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Wondering what’s going on in the Feng Shui world for the upcoming Year of the Pig?

Earth Pig Forecast 2019

February 4, 2019, launches the Chinese New Year. The Ji Hai or Year of the Earth Pig will be slow-paced with opportunities to rejuvenate and replenish.

Year of the Earth Pig Overview
Think positively about the year ahead and add a happy looking pig to your home! They’re smiling, happy energy is a benefit to the whole house, especially when placed in the north-northwest of the home. Go move your Piggy Bank right away!

  • Everyone will enjoy the glow of the Prosperity Star in 2019 because it moves to the center of your Home & the World!
  • Men enjoy popularity and recognition, Men watch their health particularly with the heart, eyes, and blood.
  • Women can make direct and noticeable effects in becoming who they are meant to be, however, you must watch out for themselves with regard to money, job, and most importantly, health.
  • Find your voice and spread your message
  • Families will benefit from working together and joining forces, traveling to distant locales and spending time near water.
  • Watch your assets and investments this year. Get all investment promises in writing. Watch your financial and savings accounts closely for fraud or loss.
  • Love can come from places around water, at work or anything to do with business or travel on the job.

Year of the Earth Pig Overview for the World

  • Fire is hot so expect more fire-related issues; like volcanos erupting
  • Expect transportation-related problems
  • Finance and property goes up so more people will want to start their own business and not be employed
  • War-related conflicts will emerge because when metal chops wood people hate each other
  • If you aren’t having a good year, surround yourself with those who are
  • Networking is an art, so if your network is good – you can have a great Year of the Earth Pig
  • Those in the healing and metaphysical worlds have the potential for a prosperous
    Year of the Earth Pig year

Just because you’re DIY-ing your Yin Earth Feng Shui-for your Home, doesn’t mean you have to start from scratch.

Kung Hei Fat Choi. From

Originally posted 2019-01-26 17:15:47.