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Pay Attention to How you handle your money every day. 

Pay Attention to How you handle your Money every day.

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Do you often neglect your wallet, or keep your Purse on the floor?


EW! Not only is this a pet peeve of mine, but it is also common sense.

Is your purse your wallet? For sure it is, it contains all your important documents and your credit cards makeup and your wallet and your MONEY. How you handle your money every day is extremely important and shows your relationship with or without money is represented by how you treat your money. 


It is a pretty nice fashionable piece of leather, let me guess. Is it a Michael Kors? Kate Spade or perhaps your soon to be collectible Coach purse?

Let me explain.

First of all the floor is dirty and meant for walking on. Bugs germs and even feces can be on the floor.  Especially in the bathrooms,  or a sticky movie theater.
You probably take your purse with your everywhere, putting it onto your lap and then the front seat of your car.
Let that sink in for a minute before you read on because you Need to  Pay Attention to How you handle your money every day. 

How Do You Pay Attention to How you handle your money every day?

Like this… Here is the short list of what you need to do to handle money properly.

  1. Put your money into a nice leather wallet or change purse. Use the color Red for auspiciousness.
  2. Clean the clutter out of your purse and wallet.
  3. Remove and file out all of those receipts.
  4. Get into the right mindset about Money, Money is attainable.
  5. Stop Complaining about Money. Remember what you think about manifests within 17 seconds to 68 seconds. Tell a Different story.
  6. Sit down and write out your expenses, and go one step further and layout a plan for saving some of your money this year. Just imagine if by the end of the year you had saved $300.00! You would be well on your way to starting a nest egg.
  7. Always remember, respecting your money is respecting yourself.
  8. Take some time to visualize your Abundant Life with endless abundance and money in it. LOTTERY!
  9. Start handling your money as though you value it.
  10. Keep some in your wallet like a hundred or fifty dollar bill, so you know you can purchase something, however can CHOOSE to spend or save it. 
  11. Treat Money with Respect and as a Means of Commitment.
  12. Wash your hands after handling money.

Don’t forget! Every day, take some time to visualize your Abundant Life. In your visualization see yourself living the life of your dreams. Feel that you are a money magnet and attract money from multiple sources. Dive into the feelings of abundance every day for a few minutes and let the law of attraction work for you.

Most importantly, Pay Attention to How you handle your Money every day.

You will thank yourself when you start handling your money with respect and appreciation and mind your flow of it when it comes to you. hence  How you handle your money every day. 

Wealth and Prosperity Tips


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