that you should never have a hole-in-the-ground water on the right-hand side of your main door (inside looking out), that includes any tabletop or freestanding water fountains or aquariums in the home.
This is a Taoist feng shui taboo that is easy to apply and costs nothing. It is prudent to be careful when practicing feng shui.

Also, watch your flying stars, this can be most powerful..

It is not necessary to get confused should you hear otherwise. You can always ignore this rule and accept the consequences, which is that your husband will develop a roving eye.

How’s that for a Feng Shui tip of the day.

Another Tip Be very careful when placing water in your home, get a Feng Shui Practitioner to help you with water element placement. as it changes monthly where it should be placed.

How about a Feng Shui Mini Zen Garden instead?

Happy Feng Shuiing!


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